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Drew Millard

Drew Millard
Power Apr 02

An open letter to my dog, who won’t come out from under the couch

Nora, please. Come out from under the couch.

Culture Apr 01

Masks through the ages

More and more, it seems like a good idea to wear a mask when you go out in public. Here is some mask inspo for your perusal.

By Drew Millard

Culture Mar 31

Area man not Joe Biden, despite tweets to the contrary

We talked to the comedian Brandon Wardell, whose recent tweets pretending to be Joe Biden became the subject of a Russiagate-style conspiracy theory.

Power Mar 26

There’s no such thing as “productivity” during a pandemic

Working from home isn’t going to make this any less scary.

Culture Mar 25

Well, at least there’s golf

Coronavirus disrupts our lives more and more each day, but I can still take comfort in golf, which has survived, almost but not quite unchanged.

Power Mar 18

Time for some completely unhelpful game theory

Historical precedents and doomsday projections serve their purpose, but focusing on the worst-case scenario is a great way to make yourself sick with anxiety right now.

Power Mar 16

How freaked out is too freaked out?

It can be tempting to read every single coronavirus story being published right now, but too much information can be overwhelming.

The Future Mar 13

Here are some happy websites to go to if you’re sick of reading articles about coronavirus

The outside world is scary enough right now. The internet doesn’t have to be scary, too.

Power Mar 12

Duke University told its students not to come back after spring break. What happens next?

Being on a crowded campus during the coronavirus pandemic is dangerous. But sending the student body home can create its own set of stressors.

Power Mar 10

Damn, my Robinhood is fucked

The recent stock market sell-off is especially scary when you have no idea what you’re doing.

Culture Mar 09

The best tattoo is a random tattoo

“You get what you get” is a good life lesson and a great way to pick your next tattoo.

The Future Mar 06

A Good Place: The only daily news podcast you need is from The Onion

‘The Topical’ throws the absurdity of being a news junkie into sharp relief.

Power Mar 05

My dad, the Joe Biden voter

Millions of people waited until the last possible moment before deciding to vote for Joe Biden on Super Tuesday. I talked to the first one of them I could find (my dad) to figure out what they were thinking.

The Future Feb 27

A Good Place: A forum that cares maximally about cowboy boots

Only real buckaroos post on r/cowboyboots.

Power Feb 25

Bernie Sanders’s universal childcare plan would mean Millennials like me could start families

Don’t get any wild ideas about grandkids, Andy and Sharon, it’s just a blog post.

Culture Feb 19

RIP Pop Smoke, who welcomed you into the exhilarating world of Brooklyn Drill

The 20-year-old rapper was killed on early Wednesday morning.

Power Feb 17

Bernie takes North Carolina

At a rally in Durham, NC last week, the Democratic frontrunner offered a new vision for how to flip a swing state.

The Future Feb 14

A Good Place: I can’t stop looking at pickup truck ads on Craigslist

You can learn a lot about a person from the way they try to sell you a truck.

Culture Feb 12

I’m Upset: Rich people should stop giving their kids long-ass names

For the love of Billie Eilish Pirate Baird O’Connell, please stop.

Power Jan 23

The myth of the “Millennial-friendly city”

Take it from me, the only thing that happens when a bunch of Millennials move to your city is that it will start to suck.

Culture Jan 20

“Political Eminem” is the most embarrassing Eminem

The rapper’s single “Darkness” tries and fails to end the epidemic of gun violence by telling the story of the 2017 Las Vegas mass shooting through the eyes of the shooter.

The Future Jan 14

If you could go to the moon for free, would you do it

The Outline investigates.

The Future Jan 09

If I’m lucky I’ll be able to buy an electric car before I’m dead

There are a mind-boggling number of elements that factor into a vehicle’s price, and throwing a battery-powered engine into the mix makes things even more complicated.

Culture Jan 06

The pains of being a picky eater

John Mulaney’s children’s special on Netflix manages to nail the social isolation that comes when kids are too choosy with what they eat.

The Future Dec 17

It should be easier to fake your own death

I’m not saying it’s a good idea, but having the option would be nice.

Culture Dec 16

Adam Sandler has always been a good actor

He just kept making critically reviled movies.

Culture Dec 13

Oh my God, it’s DaBaby

We spent the day with the insanely popular Grammy-nominated rapper in his North Carolina hometown.

Culture Dec 02

I’ve had enough of the Big Reveal

“Can you believe that [redacted] was actually [redacted] all along?”

Culture Nov 29

There are no more fashion collaborations left

Can’t anyone just make their own thing anymore?

The Future Nov 27

Your car doesn’t need a touchscreen in it

The Volkswagen SPACE VIZZION is the latest example of car companies betting it all on touch technology.

Culture Nov 19

Does this $50 tuning fork spark joy?

Marie Kondo has started an online store, because she is a celebrity, and celebrities love selling you useless crap.

Culture Nov 14

An undecided voter is probably listening to “Enter Sandman” right now

It turns out that people who don’t care very much about politics also aren’t that into music, either.

The Future Nov 11

Car loans are designed to screw you

A third of car buyers who trade in their vehicle are underwater on their loan, leading to a never-ending cycle of debt.

