Side Note

Achieve your dream of looking at a 3D pizza on your phone

See that static image of a big ol’ pepperoni pizza hovering above the headline of this article? Well, I hope you’re ready to see that sucker spin in any direction* you want it to, because here’s that pizza in 3D:

Woo! Did you move the pizza around and stuff? That was pretty cool, right? I found said pizza after falling into an internet hole the other day and coming across Guillermo Sainz’s profile on Sketchfab, where the designer and photographer uploads 3D scans of stuff. Here, look at Guillermo’s donut:

As I clicked around Sketchfab, I slowly came to the horrible, wonderful realization that there’s just, like, a shit-ton of people uploading homemade 3D renderings of food out there. For example, allow me to present you with a 3D loaf of bread:

On the other hand, here’s a totally jaw-dropping 3D kiwano (otherwise known as a horned melon):

Oh, and in case you were wondering what the inside of a kiwano/horned melon looks like in 3D, somebody went ahead and took care of that, too:

So, there you go. The internet is officially a two-dimensional place where you can look at three-dimensional food.