Side Note

The next few months are going to be hot as shit

“It’s a cool place, and they say it gets colder,” a wise man named Steve Hartwell, Lead Singer of Smash Mouth, once sang. That lyric, along with the entirety of Smash Mouth’s discography, has not aged well. Thanks to climate change, the place we live (Earth) has in fact gotten hotter, and rather than getting colder, it will, in fact, be getting much hotter.

According to data from the National Ocean and Aeronautic Administration, America’s northeast is going to see hotter than average temperatures for the rest of July, and over the next three months, the rest of the country is going to be warming up, too.

As if to prove Steve Hartwell, Lead Singer of Smash Mouth, even more wrong, the NOAA also projects that if we don’t curb our emission of emission of heat-trapping gases into the atmosphere, America is going to see even hotter summers for years to come. In the below model, depicting projected maximum temperatures for the month of July in the 2020’s, the redder the map is, the warmer it’s going to be:

The NOAA’s projections make it seem that if we don’t get our shit together, climate-wise, by 2090, America is basically going to be on fire.

Sorry for bumming you out. Maybe the video for “All Star” will make you feel better.