The Future Nov 08

A Good Place: Rocketing the oddities of the past into the present

The Public Domain Review performs the vital task of resurfacing and contextualizing the most interesting bits of history.

Culture Nov 07

You gotta Louvre the Mona Lisa

‘The New York Times’ thinks that the most famous painting in the world sucks and crowds up the Louvre, but that’s the point of the Mona Lisa.

Culture Oct 31

I’m Upset: Why do Millennials hate carpet?

The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was telling us that hardwood floors were somehow authentic.

Power Oct 30

Who’s a good hound of war? Whoooooo’s a good hound of war?

It’s unethical for Donald Trump to use a dog as military propaganda.

Culture Oct 28

Kanye West has risen — sort of

His Christian rebrand might be suspect, but Kanye’s gospel album actually finds some of the transcendence it promises.

Power Oct 10

This prediction market has Hillary Clinton in third place to win the Democratic primary

What the hell?

Power Oct 03

Don’t get crushed by your car loan

Americans are taking on more automotive debt for longer terms than ever before.

The Future Sep 24

Bill Gates’s shitty ideas

A new documentary series on the Microsoft founder inadvertently exposes the problem with innovating our way out of public health issues.

The Future Sep 20

A Good Place: Give yourself over to the chaos of Sirius XM

I’m late to the party, but satellite radio is the best accidental discovery I’ve ever made.

The Future Sep 19

Tom DeLonge finally proved aliens exist

Thanks to the tireless efforts of the former blink-182 singer, we now know that UFOs are real.

by Drew Millard

Culture Sep 12

Using a spoon to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich is fine, actually

Maybe using a spoon is actually even better than using a knife? I don’t know anymore.

Culture Aug 15

Riding a chauffeured motorcycle is the saddest thing a rich person can do

A moment in the new season of HBO’s ‘Succession’ highlighted a very real phenomenon that feels like the perfect metaphor for why the world is going to hell on a hog.

Power Jul 18

A superstar city is born

Everyone loses when cities compete to draw in members of the “creative class.”

The Future Jul 10

Lexus is betting big on millennials somehow having money

The Lexus UX is a rich old person’s idea of what a rich young person wants to drive.

Culture Jul 02

Freddie Gibbs makes magic with Madlib’s rejected Kanye beats

Freddie Gibbs and Madlib’s new collaborative album ‘Bandana’ might be the best hip-hop album of the year.

Culture Jun 12

Topher Grace should only play villains

No actor captures the self-interested smarminess of modern evil quite like Topher Grace does.

Culture Jun 11

I’m Upset: The only thing worse than craft beer is craft liquor

Take everything that annoys you about craft breweries and make it all 20 times more expensive.

Culture May 28

Rome Ramirez don’t practice santeria, but he has been the lead singer of Sublime since he was 18

Meet the 30-year-old who’s been tasked with carrying on the legacy of the most famous ska-punk band of all time.

Culture May 23

At last, an honest true crime podcast

The new season of the true crime parody ‘A Very Fatal Murder’ goes out of its way to remind the listener that every narrative podcast is ultimately about its host’s ego.

Power May 17

Having two dogs at once is way harder than having one dog twice

Who knew!

Power May 10

Uber has $132 million earmarked for settling lawsuits from its drivers

The company, which is now publicly traded, should really stop saying its drivers aren’t employees.

Power May 06

It’s all fun and games until the horse gets canceled

Donald Trump wants us to stop “horsing around” with all this political correctness stuff.

Power May 03

I made $15 betting on Donald Trump’s tweets (and you can too!)

PredictIt, which calls itself “The Stock Market for Politics” combines political punditry with legal gambling.

Power Apr 26

You should dress like a lunatic if you work from home

Work sucks, so you might as well inject a bit of levity into your day.

Culture Apr 19

Daddy Yankee and Katy Perry have pivoted to ‘Boss Baby’

The future of music has a giant cartoon head on it.

Power Apr 18

The pee tape isn’t real, and other things we learned from the Mueller Report

Special Counsel Robert Mueller is done investigating Donald Trump’s dastardly deeds. Turns out Trump is an idiot.

The Future Apr 17

The people behind @Ask_Spectrum are very nice considering everyone wants them dead

Basically the only thing good about Twitter is that it offers a more efficient (and possibly more human) way to get your internet turned back on.

Power Apr 16

Bernie Sanders is going full Larry David for 2020

The senator conquered a Fox News town hall by letting loose his sense of humor.

Power Apr 11

Jamie Dimon wants a kinder, gentler capitalism. Shut up, Jamie.

The CEO of JPMorgan Chase has some ideas about how to make capitalism a little nicer, now that the tide is turning against capitalism.

Culture Apr 05

Justin Bieber’s journey into the wilderness has led him to the House of Drew

The 25-year-old pop star has used his time off from music to make a boutique streetwear brand that’s maybe kinda-sorta also a cry for help.

The Future Mar 28

So the FTC won’t let ISPs be

The Federal Trade Commission has taken the first step in cracking down on the shady data practices of internet service providers.

