The Outline


Power Jan 12

Are you white and rich enough to move to Wisconsin?

A new ad campaign aimed at sad Chicago millennials wants a very specific working class.

Power Jan 11

Honestly, fuck Harper’s

Hiring Katie Roiphe to write about modern-day sexual harassment was a bad idea to begin with.

Power Jan 11

Silenced by the church

A fresh spotlight is on American churches as recent allegations of sexual assault illustrate religion’s role in silencing victims.

Power Jan 10

The Wikipedia entry for ‘SJW’ is a political battleground

How do you explain an insult that is only used by trolls?

Power Jan 10

Oprah already runs the world

A short guide to Oprah’s influence in and out of politics.

Power Jan 09

Joe Arpaio is running for Senate, because we live in hell now

“America’s toughest sheriff” wants to be America’s newest Senator.

Power Jan 08

The dumbest president

Michael Wolff’s new book solidifies Trump’s legacy as a petulant man-child with a rodent’s attention span.

Power Jan 05

Legal weed’s hazy future

Jeff Sessions has a very different view on marijuana than the average voter.

Power Jan 05

My laundry pod nightmare

Tide pods were staining my clothes. So why was Tide telling me it was my fault?

Power Jan 04

“Sexual misconduct” is a numbingly vague term

The media’s reliance on “legal phrases” in describing sexual violence distances readers from reality.

Power Jan 04

Why are Democrats so afraid of taxes?

Most people are fine with paying them.

Power Jan 03

Hoda Kotb doesn’t need $25 million a year

And neither does Matt Lauer.

Power Jan 02

Protest fatigue syndrome

What to do when activism burns you out.

Power Dec 29

The finest meltdowns of 2017

It was a banner year for tantrums, online and off.

Power Dec 27

Nothing in moderation

Democrats need to move farther to the left to regain power.

Power Dec 22

A year of yelling at Republicans

Let it out. Swipe or scroll to read more.

Power Dec 20

The absurd conservative obsession with “stolen valor”

Nothing gets them feeling righteously angry like someone pretending to have served in the military.

Power Dec 19

You can be hopeful about 2018

It’s not all doom and gloom, despite everything.

Power Dec 19

The world’s worst dream journal

What do your Trump dreams mean? This psychotherapist wants to find out.

Power Dec 18

Trump gave us an ugly blueprint for an ugly year

He didn’t rise to the occasion. He didn’t become more presidential. He slid right into the swamp, and stayed there.