Side Note

We’ve come up with the wildest ‘Westworld’ conspiracy theory of them all

Robots? Robots.

Robots? Robots.

Here at The Outline, we entertain some pretty crazy Westworld fan theories. We have an entire podcast, titled Out West, where we talk about them. But with all due respect to our (very fun) podcast, I have been watching a lot of Westworld lately, and I think I’ve figured out something that no one else has. Are you ready? You better be, because the last episode of the show’s second season is tonight and I’m pretty sure after it’s over, I will be proven 100 percent correct.

Here it is: I think that in Westworld (the show), the permanent residents of Westworld (the violent sex theme park that allows normal people to strip away the patina of civility that weighs upon their everyday lives like a oversized chainmail tuxedo) are robots. Don’t believe me? Just think about it. Why do some of the cowboys get killed only to wake up naked in a futuristic underground laboratory? HUGE hint, if you ask me. And why is does Anthony Hopkins play a character named Robert FORD? There’s actually a company called Ford that makes cars, and everybody knows that cars are just robots that you sit inside of. And I don’t know if you know this, but some cars can drive themselves, and some of those self-driving cars have hit people. In the second season of Westworld, many of the residents that seem to be somehow connected to the guy named Ford (who, remember, has the same last name as a car company), also start hitting people (with bullets, and also fists). What are the Westworld showrunners trying to tell us? It could be anything, but the clues are as plain as the nose on your face. I just hope they don’t keep us hanging until season three to let us know what’s really going on!

(The views expressed in this post are a parody of actual ‘Westworld’ conspiracy theories, of which there are many.)