Power Mar 22

We almost had an American Egg Boy

Recently released Secret Service records show that law enforcement stopped a guy from organizing a mass egg-throwing at Donald Trump’s inauguration.

Power Mar 20

There is a vast conspiracy to convince you Trump is good at golf

Donald Trump’s reputation as a good golfer is a house of cards, and I’m here to blow it all down.

Culture Mar 13

Let’s all die on hover shoes

Remember hoverboards? Well, they’re back, and they’re way more terrifying now.

Culture Mar 11

Relive the trashiest red carpet looks of all time with @NightOpening

Dispatches from Hollywood’s Golden Age (a.k.a. 1994 to whatever year the movie ‘Wild Hogs’ came out in).

Power Mar 04

It takes 10 minutes to file the necessary paperwork to run for president

I know because I signed our Culture Editor up as a write-in candidate.

The Future Feb 26

I’m ready for my rat body, please

Scientists have figured out how to let people control rats with their brains. Think of the (very dumb) possibilities!

Power Feb 21

Republican children, please snitch on your parents

Relatedly, I wish my son, Lyle, would return my calls.

Culture Feb 20

Insane Clown Posse is an American institution

Is there anything more heroic than never giving up no matter how often people say that you suck? No.

Power Feb 15

Roger Stone is only guilty of having fake friends

(And probably a bunch of other stuff too.)

Culture Feb 13

Smash that MF’ing horny button

The LoveSync button, which allows couples to wordlessly express desire, is very easy to laugh at. It’s also probably not worth laughing at.

The Future Feb 12

Cell companies lied to their customers about coverage, and the government believed them

The FCC is one step closer to acknowledging they have no idea who does and doesn’t have cell reception in America.

Culture Feb 08

Time has not been kind to Tiger Woods

He’s a semi-sleazy aging legend who struggles to keep up with a sport that he refashioned in his image. At least Trump likes hanging out with him.

Culture Feb 06

Memphis Bleek is the greatest professional sidekick in hip-hop history

Jay Z has spent literally decades treating Memphis Bleek the way Donald Trump treats basically everybody.

Power Feb 01

The best product recommendation websites, according to a guy who loves product recommendations

It seems like every media company is cashing in on their reputation by telling you what to buy. But whose brand can you trust to tell you about brands?

The Future Jan 30

Facebook shouldn’t be the only 15-year-old allowed to do whatever it wants

Mark Zuckerberg broke the world and tried to cover it up. Then, he killed a goat.

Culture Jan 28

Killer Mike has made the weirdest and most wonderful show on Netflix

Imagine ‘Nathan for You’, but starring an extremely friendly rapper trying to solve entrenched social issues.

The Future Jan 25

A good place: History podcasts are the best podcasts

In which a podcast dedicated to Roman history inadvertently copies the history of Rome itself.

Culture Jan 16

Before there were internet rappers, there was Canibus

The New Jersey MC created the template for how modern musicians conduct themselves online.

Culture Jan 15

You are not above ‘The Masked Singer’

The ridiculous game show brings us into a brave new world of thinkpiece-proof television.

The Future Jan 09

An Alexa in every home, a smart toilet under every butt

Let’s not think about what kind of data Kohler’s new voice-controlled Numi 2.0 Intelligent Toilet can steal.

Power Jan 08

Of course Mark Cuban is going to run for president

He’s rich, self-important, reality-TV famous, and a moron. Why wouldn’t he?

Power Jan 03

The Robinhood app is a very nice-looking way to go broke

The free stock-trading service puts both retirement planning and recreational gambling in your pocket.

Culture Dec 21

America has royalty, we just don’t admit it

May’s Royal Wedding was a nice reminder that as long as you don’t give them a single iota of actual power, having a group of default famous people seems kind of chill.

The Future Dec 20

Bitcoin was cool until it sucked

The weird internet novelty was killed by people who took it way too seriously.

Power Dec 18

For paper of record, yuppie migration patterns an evergreen concern

The best times the ‘New York Times’ was impressed that wealthy young people were leaving the city.

The Future Dec 12

The best computer is one you hate a little

After a decade of MacBook hell, I entered the awkward and unwieldy world of Windows and love every second of it.

Culture Dec 10

Ice Cube’s going to blow this whole Trump thing wide open

On his new album ‘Everythang’s Corrupt,’ the legendary rapper recasts himself as a member of #TheResistance.

The Future Nov 25

Facebook ads are great!

(If you’re a conservative scammer.)

Power Nov 25

Tech companies won’t save your local economy

But they might sink our national one.

Power Nov 24

The killer robot arms race is upon us

Autonomous tanks, coming soon to a battlefield near you.

Culture Nov 24

‘Jeopardy!’ is the only thing on Netflix worth watching

The cozy, quirky quiz show is the perfect program for the streaming era.

Power Nov 18

Climate change means we’re going to see more drunk animals

That seems... bad?

The Future Nov 18

The mysterious Oumuamua is farting its way through our solar system

Dude it’s definitely aliens.

The Future Nov 17

Is Amazon violating Europe’s anti-trust laws? Probably!

The internet’s biggest retailer is under investigation.

