The Outline


Power May 21

It’s fine to be mean to racists and ghouls

The smug morality of journalists rarely serves anyone but themselves.

Power May 20

How do you fix a broken city?

These might not add up to full-on revolution, but hey, they’re a start.

Power May 20

Tipping reinforces inequality. The restaurant industry wants to keep it that way.

As New York considers reforming its tipping system, restaurant owners have turned to dirty tricks to keep waitstaff wages from rising.

Power May 19

Cheaper paper won’t fix the news

A new bill proposes fixing our very broken media in the dumbest way possible.

Power May 19

ConPRmetidos is rebuilding Puerto Rico for Puerto Ricans

Almost one year after Hurricane Maria, a nonprofit called ConPRmetidos is trying to rebuild the island sustainably.

Power May 17

The government is quietly scrubbing information about Obamacare from the internet

A page about the Affordable Care Act’s relation to Medicare was taken down five months ago, according to a new report.

Power May 16

The weirdest Donald Trump story from the Trump Tower hearings

Turns out Donald Trump loves listening to rap songs about himself.

Power May 16

The poet Joseph Massey’s disturbing history of abuse

Multiple women claim he used his influence in the poetry community to harass and manipulate them.

Power May 15

This chart shows just how badly Uber drivers are paid

A new study by the Economic Policy Institute found that Uber drivers in many cities make less than minimum wage.

Power May 15

Bears are after all of our best snacks, and they’re winning

Climate change is causing bears to wake up early and search for alternative food sources.

Power May 14

White House reporters are making bank

D.C. insiders can make up to a quarter-mil for going on tv.

Power May 14

Digital PTSD is real

Journalists covering the alt-right are experiencing the debilitating effects of online harassment and violent imagery.

Power May 13

New data suggests America treats the elderly like shit

It’s Mother’s Day. Please call your grandma and tell her how much you love her.

Power May 13

The Rajneeshees have a wild wild response to ‘Wild Wild Country’

“This was a U.S. government conspiracy, from the White House on down, aimed at thwarting Osho’s vision.”

Power May 12

America’s landfills may be completely full in just 13 years

We could be headed towards a trash reckoning.

Power May 11

The open office trend is a magnet for creeps

A new study suggests that open floor plans may make women uncomfortable.

Power May 11

The ethics of snail mucin

Snail slime skincare is having a moment. But where does the mucin come from, and what happens to the snails?

Power May 10

Introducing Trump “Cabinet Bingo,” the game where everybody loses

Bingo is the perfect metaphor for the chaos of this administration.

Power May 09

Trump hates orange soda

Trump Turnberry, the president’s golf resort in Scotland, recently banned the country’s most popular soda for being too orange.

Power May 09

The creeping spectre of “white genocide”

The conspiracy theory that was once contained to South Africa is spreading worldwide.