The Outline


Power Feb 20

We will never find dignity in air travel

There will always be stories about the wrong way to behave on a plane, but we need not fight about them.

Power Feb 20

A stench in the nostrils of God

The rancid smell of hog facilities in North Carolina has led to a dirty and protracted legal battle.

Power Feb 19

Canada is fake

What Americans think of as their friendly neighbor to the north, if they think of it at all, is a scam.

Power Feb 18

Will we ever be free of Pete Buttigieg?

The myth of electability has forced him on us all, and he’s going to have to be stopped over and over again.

Power Feb 17

Bernie takes North Carolina

At a rally in Durham, NC last week, the Democratic frontrunner offered a new vision for how to flip a swing state.

Power Feb 16

Area Nigerian man not secretly Buttigieg campaign adviser

We spoke to the mysterious Chinedu, who is not Buttigieg senior adviser Lis Smith.

Power Feb 13

The limits of a “Me Too” movie

‘The Assistant’ aims for an unsparing account of office power dynamics, but it is mostly dull to watch someone else go to an office.

Power Feb 12

Ezra Klein’s solution to cure what ails America: Be more like Ezra Klein

‘Why We’re Polarized’ is the first book from the wonkish wunderkind turned media mogul.

Power Feb 12

Time for Joe Biden to ride off into the sunset

The macho, swaggering 20th-century American politician is a thing of the past.

Power Feb 11

If you can’t beat them, call them Trumpian

Ireland’s ascendent Sinn Féin party is nothing like Trump, but that hasn’t stopped critics from levying an increasingly banal attack.

Power Feb 11

The most fascinating riot you’ve never heard of

The Astor Place Opera House Riot of 1849 combined two of 19th-century America’s favorite pastimes: going to the theater and rioting.

Power Feb 10

‘The Irishman’ looks like shit and that’s why it’s brilliant

The failure of its de-aging technology transforms what might’ve been a plodding, overlong film into a masterful meditation on memory and fate.

Power Feb 06

Trump’s farcical plan for “peace” in the Middle East

Announced last week, the plan wishes Palestinians would disappear.

Power Feb 05

Just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean they didn’t rig the Iowa Caucus

Conspiracy theories aren’t always true, but that doesn’t mean something isn’t up.

Power Feb 05

Iowans don’t deserve this national embarrassment

Many of us on the ground worked hard to convince people their voices matter and would be heard.

Power Feb 05

Cause of death: passive hanging

David Gueits Jr.’s family wants Pennsylvania officials to explain exactly how he died in custody.

Power Feb 04

Are we all members of the Voluntary Human Extinction Movement?

The desire for humanity to go extinct seems crazy, but it may also be the dominant ideology of our time.

Power Feb 03

The California law that pits artists against Uber drivers

The passage of AB-5 speaks to the promise and the difficulty of tearing down the gig economy.

Power Jan 31

Raising a person in a culture full of types

We probably shouldn’t be telling children that who they are determines what they do.

Power Jan 30

Grief for a lost future and an eroded past

The places my father loved have disappeared, and so have my memories of him.