Culture Nov 17

Jonathan Franzen is fine

Yes, America’s most famous writer made a bad list of rules for novelists. Who cares?

Culture Nov 04

Post Malone is not worth defending

After a negative review of the rapper’s Posty Fest went viral, Post Malone and his dad teamed up to launch a harassment campaign against a journalist.

Culture Nov 04

Did you even realize daylight saving time ended last night?

I, for one, did not.

The Future Nov 03

Don’t let a robot stalk your babysitter

The AI social media-screening service Predictim has a very simple job that it appears to be very bad at.

Power Nov 03

The worst politician in North Carolina is proud of his gift to Gab

State Senator Dan Bishop authored North Carolina’s notorious anti-trans HB2 “bathroom bill,” tried to rewrite the law so that teachers could arrest their own students, and just so happens to have a $500 stake in the social network that loves racists.

Culture Oct 28

Satan takes the blame for everything

A brief history of Satan and His non-followers.

By Drew Millard

The Future Oct 28

An AI-generated portrait sold for half a million dollars and now I’m terrified of the future

Meet Edmond de Belamy, your new worst nightmare.

Culture Oct 27

Nostalgia for Surge soda is the latest sign of our descent into decadence and decay

We’re riding a green, caffeinated wave into late-Roman Empire territory.

The Future Oct 27

Netflix’s libertarian-fascist corporate culture is a hell no one deserves

The streaming giant weaponizes radical honesty to keep employees performing at the top of their game.

The Future Oct 21

The earth’s magnetic shield is my new favorite noise musician

Listen as it reacts to radiation from a solar storm.

Power Oct 21

StarKist pleads guilty to charging too much for tuna

And also colluding with other canned seafood companies to keep tuna prices high.

Power Oct 20

The nation’s student loan debt crisis, mapped

We’re $1.5 trillion dollars in student loan debt, and the only way to get out of it is to take a high-paying job.

Power Oct 20

Facing mounting criticism from the right, Facebook has quietly ramped up donations to Republican politicians

Newly released FEC data shows that last month, Facebook donated to twice as many Republican campaigns as Democratic ones.

Culture Oct 14

Behold, the national emojis of Finland

The Northern European country would like you to know that it’s the land of snow, socks in sandals, and getting drunk in your underwear.

The Future Oct 14

The super-soldiers of the future might be mentally defective

Movement-enhancing exoskeletons cause soldiers’ bodies to move in ways their brains can’t handle.

The Future Oct 13

Go outside. Now.

You are spending too much time watching Netflix.

Culture Oct 13

Weezer rewrote Jay Z’s “Can’t Knock the Hustle” to be about the sharing economy

You literally cannot make this shit up.

Power Oct 07

Millions of workers are still feeling the effects of the Great Recession

(And other signs America’s economic recovery is a sham.)

The Future Oct 07

Why can’t I buy the fake Mars dirt?

The University of Central Florida has created dirt that’s exactly like the dirt found on Mars. It costs $20 per kilogram.

Culture Oct 06

It’s scarily easy to convince people to eat bugs

You just have to tell them it’s trendy.

Power Oct 06

Rideshare pyramid scheme to go public

Yayyo will be the first publicly traded company whose stock symbol is slang for cocaine. On a not completely unrelated note, they once paid Master P to make a song about them.

Culture Oct 01

Kanye won’t go away, but Lil Wayne is thankfully back

Lil Wayne’s comeback album ‘Tha Carter V’ and Kanye’s non-release of ‘Yandhi’ are a reminder of the good and bad of celebrity eccentricity.

The Future Sep 30

Live from the garbage: @trashcanlife is the best worst Twitter feed

Is this performance art? I’m pretty sure this is performance art.

The Future Sep 30

iOS 12 is bad at charging your phone

And also bad at keeping your kid from playing too much Angry Birds.

Power Sep 29

Cuts to Medicare and Medicaid cause rural hospitals to close

So why can’t the government just cut out the middleman and run rural hospitals itself?

The Future Sep 29

Exclusive: Read 147 pages of complaints about Elon Musk from Tesla investors

‘The Outline’ has obtained dozens of consumer complaints sent to the Securities and Exchange Commission related to Elon Musk tweets that got him charged with securities fraud.

The Future Sep 23

Your smart TV might be mining Monero behind your back

And the NSA is to blame.

Power Sep 23

Read the FBI’s review of ‘The Anarchist Cookbook’

Spoiler Alert: They didn’t like it.

Power Sep 22

Ted Cruz does not live on Planet Earth

By attempting to ridicule Beto O’Rourke for his opposition to police brutality, Cruz is inadvertently giving his opponent a valuable platform.

Power Sep 22

Hangover IV drips aren’t all they’re cracked up to be

The FTC has charged an IV cocktail company with making false claims.

Power Sep 16

The 2008 bailouts inadvertently laid the groundwork for another financial crisis

We may already be seeing the warning signs.

The Future Sep 16

A history of the internet, as told by maps

Sometimes going to the cutting edge requires reverting to the oldest tools around.

By Drew Millard

Power Sep 15

Dear Donald Trump, your hurricane vlogs aren’t helping

Sincerely, everyone currently being affected by Hurricane Florence.

