The Outline


Power Sep 22

Ted Cruz does not live on Planet Earth

By attempting to ridicule Beto O’Rourke for his opposition to police brutality, Cruz is inadvertently giving his opponent a valuable platform.

Power Sep 22

Hangover IV drips aren’t all they’re cracked up to be

The FTC has charged an IV cocktail company with making false claims.

Power Sep 21

Remembering the past won’t save us from the future

The curse of Santayana in the age of climate change.

Power Sep 19

The warped reality of Woody Allen and Soon-Yi Previn

In a recent ‘New York Magazine’ interview, the couple would like you to forget everything you know.

Power Sep 19

French girl fashion is... how do you say... le bullshit

The one trend that refuses to go away.

Power Sep 19

Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Dumbass

The man who kicked off the FBI Russia probe is a laughing stock in Australia.

Power Sep 18

Is populism the future for the left?

Chantal Mouffe’s new book is optimistic about radicalizing democracy. Not so fast.

Power Sep 16

The 2008 bailouts inadvertently laid the groundwork for another financial crisis

We may already be seeing the warning signs.

Power Sep 15

Dear Donald Trump, your hurricane vlogs aren’t helping

Sincerely, everyone currently being affected by Hurricane Florence.

Power Sep 13

The case for unionizing comedy

Sketch comics and improv performers can either organize or watch the industry rot.

Power Sep 12

Democracy is the worst form of government, except for all the other ones

Astra Taylor’s new documentary asks “What is Democracy?”

Power Sep 12

Stop blaming postmodernism for the rise of Trump

The president lies a lot. This has nothing to do with Derrida.

Power Sep 11

Can an old-school oil company make a small town cool?

El Dorado, Arkansas’ oil titans hope to turn the town into a popular arts destination.

Power Sep 10

Ariel, 26, missing

Ariel Begay disappeared in 2017. Her case highlights the many hurdles families of missing indigenous people face.

Power Sep 10

What’s a car supposed to sound like?

The engine noises we hear from inside our cars are already fake, so why can’t they be fun?

Power Sep 09

The Postal Service wants to become an ad agency

This is what happens when the government convinces itself it’s a business.

Power Sep 08

Unsealed FBI documents detail Roger Stone’s Watergate-era dirty tricks

Stone specialized in undermining Richard Nixon’s opponents on the left.

Power Sep 07

A brief history of batshit conservative boycotts

Mutilating socks, burning disco records, shooting a newspaper with a gun: all surprisingly ineffective forms of objection.

Power Sep 05

Grief doesn’t have five stages

Despite what we want to believe, there is no linear path through loss.

Power Sep 02

Phony Neo-Nazi propaganda may have inspired the Louisiana State Police to investigate Antifa

Either that, or there’s a whole lot of racists in the Louisiana State Police Department.