Side Note

Read Sean Spicer’s farewell email to the White House staff

You know when somebody leaves their job and sends an email to everybody they work with being like, “Hey y’all, it was chill working with everybody, but now I am leaving this job, and in no way did I accidentally contribute to the degradation of American democracy”? Well, Sean Spicer once had a job, but then he left it, so he, too, had to send one of those emails. And thanks to the Freedom of Information Act, you can now read it for yourself.

Spicer’s email was among the thousands of pages of documents that have been released thanks to the continued efforts by the Sierra Club to wring the Environmental Protection Agency for every document they’ve got. This little gem was nestled among a cache of Scott Pruitt’s emails released on May 30. If you are the type of person who likes looking through oodles of dry government documents, the fruits of the Sierra Club’s labor can be accessed here.

Powerful shitheads: They send disingenuous sign-off emails just like the rest of us!