Culture Sep 15

This police report on a Kanye listening party is the greatest piece of music journalism ever written

“[She] sped away on a utility cart and I did not see her again for the duration of the event.”

Power Sep 09

The Postal Service wants to become an ad agency

This is what happens when the government convinces itself it’s a business.

The Future Sep 09

Earth is hell, but space isn’t heaven

Classic NASA art showcases a vision of the future that isn’t exactly inviting.

Power Sep 08

Unsealed FBI documents detail Roger Stone’s Watergate-era dirty tricks

Stone specialized in undermining Richard Nixon’s opponents on the left.

The Future Sep 08

Government watchdog concludes FEMA wasn’t ready for last year’s hurricane season

No shit.

Power Sep 02

Phony Neo-Nazi propaganda may have inspired the Louisiana State Police to investigate Antifa

Either that, or there’s a whole lot of racists in the Louisiana State Police Department.

Power Sep 02

Snitching-ass startup raises $10 million to privatize the surveillance state

Flock Security is looking to capitalize on suburban fear.

Culture Sep 01

With Return of the Trill, Bun B raps to heal a broken city

The southern hip-hop icon’s new record is dedicated to his hometown of Port Arthur, Texas, as it still struggles to recover from Hurricane Harvey.

Culture Sep 01

Inbred super-pythons are slithering amok in South Florida

Meet the “Florida Man” of reptiles.

Power Aug 26

There might be constitutional limits to the Space Force

One respected legal scholar is pretty sure America isn’t allowed to unilaterally fight aliens in space.

Power Aug 26

Stephen Miller owns stock in exactly one company, and that company is Disney

OF COURSE the child-fascist of the Trump administration would be drawn to a company started by a fascist who made entertainment for children.

Culture Aug 26

The New York Public Library is turning classic novels into Instagram Stories

The first title in their initiative is Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.

Power Aug 25

Bitcoin mining now accounts for almost one percent of the world’s energy consumption

That’s more electricity than it takes to power Ohio or New York State.

The Future Aug 19

Apple might be making us switch cords soon

“These connector inserts may be reliable, have an attractive appearance, and be readily manufactured.”

Culture Aug 19

The government is basically giving away this historic lighthouse

It would honestly be cheaper to buy this thing than a tiny house.

Power Aug 18

Wait, it only costs $195 a night to stay at Mar-A-Lago?

Does Mar-A-Lago actually suck? (Probably.)

The Future Aug 18

Justice Department: Facebook is a content creator, not a platform

The revolution will not be a status update.

The Future Aug 12

Google wants to help your boss spy on you

Please don’t let this be the future of work.

Culture Aug 12

Need a celebrity endorsement for your bullshit company?

There’s an app for that.

Power Aug 11

Elon Musk, the new king of debt

Tesla is nearly $10 billion in debt and Elon Musk is buying Tesla stock using loans he got by putting up shares of Tesla stock as collateral. What the hell is going on here?

Culture Aug 11

Nike’s copyright-protection team is basically the cops

The sneaker giant recently worked directly with the NYPD and ICE to bust a bootleg Air Jordan ring.

The Future Aug 05

Thought experiment: What if the meteor that exploded over Greenland was actually the work of aliens?

There is literally zero evidence to suggest this is the case, but it’s a fun possibility to consider.

Power Aug 05

Why did Elon Musk stash a quarter-billion dollars of Tesla stock in a non-profit back in 2016?

It could be a coincidence, but, uh, it probably isn’t a coincidence.

Culture Aug 05

Peter Saville gave Burberry the same all-caps logo he gave Calvin Klein a year ago

Pop quiz: Which of these logos wasn’t designed by Peter Saville?

Power Aug 04

The Feds can look at our shit whenever they want

Why a computer scientist whose search history showed he was committing insider trading should make us all concerned about our internet privacy.

Power Aug 04

The Postal Service is desperately trying to appeal to millennials

But rather than telling advertisers to send coupons to young people, they should probably just turn post offices into banks.

The Future Jul 29

Get a glimpse of futurism that critiqued the future

The Italian radical architecture movement was WILD in the ’70s.

Culture Jul 29

Immerse yourself in Fractal Fantasy’s interactive audiovisual extravaganza

Prepare to have your mind blown straight out of your butt.

The Future Jul 28

Lonely, anxious narcissists are at high risk of Facebook addiction

Yet more evidence that no one should use Facebook ever.

Culture Jul 28

Norman Dawn’s hundred year-old special effects look even more magical today

There was a certain freedom in the days of early film — with no set rulebook to follow, production designers were free to create their own worlds.

Culture Jul 28

You know nothing about your dog

And who are you to even “own” a dog, anyway?

Culture Jul 22

Vintage Russian circus ads are unexpectedly trippy

Prepare to swing off the trapeze of the mind and into... The Twilight Zone.

Power Jul 22

The FTC has taken Uber‘s money and is giving it to Uber drivers

As it struggles to turn a profit, the ride-sharing service’s legal and public-relations woes are still compounding.

Power Jul 21

Electric cars were cooler in the ’70s

Eat your heart out, Elon Musk.

