The Outline


Power Nov 14

Measuring female “agency” is a dumb way to talk about art

Is it feminist? Is IT feminist? Is it FEMINIST?

Power Nov 13

Finally, American women can reliably get abortion pills in the mail

An interview with Rebecca Gomperts, founder of the group who is now shipping to U.S. addresses.

Power Nov 12

Paper coffee cups will be the death of us

Coffee shops love the free advertising that disposable cups provide, despite the fact that they’re impossible to recycle.

Power Nov 05

Why is British media so transphobic?

Turns out homeopathy haters and mums are partly responsible.

Power Nov 03

The worst politician in North Carolina is proud of his gift to Gab

State Senator Dan Bishop authored North Carolina’s notorious anti-trans HB2 “bathroom bill,” tried to rewrite the law so that teachers could arrest their own students, and just so happens to have a $500 stake in the social network that loves racists.

Power Nov 01

How open is ‘open’ enrollment?

As the Trump administration attacks the Affordable Care Act, access for limited-English speakers has remained surprisingly steady.

Power Oct 31

We can’t educate our kids out of inequality

Better schools are not a magic bullet for fixing social problems.

Power Oct 25

Can you be a good person if you don’t read the news?

Ethics in news consumption.

Power Oct 24

The bear that went from presidential namesake to political pawn

The Louisiana black bear was a supposed conservation success story. But was that story a lie?

Power Oct 24

The myth of the postpartum love rush

Do hormones makes you fall in love at first sight once you give birth? Not always, and that’s just fine.

Power Oct 23

Why are rich people so weird?

From Business Insider lady to money diarists, the strangest humans on the planet keep telling us about their days.

Power Oct 22

‘Red Dead Redemption 2’ and the problems with creative work

If you want to understand the hellish demands of modern labor, look no further than video games.

Power Oct 22

The secret anxiety of the upwardly mobile

Children who do better than their parents often must choose between blending in and standing out.

Power Oct 21

StarKist pleads guilty to charging too much for tuna

And also colluding with other canned seafood companies to keep tuna prices high.

Power Oct 20

The nation’s student loan debt crisis, mapped

We’re $1.5 trillion dollars in student loan debt, and the only way to get out of it is to take a high-paying job.

Power Oct 20

Facing mounting criticism from the right, Facebook has quietly ramped up donations to Republican politicians

Newly released FEC data shows that last month, Facebook donated to twice as many Republican campaigns as Democratic ones.

Power Oct 17

College campuses are far from radical

Time to let go of the fantasy of the liberal university.

Power Oct 15

Can Poland survive its Trump moment?

After American-style neoliberalism invaded Poland, its people responded by placing a bunch of far-right populists in power. But with the country’s next elections just around the corner, will they stay there?

Power Oct 11

Who the hell cares what old people think about climate change?

If you won’t live to see the worst of it, kindly shut up.

Power Oct 09

The extremely mad professors

Why three academics wrote twenty whole fake papers and think other people got played.