Side Note

Immerse yourself in Fractal Fantasy’s interactive audiovisual extravaganza

Fractal Fantasy, the electronic music platform created by producers Sinjin Hawke and Zora Jones, has a website that’s quite unlike pretty much anything I’ve ever seen. Though its releases already smack of the sort of sonic futurism that would make some Italian from 1912 shit their pants with glee, Fractal Fantasy takes things to the next level on its website, which offers interactive audiovisual accompaniment to each release. Its newest offering, for producer/singer Xzavier Stone’s album Thirst, features a 360-degree panorama of Stone’s head as it gets drenched in hyperrealistic computer-animated (I think?) water.

Other goodies include a Sinjin Hawke-sountracked trip into a virtual landscape featuring a strange translucent pane (see the photo at the top of this post), as well as a theremin-y thing where you manipulate synth tones by dragging your mouse around the screen while adjusting a set of sliders.

Prepare to have your mind blown straight out of your butt.