Culture Jul 21

Working out in the morning makes you healthier

Working out in the evening makes you happier.

Power Jul 15

Facebook donates a shit-ton of money to Republicans

Over half of the tech giant’s largest political contributions have gone to the GOP.

Power Jul 14

Rand Paul is mad as hell about sexed-up, coked-out quails

If Rand Paul were a true Libertarian, he would let the quails fuck in peace.

Power Jul 08

Dogs might be happier when they’re free

Look at that dog. It is riding a tricycle away from human oppression.

Culture Jul 07

Old cell phones > new cell phones

If nothing else, cell phones used to look way weirder than they do now.

The Future Jul 07

The next few months are going to be hot as shit

The NOAA projects we’re in for an extremely hot next few months, and an even hotter next few years.

The Future Jul 01

New study suggests it’s possible to never die

(As long as you live until you’re 105 and have really good luck after that.)

Culture Jul 01

Big Dogs, welcome to the resistance

The legacy novelty t-shirt company is tired of freakin’ alternative facts!!!

Power Jun 30

Jordan Belfort’s Facebook page is absolutely baffling

It seems the real-life Wolf of Wall Street has rebranded as the Wolf of SuccessWin Street.

Power Jun 30

David Lynch has directed some INSANE commercials over the years

Not the rats! Not the rats!!!!

Culture Jun 24

We’ve come up with the wildest ‘Westworld’ conspiracy theory of them all

(The views expressed in this post are a parody of actual ‘Westworld’ conspiracy theories, of which there are many.)

Culture Jun 23

Artist László Zsolt Bordos digitally renders the fragility of memory

His new exhibit is titled, fittingly enough, MEMORIES.

Power Jun 23

We found the scariest picture of Steve Bannon ever taken

At last, confirmation that Steve Bannon is a military hell-vampire.

Culture Jun 16

Behold, Lebron James and Werner Herzog as one

“We must be alert, and wear our home camouflage shorts so that we are not seen on the court.”
— LeBron “Werner Herzog” James

Culture Jun 10

Play Toilet Tycoon, the game where you literally put your economy in the toilet

After nearly 12 years, this game is still a perfect metaphor for capitalism.

Power Jun 09

As overall teen tobacco use declines, the proportion of vaping teens rises

Seriously though, if you’re a teenage reader of The Outline, please only put air in your lungs.

Culture Jun 09

Play a wonderfully insane text-based frog simulator

The most beautiful game is Beautiful Frog.

Power Jun 08

Oh God, they’re putting religion on the blockchain

Is 0xΩ actually a new faith, or is it a warning of the crypto hell that awaits?

Power Jun 03

Trump lawyer Jay Sekulow is in a legal pissing match with a Satanist

It goes without saying that we’re Team Satan on this one.

The Future Jun 03

The wonders of space, as drawn by Italian schooldren

Kids rule.

The Future Jun 02

We spend more time on our phones than ever

And almost six hours a day online.

Power Jun 02

Read Sean Spicer’s farewell email to the White House staff

Powerful shitheads: They send disingenuous sign-off emails just like the rest of us!

Power Jun 01

Kanye West isn’t cool again just because he threw a party in the woods

The media’s sharp reversal from burying Kanye to hyping his new album shows how seemingly hard stances can slide into the oblivion of the feed.

Power May 31

A group of Bitcoin nerds are trying to secede from America

Move to Bitcointopia, capital of a made-up country where everything’s on the blockchain and all the cops are drones.

Power May 30

The Department of Defense has used Google products for years

Why are Google’s employees only getting upset about it now?

Power May 29

Scott Pruitt’s EPA is wasting a lot of money while ruining the environment

A new report reveals the number of times the agency has ignored recommendations for saving money and improving public safety.

The Future May 28

Look at some trippy, Hubble Telescope-inspired art

Clearly, space art is the best art.

Power May 27

The Intellectual Dark Web goes to Washington

Bret Weinstein got to go in front of Congress and talk to some of the most powerful people in the nation about how he’s being oppressed by woke college kids.

The Future May 26

NASA is basically trying to get hacked

Then again, the government could just give NASA the sort of budget they need to develop their own technology, and this problem would no longer exist.

Culture May 26

Listen to vintage episodes of the greatest hip-hop radio show of all time

The Stretch Armstrong and Bobbito show lives on in the Internet Archive.

Power May 26

The world’s only pro-gun coffee tastes like burnt dirt

In these fraught times, it is not worth abandoning your political principles for even a sip of Black Rifle Coffee Company’s mediocre, Sean Hannity-endorsed java.

Power May 25

Don’t say Tommy Chong is the face of your weed company unless you’re Tommy Chong

The same week Tommy Chong gave an interview about his weed brand, a company got in trouble with the SEC for pretending to be his weed brand.

Power May 20

How do you fix a broken city?

These might not add up to full-on revolution, but hey, they’re a start.

Culture May 20

You can now read thousands of complaints from people who got scammed on

PSA: It is not normal when your internet crush asks you to wire them money.

The Future May 19

Old-School Texas Instruments books are a treasure trove of great graphic design

Love to master the TI-99 with my golden sword.

