The Outline


Power Jul 16

Everything happens so much

Our experience of calendar time has come unmoored. We may need to consider an alternative.

Power Jul 16

The are 15 months until the election. The race is already dumb as hell.

If you thought the hacks had learned a lesson about campaign coverage from 2016 you will be disappointed.

Power Jul 15

What’s left of liberalism?

Why the left and right both seem to agree that liberalism has failed us.

Power Jul 15

We tell ourselves conspiracy theories in order to live

The search for capital-T Truth is a futile but alluring one.

Power Jul 11

“The stresses of poverty are written in their skin, in their bones, and in their teeth”

As Donald Trump escalates his attempts to seal the border, medical examiners in Pima County, Arizona prepare for more bodies.

Power Jul 11

Dear God, let us pray on whether to tax churches

In a functional, fair, and modern society, religion wouldn’t have to be anywhere near as lionized as charity or the arts. But our society is not like that.

Power Jul 09

Drinking too much water will kill me, and I don’t care

This is a true story, and also a metaphor.

Power Jul 09

Nick Kyrgios as religious experience

He is the only tennis player capable of transcending the efficiency of the modern game to show us something more beautiful.

Power Jul 08

Podcasts should stick to exonerating the innocent

In The Dark proved that Curtis Flowers was railroaded by an unjust system. Why offer up another suspect?

Power Jul 03

Sans serif, sans progressive policies

How campaign branding came to be a way for candidates to signal their progressive bona fides without actually having them.

Power Jul 02

Glenn Kessler sucks and that’s a fact

Fact checking tells us nothing about politics and everything about the Washington Post's star Whopper decider.

Power Jul 02

Can we abolish time?

An island in Norway wants to cut ties with the clock so residents are free to mow their lawns at 4 a.m.

Power Jul 01

There are concentration camps in America

The idea that Nazi analogies are verboten when describing U.S. detainment camps is absurd.

Power Jun 26

Slender Man for Boomers

The offshoots of the QAnon conspiracy theory have gone to even darker places.

Power Jun 25

We live in an age of Assholes

The worst people in the world get all the attention, but what can we do about it?

Power Jun 24

If a climate apocalypse is imminent, should we bother paying our debts?

A serious answer to a half-serious question.

Power Jun 20

Secrets and lies at Guantanamo Bay

Listening devices, FBI informants, and gag orders… these are just some of the ways that the U.S. is mishandling classified information in the Al Qaeda trials.

Power Jun 19

Raytheon said “Gay Rights!”

On the disorienting language of late-stage Pride.

Power Jun 18

Does anyone want to hear a story???

Viral Twitter tales are often bullshit, but being made-up isn’t the worst thing about them.

Power Jun 17

The debate over free speech deserves a better subject than Steven Crowder

The YouTube firebrand is offensive, sure, but he’s also fundamentally banal.