The Outline


Power Dec 12

The old man and the rising seas

Michael Bloomberg wants to be the climate change candidate, but a new generation of climate activists have other ideas.

Power Dec 11

Trump is not defining antisemitism correctly, says author of antisemitism definition

Trump's executive order doesn't redefine Judaism, but it does something perhaps worse.

Power Dec 11

For the love of God, the UK needs to vote Labour


Power Dec 10

I’m Upset: I have wasted years of my life reading product reviews

Online reviews offer me the hope of making an informed decision, but there are so many of them I can’t make any decisions at all.

Power Dec 10

Pete Buttigieg owes us some answers

Candidates should be accountable to student activists, not corporate donors.

Power Dec 06

How to build something and then watch it burn

Some tips on making fires, and living through the collapse of your professional life.

Power Dec 06

Skincare should be medicine for your face

The French understand this, which is why they have such great pharmacies.

Power Dec 03

Free tablets for the incarcerated come with a price

The prison technology company JPay donated tablets to prisons but then jacked up prices for books, games, and music.

Power Dec 02

We should absolutely find out the Queen is dead from a guy named Gibbo

It’s the only thing that makes sense as Britain crumbles.

Power Dec 02

We can solve homelessness if we want to

It is yet another problem that cannot be solved by targeted charity and entrepreneurial initiatives but through collective social action.

Power Nov 26

Avoid Thanksgiving fights by talking about Jeffrey Epstein

Don't bother trying to “win” Thanksgiving. Try this instead.

Power Nov 26

I’ll take “Reasons ‘Jeopardy!’ could never work in the UK” for $600

Smart British kids are meant to be taunted relentlessly, not given cash prizes.

Power Nov 26

Me, myself, and me (as you)

At some point, my knack for imitation began to cause me to question my entire sense of self.

Power Nov 25

The white working class is a political fiction

American media needs a better understanding of class if we are to avoid the mistakes of the past.

Power Nov 21

A not-so-great debate

These Democrats are killing me.

Power Nov 21

The tortured logic of #ADOS

The thinking behind the American Descendants of Slavery movement combines a left-wing critique of America’s founding with a distinctly right-wing strain of xenophobia.

Power Nov 21

We’re in dire need of new websites, and all we get is ‘The Recount’

The Bank of America-backed political video startup, helmed by veteran hack John Heilemann, would have been out of touch even five years ago.

Power Nov 20

Send your kids outside

Parents are afraid of all the wrong things for our children.

Power Nov 19

What’s the German word for wanting to keep English out of Germany?

Linguistic advocacy groups like Aktion Deutsche Sprache claim they simply want to stem the tide of global capitalism. Critics see a more dangerous, nationalist bent.

Power Nov 19

Godparents, with or without God

Why the Christian tradition is important in a secular world.