The Outline


Power Apr 27
America, the pitiful: Trump’s first 100 days

It’s been painful, but also funny.

Power Apr 27
Trump’s Reddit fans must pick a side: the president, or net neutrality

Many of the president’s Reddit supporters are disappointed by a plan to roll back net neutrality.

Power Apr 26
Who watches the men? #2: Hillary's escape

Part two of a Trump-era comic inspired by ‘Watchmen.’

Power Apr 25
More Muslims say they’re being questioned entering the U.S.

A new report suggests increased religious profiling under Trump.

Power Apr 25
What happened to Judge Sheila Abdus-Salaam?

How the story of a New York judge's death was botched.

Power Apr 21
Ass-chewing and schadenfreude: Inside Hillary’s failed campaign

A new tell-all details Clinton's bid for the presidency.

Power Apr 21
Lewis Wallace isn’t being objective

Episode 91 of 'Tomorrow'

Power Apr 21
Schools need goddamn internet

The tradition of depriving public schools of resources, one crumb at a time, continues under Trump’s FCC.

Power Apr 20
Uber is pushing anti-union propaganda to its drivers

“You are not in the Teamsters’ pocket,” says the Uber Seattle Partner Podcast

Power Apr 19
Dreamer deportation could draw Obama out to fight

The former president said he would speak out if Trump started deporting Dreamers — and that has now happened.

Power Apr 18
U.S. Customs and Border Protection is America’s next scary spy agency

NSA. CIA. CBP? The agency that patrols the borders has been expanding its powers of electronic surveillance.

Power Apr 18
Political diversity is a cop-out for overpaid media men

Can the New York Times hire a black woman opinion columnist already?

Power Apr 13
The problem with Google’s gender-blind compensation process

Gender-blind processes are a good start, but they can’t solve the pay gap on their own.

Power Apr 12
Does Bill O’Reilly always take vacation at this time of year?

Fact-checking the embattled Fox anchor's claim.

Power Apr 11
Trump supporters criticize him online over Syria, get banned for negativity

The president’s bombing of Syria has caused conflict among his online base on r/The_Donald.

Power Apr 11
Everybody loves War Trump

All it took were some bombs to turn Trump into Churchill.

Power Apr 07
Why Pepsi’s ‘global’ protest ad fell flat around the world

Pepsi released a tone-deaf ad. The U.S. was outraged. The rest of the world rolled its eyes.

Power Apr 07
Black Lives Matter activists are convinced the NYPD hacked their phones

Did New York police use secretive surveillance on some members of the movement?

Power Apr 05
Is anything actually going to happen to Bill O’Reilly?

The Fox star is bleeding advertisers, which is what sank Glenn Beck.

Power Apr 04
Eat, pray, hate

Touring a divisive land.