The Outline


Power Sep 22
Conservatives love playing the victim

The website Quillette is trying to convince people conservatism is subversive.

Power Sep 22
Morgan Freeman, David Frum, and the no-good non-profit

Star-studded but otherwise utterly useless, the Committee to Investigate Russia serves little purpose.

Power Sep 21
Megan McArdle has a lot of bad ideas

And, unfortunately, the Bloomberg columnist publishes five times a week.

Power Sep 20
Want to tell on Trump? A D.C. lawyer will represent you for free

Whistleblower Aid aims to provide free legal services to people who want to report on government wrongdoing.

Power Sep 20
The U.S. citizens who are detained by ICE

America’s immigration system is broken, and enforcing officers are still detaining citizens with little transparency.

Power Sep 18
The irrational disdain for Chelsea Manning

The selflessness of her “crime” continues to confound and enrage those in power.

Power Sep 15
Trump may get something better than a wall

Democrats aren’t willing to give Trump the wall in exchange for DACA, but they will give him high-tech border security.

Power Sep 15
Medicare for all!

Centrists say that universal healthcare is unrealistic. That's what they said about civil rights, abortion rights, and gay marriage, too.

Power Sep 14
The 19 most powerful people you meet in hell

The masters of our universe are a uniform group of warmongers and empire apologists.

Power Sep 13
The Democrats who can’t quit Hillary Clinton

Who remains devoted to Hillary in late 2017, and why?

Power Sep 12
The campus rape debate doesn’t have ‘many sides’

When it comes to rape on college campuses, are the lines really so blurred?

Power Sep 12
Democrats are losing the propaganda war

Liberals are getting crushed by the right’s agitprop, and Verrit will not save them.

Power Sep 11
Evacuate for hurricane, lose your job

Millions of people were ordered to evacuate ahead of Hurricane Irma. Some didn't because their bosses told them not to.

Power Sep 08
No mercy for Equifax

The Equifax breach that affected 143 million Americans is a reminder of the shadowy power wielded by the big three credit bureaus.

Power Sep 08
The border commuters

Every morning, thousands of people line up at the U.S.-Mexico border to get to work.

Power Sep 07
Obama, DACA, and the myth of the “good” immigrant

Obama’s defense of DACA is an implicit condemnation of the millions of immigrants who don’t qualify for the program.

Power Sep 06
The progressive potential of Kamala Harris

The California senator is moving ever-so-slightly leftward, which is a good thing for all Democrats.

Power Sep 06
The strange life of Peter Daou

Why do powerful people pay him to do things?

Power Sep 04
The empire doesn’t care who is president

Every despot learns that an empire is a sluggish thing, set on its inertial path by history.

Power Sep 03
Who’s afraid of BDS?

The Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions movement is flawed, but has good intentions.