The Outline


Power Nov 20

Political correctness isn’t the problem

The “real” bigotry is not suppression of speech, but white nationalism.

Power Nov 17

Congress’s forgotten pedophile

Former Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert was a celebrated politician — and a serial child molester.

Power Nov 16

Inspiring: How Julian Assange overcame the odds and ended up sucking more than anyone ever thought he could

Assange and Wikileaks have become a case study in self-parody.

Power Nov 13

We need to talk about mass murderers

Campaigns to deflect attention away from killers and towards their victims are ultimately misguided.

Power Nov 10

Arming the flock

In the South, some worshippers were training to use deadly force against church shooters. Then Sutherland Springs happened.

Power Nov 10

The blog nobody needs

It’s Wonkette.

Power Nov 09

Meet Montana’s first black mayor in more than a century

A conversation with Wilmot Collins.

Power Nov 09

Bye bye Biden

The Democratic party needs new blood.

Power Nov 08

Socialism’s future is not its past

The revolutions of yore need not be romanticized.

Power Nov 08

The liberal landgrab

While some liberals say moving to a conservative state or blighted flyover city is an act of altruism, such a move is rooted in self-satisfaction.

Power Nov 07

How to kill a union

Shuttering Gothamist and DNAinfo was the only legal way Joe Ricketts could get away with union-busting.

Power Nov 07

If Ralph Northam loses, it’s time to move to Canada

A loss for the Virginia gubernatorial candidate would affirm Trump's victory.

Power Nov 06

Why pundits are wrong on Democrats and immigration

The party hasn’t moved too far to the left — it hasn’t moved far enough.

Power Nov 06

Trump’s opioid stupidity

The president’s hollow words on the opioid crisis echo the “just say no” campaign of the 1980s.

Power Nov 02

Searching too hard for ‘Real America’

Much-publicized forays into the heartland are largely self-serving.

Power Nov 01

George Papadopoulos: the perfect patsy

The former Trump foreign policy advisor is being used to screw the president, and it just might work.

Power Oct 31

Rationalizing sexual harassment doesn’t make it any less bad

Thank you for your suggestion on how to stop sexual harassment, but let’s try something else.

Power Oct 30

The rise and fall of South Africa’s far right

What South Africa’s white supremacists can tell us about America’s.

Power Oct 27

Liberal lawmakers are buying into the “war on cops”

Massachusetts Democrats passed reactionary, pro-police legislation this week, which bodes badly for the party.

Power Oct 25

No, Black Lives Matter is not a Russian psyop

Please chill out.