Power May 19

Cheaper paper won’t fix the news

A new bill proposes fixing our very broken media in the dumbest way possible.

Power May 16

The weirdest Donald Trump story from the Trump Tower hearings

Turns out Donald Trump loves listening to rap songs about himself.

Power May 13

New data suggests America treats the elderly like shit

It’s Mother’s Day. Please call your grandma and tell her how much you love her.

Power May 13

The Rajneeshees have a wild wild response to ‘Wild Wild Country’

“This was a U.S. government conspiracy, from the White House on down, aimed at thwarting Osho’s vision.”

The Future May 12

Life at Antarctica’s IceCube lab seems strange and beautiful

And also very, very cold.

Power May 12

America’s landfills may be completely full in just 13 years

We could be headed towards a trash reckoning.

Culture May 12

Ken Jennings wants you to buy a duck

The ‘Jeopardy’ champion and author talks about his new book ‘Planet Funny’, how looking things up on our phones changes who we are as people, and what it’s like to lose at trivia to a supercomputer.

Power May 06

A man named Sexy Vegan is running for president

He’s got a face tattoo, wears Speedos in public, and once got kicked off Dr. Phil for using excessive profanity.

Culture May 06

The new Robin Hood movie will not be as good as ‘Robin Hood: Men in Tights’

But maybe it will be so bad that Hollywood stops making the same movies over and over again.

Culture May 05

Listen to the world’s ambient sounds filtered through Brian Eno’s Oblique Strategies

A psychedlic global tour for your ears.

The Future May 05

Someone who is not Elon Musk has trademarked the name “Elon Musk”

For now, the hyper-famous entrepreneur cannot sell t-shirts with his own name on them.

The Future Apr 29

A pair of children’s smartwatch companies are in trouble for spying on kids

Products from Gator and Tinitell have been collecting kids’ data without obtaining parental permission.

Power Apr 29

America is firing workers faster than it’s hiring them

This hasn’t happened since the Great Recession.

Power Apr 28

The chocolate industry still relies on child labor

A new report on the ethics of the cocoa supply chain will make you swallow your sweet tooth.

Power Apr 28

Facebook’s new commercial becomes an anti-Facebook PSA when you add a choir covering “Creep”

Ironically, the cover is from ‘The Social Network’ soundtrack.

The Future Apr 22

These old-school Dutch designs are a nice reminder that living in the future could have sucked less

We could all hanging out in this cool hole in the ground right now!

Culture Apr 22

Here’s an interactive map of all the crimes committed during Coachella Week

In the Palm Springs, festival season is also robbing season.

The Future Apr 21

But have you like, REALLY looked at the earth?

* Hits bong*

Culture Apr 21

Listen to more Method Man

It’s 4/21, the day after 4/20, so you should listen to Method Man’s ‘4:21... The Day After’.

Power Apr 21

Alabama deserves better than being America’s toilet

Playing host to a train full of New York’s poop was just the latest environmental injustice inflicted upon the state.

Power Apr 15

Drug tax stamps are a thing

But the only people buying them aren’t drug dealers, they’re stamp collectors.

Culture Apr 15

More like “United Stathes of America”

At last, it’s Jason Statham’s time to shine.

Culture Apr 14

Rest in peace to Art Bell, the man who made the paranormal normal

The iconic host of ‘Coast to Coast A.M.’ died on Friday the 13th.

Power Apr 14

The public shaming of Mark Zuckerberg

The Facebook founder’s congressional hearings strongly resembled torture techniques straight out of the 1800s.

Power Apr 11

The Republicans are screwed in the 2018 midterms

And Paul Ryan’s retirement proves it.

Power Apr 08

See how the opioid crisis has impacted Appalachia

Appalachia, rates of poverty, disability, and education all correlate with overdose rates.

Culture Apr 08

The family dynamic, presented in a never-ending series of pop-up windows

Ryan Kuo’s “Family Maker” denaturalizes the digital.

Power Apr 07

“Salmonella Kratom” and “Rat Poison K2” are two more reasons to go ahead and legalize weed

Two stories about contaminated batches of grey-market substances show that sometimes, it’s safer to go with the real thing.

Power Apr 07

Scott Pruitt’s EPA is trying to hobble the entity that’s currently investigating Scott Pruitt

Around the time the EPA’s Office of Inspector General opened up an investigation into Pruit’s lavish travel spending, the EPA started lobbying to reduce the IG’s budget.

Power Apr 01

Donald Trump and Kim Jong-Un should play golf along the DMZ

Thanks to the landmine-lined golf hole at Camp Bonifas, this is actually a thing that could happen.

Culture Mar 31

Please enjoy Guy Fieri’s magical Hawaiian vacation

Flavortown is in your heart.

Power Mar 31

The Smithsonian’s Burning Man exhibit is awesome...

If you’re a rich tech idiot with no taste.

Power Mar 31

The government has a Flickr album devoted to giant killer snails

Feast your eyes upon the husks of the shittiest snails in the universe.

Power Mar 30

Cambridge Analytica is bad, but Palantir is fucking terrifying

With its vehicle tracking software, the company Peter Thiel co-founded knows you ran that red light.

