Side Note

Jordan Belfort’s Facebook page is absolutely baffling

It seems the real-life Wolf of Wall Street has rebranded as the Wolf of SuccessWin Street.

America is amazing. No, seriously. Only in this nation of ours can a notorious financial criminal get sent to jail and befriend Tommy Chong, who then inspires said financial criminal to write a memoir that Martin Scorsese makes into a movie, and then bounce off of that notoriety into becoming a motivational-speaker-slash-self-help-author-slash-YouTuber. If, for some reason, you doubt that the assertions I just made are true, please consult the following video of Jordan Belfort vlogging about Bitcoin while being driven around in a car:

Over the past six months, Belfort has posted six videos on his YouTube channel, which he calls Wolf of Wall Street because duh. Four of them have been about why he thinks Bitcoin is a bad idea. One is about why he thinks Amazon will continue to succeed, and the other is titled “How to Motivate Yourself Out of Rock Bottom”.

As funny as it is that a man who built a financial empire off of elaborately woven fictions is claiming that Bitcoin — which, to be clear, may very well be an elaborately woven financial fiction — is somehow less legit than he is, it’s that last video, the self-motivation one, that offers the clearest picture of where Belfort’s at these days.

Yes, Jordan Belfort has rebranded as a SuccessWin Facebook Guy™, turning his public, fan-facing page into a platform for posting motivational gobbledygook and shilling a self-help program he calls “The Straight Line Persuasion System,” which he claims is “the REAL reason I made so much money.”

When he’s not trying to convince you to pay him to teach you how to convince other people to pay you for things, however, Belfort enjoys posting pictures of vaguely uplifting quotes from such inspirational figures as Steve Jobs, “Anonymous,” and, most frequently, Jordan Belfort himself.

In closing, please go to Jordan Belfort’s page and look at his inspirational posts, but also please do not get so inspired that you decide to give him money.