Side Note

Working out in the morning makes you healthier

Working out in the evening makes you happier.

A new study conducted by a group of Japanese researchers has found that our reasons for exercising tend to differ by the time in the day we choose to work out. After conducting a survey of the exercise habits of Japanese college students, the researchers found that, “Morning preference of [physical activity] is related to physical health awareness, such as physical activity.” Meanwhile, they suggest, “evening [physical activity] is associated with one’s overall sense of fulfillment.”

Though I don’t know very much about sports, science, or sports science, it seems like there’s probably something to this? I don’t really care about being in peak physical condition, but I often get some form of exercise to help blow off some steam after working all day. Meanwhile, the study notes that “while elite individual sport endurance athletes [...] are more often early risers than control populations.”

Anyways, since we’re talking about sports right now, please listen to the below song. It’s by Haruomi Hosono of the legendary Japanese electronic group Yellow Magic Orchestra and is called “Sports Man.” Of all the songs ever written about sports, it is the best song about sports.