The Future Mar 25

Wait, are we supposed to call Mark Zuckerberg “Mr. ZL” now?

Zuck has officially broken new ground in the field of public self-shaming.

Power Mar 25

Pets have been dying on United Airlines flights for years

It took a dog dying in an overhead compartment for the airline to decide to do something about it.

The Future Mar 24

Achieve your dream of looking at a 3D pizza on your phone

And while you’re at it, feast your eyes on a 3D donut. And a 3D loaf of bread.

Culture Mar 24

Nobody wants to listen to Spotify’s “self-driving music”

Instead, they just want to see the names of the people who made the damn song.

Power Mar 18

The military isn’t ready for war in space

So it might start a fund to invest in private space companies.

Culture Mar 18

Pro golfers are gigantic babies

The P.G.A. has a real-life trolling problem that it’s only making worse.

Culture Mar 17

What’s up with all the buried treasure lately?

The earth has grown tired of hosting our puny yellow rocks.

Power Mar 17

An extremely pointless law is about to ban public officials from spending taxpayer money on paintings of themselves

It’s called — wait for it — the “EGO Act.”

Power Mar 11

Further proof that Scientology is extremely lame

Nobody gives a shit about your Instagram “epic art wall,” dude.

The Future Mar 11

Friendly reminder, there’s a bunch of extremely cool NASA stuff on the Internet Archive

Also, sorry in advance for sending you into an internet black hole.

Power Mar 10

Connecticut has declared war on coyotes

But the state’s proposal to allow night hunting of the animals just might make its coyote problem worse.

Culture Mar 10

Sadly, Martin Shkreli didn’t get scammed into paying $2 million for a fake Wu-Tang Clan album

But happily, Martin Shkreli now has to give up the only copy of a real Wu-Tang Clan album that he paid $2 million for!

Power Mar 04

Uber is contesting the MIT study that found their drivers make less than minimum wage before taxes

But they’re not talking about how Uber encourages its drivers to declare a loss on those taxes.

Power Mar 04

A new court ruling could provide more protection for the homeless

A Washington state judge has found that if you live in your car, then your car is your home, and that the police can’t impound your home.

Power Mar 03

Silicon Valley now thinks starving yourself will make you more productive

Cold showers, too.

The Future Mar 03

Sorry Barbra Streisand, it’s weird to clone your dog

Cloning your dead pet only sets you up for disappointment.

Power Feb 25

The NRA is just openly trolling at this point

They would like you to know that they are extremely Not Mad; however, they are in fact Very Mad.

The Future Feb 25

The aliens will probably think we’re too dumb to kill

This is existentially comforting when you think about it.

Culture Feb 24

An ambient sound app is using archival audio to plug you back into nature

The Environments app takes the legendary field recordings of Irv Teibel and presents them in the chillest possible context.

Power Feb 24

Trump Organization execs are holed up in Trump Tower Panama shredding documents

Facing eviction and trailed by allegations of money laundering, a group of Trump Hotel executives are physically barring the hotel’s ownership group from kicking them out.

Power Feb 24

The political power of doubt

We live in a state of anger and confusion over exactly what Russia did or didn’t do to get Donald Trump elected. That might just be exactly what they were going for.

Power Feb 18

Artifact-sniffing dogs are coming to stop you from selling that sacred statue

If you're a drug dog who happens to be reading our site right now, maybe consider changing careers?

The Future Feb 18

If the Space Tesla crashes into the Earth, Elon Musk should have to clean it up

Over the next million years, there’s a six percent chance that the Tesla launched into the solar system will come back and hit the planet. That's low, but it’s still way too high.

The Future Feb 17

Alaska runs on bear shit

New research suggests that seeds spread by defecating bears are vital to the Alaskan ecosystem.

Power Feb 17

In 2016, “Putin’s chef” tried to erase himself from the Russian internet. Then he was indicted by Robert Mueller.

The Russian oligarch Yevengy Prigozhin sued to de-index news stories about his connection to a Russian “troll farm” just as the company was stepping up its attempts to interfere in the 2016 election.

Culture Feb 11

Red Gerard makes me feel okay about the future

Last night, the 17-year-old became America’s first gold medalist at the PyeongChang Olympics.

Culture Feb 11

Takashi Miike has made over 100 movies and still feels lazy

The prolific Japanese director discusses the nature of creativity and the power of play.

The Future Feb 10

This Valentine’s Day, surprise your bog love with a time hug

These neural network-generated candy heart messages are lovably insane.

The Future Feb 10

Every time you forget your password an angel gets its wings

Sitting by as all of the passwords slowly leak out of my brain has been strangely liberating.

The Future Feb 04

All I need in this life of sin...

Is my AlphaSmart 3000.

Culture Feb 03

The Instagram piano man

Instagram is the best social network, because that is the one that hip-hop producer Scott Storch posts videos of himself playing piano on.

Culture Feb 03

The schlubbiest bad boy in golf

Pat Perez is a wine-swilling, meme-friendly sensation... who also loves Trump.

Culture Jan 12

We believe Tom DeLonge, who quit blink-182 to prove aliens exist

Proof that the truth is out there is more important than pop-punk.