The Outline


Power Nov 21

A not-so-great debate

These Democrats are killing me.

Power Nov 21

The tortured logic of #ADOS

The thinking behind the American Descendants of Slavery movement combines a left-wing critique of America’s founding with a distinctly right-wing strain of xenophobia.

Power Nov 21

We’re in dire need of new websites, and all we get is ‘The Recount’

The Bank of America-backed political video startup, helmed by veteran hack John Heilemann, would have been out of touch even five years ago.

Power Nov 20

Send your kids outside

Parents are afraid of all the wrong things for our children.

Power Nov 19

What’s the German word for wanting to keep English out of Germany?

Linguistic advocacy groups like Aktion Deutsche Sprache claim they simply want to stem the tide of global capitalism. Critics see a more dangerous, nationalist bent.

Power Nov 19

Godparents, with or without God

Why the Christian tradition is important in a secular world.

Power Nov 18

Too dumb to fly, too big to fail

Boeing’s disastrous 737 Max plane is the result of decades of craven business decisions.

Power Nov 14

Pete Buttigieg is the media’s perfect boy

Nobody gets the political press slobbering like a candidate incapable of saying anything at all.

Power Nov 13

Cable television was perfect and we ruined it

There is freedom in a lack of choice.

Power Nov 13

Why isn’t every cop trained to administer first aid?

It might seem like a rhetorical question, but there’s no standardized training in emergency medical treatment for cops.

Power Nov 12

Postmodernism, explained and explained and explained again

You don't need a whole school of philosophy to figure out Trump.

Power Nov 12

If you’re over the age of 23, you’re not allowed to care what college kids are doing

The Very Serious Journalists Who Do Journalism are mad about The Daily Northwestern’s coverage of a Jeff Sessions protest because they have nothing better to do with their time.

Power Nov 12

“Dicey times in Bolivia”

American pundits continue to have difficulty assessing what democracy looks like in other countries.

Power Nov 12

You can’t do that on British television!

Why some countries have actual rules against say, using a broadcast network as the defacto propaganda arm of one political party.

Power Nov 11

Donald Trump Jr.’s ‘Triggered’ is the work of a (rich) child

This book sucks!

Power Nov 11

Even the shitheads at Barstool Sports deserve a union

As rumors of a sale brew, the frattish sports site’s well-documented resistance to solidarity seems increasingly bankrupt.

Power Nov 11

Calling right-wing provocateurs performance artists is an insult to performance artists

Please do not disrespect people who circumcise themselves onstage by comparing them to Jacob Wohl.

Power Nov 08

I’m tired of celebrating cis men who date trans women

Yes, being trans attracted is a normal part of heterosexuality. But why is heterosexuality normal?

Power Nov 06

Ignore everyone making political predictions

Pollsters and pundits do not deserve your trust or attention.

Power Nov 06

Fuck a longer school day

Kamala Harris’s new proposal to address the gap between school and work days by making the school day longer is stupid, and for dorks.