The Outline


Power Sep 12

If you work for a billionaire, you should never be laid off

Why is Jeff Bezos giving pink slips to anyone at the Washington Post?

Power Sep 12

Confidence is no virtue

A lot of awful people should believe in themselves much less.

Power Sep 11

Disabled, athletic, and not trying to inspire anybody

Heroic tales of disabled athletes celebrate the exceptional, and exclude those who are simply trying to compete.

Power Sep 10

It is perfectly moral to bring children into a shitty world

We will not defeat climate change by having less of a stake in the future.

Power Sep 09

The future is four wheels, cyclists be damned

Cars are pushing out bikes and pedestrians to the applause of the influential and powerful.

Power Sep 05

To Gene, on death row

For almost 20 years, the charity Human Writes has fostered connection between American death row inmates and British pen pals.

Power Sep 04

Welcome to college, you can probably get away with cheating

When students become customers, it’s much harder to enforce academic honesty.

Power Sep 04

The problem with group therapy

While the practice can have tangible, even life-changing benefits, its negative outcomes go underreported.

Power Sep 03

The police avoid requests for their records by simply not keeping any

The futility of open-records requests makes it difficult, if not impossible, for journalists to report on aspects of the criminal justice system.

Power Sep 03

Yaaas the literal Queen

Deepest apologies, but Britain’s withered avatar of unaccountable power and plunder is not a sassy bitch.

Power Aug 29

Shakesville’s unravelling and the not-so-golden age of blogging

Everyone loves to remember how blogs were so much better than social media, but the truth is a bit more complicated.

Power Aug 28

We should all be reading more Ursula Le Guin

Her novels imagine other worlds, but her theory of fiction can help us better live in this one.

Power Aug 28

The myth of the “empathy machine”

Virtual reality management training is the latest development in the modern history of feeling better about capitalism.

Power Aug 27

One nation under God, even if you don’t want to be

How the Christian dominionist movement is influencing government policy.

Power Aug 27

Much ado about Greta

Why does one Swedish teenager manage to drive so many pundits off the deep end?

Power Aug 26

We work to maintain the fiction of venture capital

The business press is casually credulous when it comes to reporting on flashy, big-money companies.

Power Aug 26

Unfulfilled at the Amazon tour

The tech behemoth recently opened its doors so visitors could see for themselves how happy and not-dead its workers are.

Power Aug 20

The fight to make soccer less fun

The Video Assisted Referee is transforming soccer. It is also revealing some of the deepest contradictions about the ways we think about law, power, and politics.

Power Aug 20

We the undersigned would like philosophy to remain quite useless

A recent op-ed in the ‘New York Times’ argues, foolishly, that philosophy is in danger of becoming too political.

Power Aug 19

The Great Pacific Garbage Patch is the only wonder our world has produced

If you want to judge a society, judge it by its trash.