The Outline


Power Apr 02

An open letter to my dog, who won’t come out from under the couch

Nora, please. Come out from under the couch.

Power Apr 01

The Australian scientist who got magnets stuck up his nose should inspire us all

There is nothing but time for creative pursuits.

Power Apr 01

America doesn’t have a health care system

Our collection of disparate and competing public and private companies were never going to be able to handle a pandemic.

Power Mar 30

There was always a way to pay for the programs we need

Money printer go brrrrrrr.

Power Mar 26

There’s no such thing as “productivity” during a pandemic

Working from home isn’t going to make this any less scary.

Power Mar 26

Your neighbors are not the disease

It can be tempting to blame each other for the spread of a pandemic, but the real villains are not the idiots standing too close to each other in the park.

Power Mar 25

Tenured faculty should be showing up for striking grad students

Unlike most workplaces, tenured professors have a near-ironclad degree of job protection. They should be leveraging that to help their exploited colleagues.

Power Mar 24

Accutane cured my acne. But I had to go to India to get it.

iPledge, a government compliance program, makes the barrier to obtain Accutane unreasonably high, especially for women of color.

Power Mar 20

RuPaul is fracking at the end of the world

The ongoing collapse of our institutions will not be felt equally, despite what the rich and famous want you to imagine.

Power Mar 20

Left to ourselves

Whatever happens, the Bernie Sanders campaign matters because it's part of a movement.

Power Mar 19

The “modern apostles” who want to reshape America ahead of the end times

The Seven Mountain Mandate is a manifesto for conquering all aspects of American life.

Power Mar 18

I, too, am declining to write the next ‘King Lear’ as a protest against capitalism

Quarantine is already having a bad effect on writers.

Power Mar 18

Time for some completely unhelpful game theory

Historical precedents and doomsday projections serve their purpose, but focusing on the worst-case scenario is a great way to make yourself sick with anxiety right now.

Power Mar 17

Coronavirus is putting ‘Vice News Tonight’ on hiatus

An executive announced the news in an email to Vice staff on Tuesday night.

Power Mar 17

The British government is massively fucking up its coronavirus response

They only just realized their first plan to simply let people die had some issues.

Power Mar 17

Let’s all chill out a bit about a coronavirus-induced police state

We’re far from “marshall law.”

Power Mar 16

How freaked out is too freaked out?

It can be tempting to read every single coronavirus story being published right now, but too much information can be overwhelming.

Power Mar 13

Donald Trump got us a present: It’s Joe Biden

The current centrist Democratic party is something only a reaction to Trumpism could produce.

Power Mar 12

NBC must release all 20 seasons of ‘Law & Order’

Under quarantine, the people will be divided into two separate yet equally important groups: Those who know how to handle long stretches indoors, and those who do not. We both need our stories. DUN DUN.

Power Mar 12

It’s insane that the U.S. doesn’t have paid sick days

During a global pandemic, Congress still wants you to go to work.