Side Note

iOS 12 is bad at charging your phone

And also bad at keeping your kid from playing too much Angry Birds.

For a lot of people, Apple has a weird soft power over our lives that it’s constantly tinkering with in subtle ways that it hopes will help it make more money. That can mean trying to convince you that even though you already own an iPhone that has a clock on it, you need a special watch that is like a tiny iPhone that does less stuff. Or, it can mean making your Apple products run really slowly until you update them, only for the update to be too complicated for your devices to handle, which in turn means you have to give Apple more money. Apple isn’t alone in this, of course, it’s just that Apple spent years convincing us that their stuff was better than everyone else’s, and their self-contained ecosystem means that once you’re in AppleWorld™ it tends to be hard to escape, so you just have to live with it and hope that Apple fixes whatever problem they created.

The release of iOS 12, Apple’s new mobile operating system, was supposed to be good and cool, and also it was going to work best on Apple’s new Xs and Xr phones (so you should definitely buy one, Apple seemed to say). However, Redmond Pie, a website that covers “Microsoft, Google, Apple, and the web!” has reported that some iPhones using the iOS 12 operating system won’t charge if you plug them in while they’re in sleep mode. Which, I don’t know, seems like a thing that shouldn’t be happening. And, since Apple is a family company that makes things that your whole family can enjoy (as a family), Redmond Pie also pointed out that children have already figured out how to get around a feature of Apple’s new, app-usage-monitoring “Screen Time” service that was supposed to keep kids from spending too much time playing Fortnite on their iPad or whatever (it turns out you can just delete and re-download an app to reset a usage limit).

Obviously, these aren’t necessarily monumental problems. I’m pretty sure I was one of the 50 million people affected in Facebook’s data breach, and I’d vastly prefer my large, rowdy (imaginary) son being able to play games on his phone against my wishes to the sense of underlying dread that I currently feel knowing that I have no idea if some hacker currently has my credit card number. But these issues with iOS 12 highlight the fact that Apple, much like pretty much every other tech company, makes money by introducing new problems into your life and then only sort of solving them.

Anyways, in a bit of Apple schadenfreude news, the same Apple store was robbed twice in twelve hours last weekend.