The Outline


Power Mar 22

We almost had an American Egg Boy

Recently released Secret Service records show that law enforcement stopped a guy from organizing a mass egg-throwing at Donald Trump’s inauguration.

Power Mar 21

Serving is skilled labor

Despite more and more Americans working in the service industry, these jobs still aren't generally considered worthy careers.

Power Mar 20

There is a vast conspiracy to convince you Trump is good at golf

Donald Trump’s reputation as a good golfer is a house of cards, and I’m here to blow it all down.

Power Mar 20

I miss bad weed

Does this make me old and out of touch? Dunno, how about I smoke a modern vape pen and fixate on that for the next few hours.

Power Mar 19

We can never speak freely

At most, and with some effort, we can learn to speak well.

Power Mar 18

We are already ruled by “private governments,” and they suck

The “private governments” created by companies such as Amazon, Google, and Facebook are as stupid and corrupt as conservatives think our real government is.

Power Mar 18

Belief in aliens could be America’s next religion

‘American Cosmic’ explores how the once-fringe phenomenon has taken root among the powerful.

Power Mar 15

Evergreen State campus police finally found an excuse to get some AR-15s

After a decade of trying, police at the overwhelmingly liberal Olympia, WA college used a culture-war controversy to arm themselves with assault rifles. But do semiautomatic weapons make a campus safer?

Power Mar 14

The definitive 2020 election matrix

Are they more like Obama or Trump? Bernie or Hillary? All this, and more.

Power Mar 14

The internet is changing the way we preserve endangered languages

Around the world, activists and local governments are using new tools to keep old cultures alive.

Power Mar 14

We live in hell so of course Jim Bakker is still here

Only a televangelist who's a convicted felon could come up with the incredibly bizarre ‘Jim Bakker Show.’

Power Mar 12

We are all babies having cheese thrown at us, constantly

Here’s another slice.

Power Mar 11

Yascha Mounk tells people what they want to hear

The academic-turned-pundit may fashion himself a doomsayer, but his message merely comforts the powerful.

Power Mar 06

“Be yourself” is terrible advice

Take a better lesson from philosophy and me, a reformed loudmouth

Power Mar 05

Driving while ADHD

Statistically, people with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder are more dangerous drivers. But does that make it the government’s business?

Power Mar 05

How do I raise a good son in a world that lets men be so bad?

I just found out my baby is a boy. What a nightmare.

Power Mar 04

It takes 10 minutes to file the necessary paperwork to run for president

I know because I signed our Culture Editor up as a write-in candidate.

Power Feb 26

Are politicians getting more bizarre?

Why we insist on being ruled by the least human-like human beings on the planet.

Power Feb 25

“Fast fashion” furniture has given us a world of crappy couches

Sure, that couch you bought on Wayfair is too uncomfortable to sit on, but at least it looks nice.

Power Feb 21

Republican children, please snitch on your parents

Relatedly, I wish my son, Lyle, would return my calls.