The Outline


Power Mar 17

An extremely pointless law is about to ban public officials from spending taxpayer money on paintings of themselves

It’s called — wait for it — the “EGO Act.”

Power Mar 17

Buzz off, Boomers

Baby Boomers were set up to succeed. So why do they love complaining about Millennials so much?

Power Mar 16

Rich people can’t stop buying luxury apartments and not using them

NYC’s rate of vacant apartments has reached an all-time high.

Power Mar 15

Tech bros told they’re no longer allowed to colonize French Polynesia

The Seasteading Institute wants to build a libertarian island paradise. Now they have to find a new place to do so.

Power Mar 14

This morbid start-up is bringing us one step closer to a Black Mirror reality

Nectome will embalm your brain and upload it to the cloud... eventually

Power Mar 13

International journalists are making a new kind of protest music to escape censorship

A new music/journalism project is taking advantage of streaming services.

Power Mar 13

If you live in America you are almost certainly not being censored

A history of the censorship regime in apartheid South Africa reveals the disingenuousness of writers today.

Power Mar 13

Do you want to watch D.C. insiders eat dinner?

Jamie Weinstein and Michelle Fields are trying to bring their VIP-studded dinner parties to the small screen.

Power Mar 12

Pivoting to video didn’t work — so why not pivot to Pinterest?

Instead of fixing a broken industry, the media is trying to find the next Facebook.

Power Mar 12

World Dispatch: Meet the teachers who fought in West Virginia

The strike is over but war is not. We talk to two teachers who were on the front lines, today on The Outline World Dispatch.

Power Mar 11

Further proof that Scientology is extremely lame

Nobody gives a shit about your Instagram “epic art wall,” dude.

Power Mar 10

Connecticut has declared war on coyotes

But the state’s proposal to allow night hunting of the animals just might make its coyote problem worse.

Power Mar 09

Is your movie too white and too male?

The ‘Kent Test’ wants to address the limited representation of women of color in film, television, and other media.

Power Mar 09

West Virginia teachers on winning the battle and fighting the war

We talked to three teachers about the longest strike in the state’s history — and what comes next.

Power Mar 09

ICE is detaining teenagers when they turn 18

A lawsuit filed this week claims the agency is violating federal law by detaining teenagers with adults.

Power Mar 08

The false hope of parole

Parole boards determine the fate of thousands of prisoners, but they’re marred by corruption and malfeasance.

Power Mar 07

The next governor of New York might be a Miranda

Cynthia Nixon is reportedly throwing her name in the ring.

Power Mar 05

David Hogg is mad as hell

After surviving a school shooting, Hogg and his classmates have become some of the leading — if unlikely — voices on gun reform.

Power Mar 04

Uber is contesting the MIT study that found their drivers make less than minimum wage before taxes

But they’re not talking about how Uber encourages its drivers to declare a loss on those taxes.

Power Mar 04

A new court ruling could provide more protection for the homeless

A Washington state judge has found that if you live in your car, then your car is your home, and that the police can’t impound your home.