The Outline


Power Jul 19

Uber drivers are officially employees in New York state

Hopefully benefits are coming next.

Power Jul 19

An extremely easy fix for the problem of missed court dates: text reminders

Jail time and fines for missing court already target low-income people.

Power Jul 18

Facial recognition, welcome to U.S. high schools

Just asking questions: Why don’t we try gun control first to stop school shootings?

Power Jul 17

U.S. voting machines were vulnerable to remote hacking for six years

Welcome to your election-hacking nightmare.

Power Jul 17

For the love of goddesses, stop deifying women

Divine Feminine Energy is not the empowering narrative you think it is.

Power Jul 16

Ocasio-Cortez sees potential for a Freedom Caucus of the left

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is considering one.

Power Jul 15

Facebook donates a shit-ton of money to Republicans

Over half of the tech giant’s largest political contributions have gone to the GOP.

Power Jul 14

Rand Paul is mad as hell about sexed-up, coked-out quails

If Rand Paul were a true Libertarian, he would let the quails fuck in peace.

Power Jul 14

The secret history of Marxist alien hunters

The branch of UFO investigation they don’t want you to know about.

Power Jul 12

ICE contracts bring in millions for U.S. colleges

Northeastern’s $2.7-million contract is one of several.

Power Jul 12

The trap of political authenticity

Democrats want to promote “authentic” candidates. This will be their downfall.

Power Jul 11

The lives at our door

At the edge of America, asylum seekers fight for the right to stay and, perhaps, to live.

Power Jul 11

Asylum in America, by the numbers

In the growing battle over immigration, it’s crucial to separate fact from fiction.

Power Jul 11

Heat waves hurt communities of color the most

The number of heat-related deaths is only rising.

Power Jul 09

Vaseline is the forgotten victim of the U.S.-China trade war

Sorry, soybeans.

Power Jul 09

The Supreme Court’s silence on criminal justice issues

And how liberal justices can fix it.

Power Jul 09

Alan Dershowitz should not have had friends to lose

The lawyer and Harvard professor has made a business of defending the deplorable.

Power Jul 08

Dogs might be happier when they’re free

Look at that dog. It is riding a tricycle away from human oppression.

Power Jul 07

The alcohol industry doesn’t want us to drink like adults

How to drink moderately in an immoderate world.

Power Jul 05

The rise of on-demand fuel means the poor will inherit gas stations

Gas delivery and electric vehicles are pushing gas stations to focus on more than fuel.