Side Note

Artist László Zsolt Bordos digitally renders the fragility of memory

In a new exhibit curated by the ZKM Center for Art and Media in Karlsruhe, Germany, the Hungarian 3d artist László Zsolt Bordos has attempted to recreate the physical processes of memory. The exhibit’s website says that the work, titled MEMORIES, “creates an imaginary storage space where the artist’s personal memories are stored [...] using data visualizations, glitches, and data mosh.” The site goes on to quote Bordos as saying, “I imagine that the location for our memories is a fragile place… Glitches, for example, are a perfect way to visualize our memories.”

If things weren’t cyberpunk enough, MEMORIES is being shown a local castle in Karlsruhe. See more images from the show below, and if you happen to be in Germany at the moment and can check the exhibit out firsthand, I am very jealous.