The Outline


Power May 22

Would Marx beat Engels at Fortnite?

‘Marx at the Arcade: Consoles, Controllers, and Class Struggle’ is a new, sociological investigation of how videogames and gaming fit into contemporary capitalism.

Power May 22

Australia’s prime minister has a pants-shitting problem

Did the right-wing leader really poo all over himself at a suburban McDonald’s in 1997? Search your heart and you will know it’s true.

Power May 21

Finally, the nostalgia industry has come for something I love

The ‘Final Fantasy VII’ remake threatens to turn me into one of those awful guys who complains about my childhood being ruined.

Power May 17

Having two dogs at once is way harder than having one dog twice

Who knew!

Power May 17

Will our next president be Bill de Blasioon?

Remembering a special moment in history.

Power May 16

AAFU: I just found out my boyfriend is pro-life

Is this a dealbreaker?

Power May 16

Oh, you’re freelance? Good luck renting an apartment.

Pre-gig economy requirements make renting unnecessarily difficult for New York City freelancers.

Power May 15

How to protest campus cops and save lives

Student organizers at Johns Hopkins University were arrested after a month-long occupation objecting to the arrival of a private police force on campus.

Power May 14

Anatomy of the Wife Guy

Not every guy with a wife is a wife guy, and not all wife guys have wives.

Power May 13

Everything should take 20 minutes

It’s the ideal amount of time for all tasks.

Power May 13

More cops won’t keep us safe

Americans have come to think of vast, unaccountable policing as normal and wise. It’s not.

Power May 10

Uber has $132 million earmarked for settling lawsuits from its drivers

The company, which is now publicly traded, should really stop saying its drivers aren’t employees.

Power May 09

How much would you pay to never use Tinder again?

Being single is very expensive, maybe paying a premium matchmaker thousands of dollars to meet someone isn’t so crazy.

Power May 09

Towards a unified theory of Resistance Lit™️

The Trump era has cursed us with way too many books about norms that no one cares about, rules that no one follows, and conspiracy theories too convenient to ever be true.

Power May 07

The aesthetic case for fake meat

Eating vegan meat substitutes is more than the ethical choice, it’s the delicious one.

Power May 06

It’s all fun and games until the horse gets canceled

Donald Trump wants us to stop “horsing around” with all this political correctness stuff.

Power May 06

Where is the left on gun control?

Despite the upswing of progressive politics, little has been said about our country’s problem with guns.

Power May 03

I made $15 betting on Donald Trump’s tweets (and you can too!)

PredictIt, which calls itself “The Stock Market for Politics” combines political punditry with legal gambling.

Power May 01

I’m a North Carolina public school teacher. Here’s why I’m walking out today.

Teachers all over the country are mobilizing in defense of public education.

Power Apr 29

Taking mushrooms for depression cured me of my atheism

Psilocybin not only eased my depression, it showed me a new way to live.