The Outline


Power Aug 20

The fight to make soccer less fun

The Video Assisted Referee is transforming soccer. It is also revealing some of the deepest contradictions about the ways we think about law, power, and politics.

Power Aug 20

We the undersigned would like philosophy to remain quite useless

A recent op-ed in the ‘New York Times’ argues, foolishly, that philosophy is in danger of becoming too political.

Power Aug 19

The Great Pacific Garbage Patch is the only wonder our world has produced

If you want to judge a society, judge it by its trash.

Power Aug 15

Thursday is the best day

You heard me.

Power Aug 14

Marianne Williamson isn’t kooky, she’s just religious

Attempts to parse the presidential candidate’s unlikely success will always fail if they don’t confront this simple truth.

Power Aug 14

Oh no! Oh damn! I fell in love with New York

It is frankly humiliating to feel like this.

Power Aug 13

Can I be objective about the beauty of my son?

Traditional aesthetics cannot account for his sweet little face.

Power Aug 12

Sometimes inclusion is going to be a bit embarrassing

But disability — invisible or otherwise — is a working-class issue that the left and right must take seriously.

Power Aug 09

Hello fellow Marxist-Leninists, I’m Archie Carter

Why it was so easy for one guy to hoax Quillette, the magazine that purports to be a bastion of intellectual rigor.

Power Aug 08

The podcasting left is alive and (mostly) well outside New York

Street Fight, District Sentinel, and Trillbilly Worker’s Party are raucous, funny, and not based in Brooklyn.

Power Aug 07

The end times are here, and I am at Target

On the strange experience of living through the only accurate doomsday prediction.

Power Aug 06

Victims are often criminals, and that is a paradox American policing can’t solve

Police cannot truly safeguard the same people at whom they regularly point their guns.

Power Aug 06

I thought I would feel hopeful in a crisis

But when my partner had an emergency C-section, I felt something else.

Power Jul 31

It’s time to get rid of the lottery

States should not rely on a scam to fund much-needed services.

Power Jul 30

The transformative potential of single-payer

An excerpt from Timothy Faust’s ‘Health Justice Now: Single Payer and What Comes Next.’

Power Jul 30

Happy birthday Habermas, your philosophy has failed us

How a spat on the occasion of the famous thinker's 90th birthday reveals the inadequacies of political philosophy.

Power Jul 29

It was never ‘Mueller Time’

Robert Mueller’s Congressional testimony was a dud. But he was not the hero he was made out to be by Democrats.

Power Jul 29

The language of consent is ill-suited for politics

Interpersonal harm is not always a good way of understanding public life.

Power Jul 25

Should we abolish the family?

A recent book makes the case for moving beyond biological bonds.

Power Jul 23

The restaurant industry has a mental health crisis

Servers, line cooks, and dishwashers all over America are struggling to find help in an industry that often exacerbates the problem.