The Outline


Power Jan 17

What exactly do we want from the author of ‘Cat Person’?

On our endless fascination with women telling us about themselves for the first time.

Power Jan 17

Getting arrested for nunchuck possession was the best thing that ever happened to me

Also the most embarrassing.

Culture Jan 16

Before there were internet rappers, there was Canibus

The New Jersey MC created the template for how modern musicians conduct themselves online.

The Future Jan 16

Navigating U.S. immigration sucks — here’s where everyone goes for help

Immihelp gives people seeking residence in the U.S. a place to process the arcane bureaucracy that comes with working with the government.

Power Jan 16

Do what you love and you will never stop working

It will probably involve bartending, at some point.

The Future Jan 15

If we want to stave off climate change we’re going to need nuclear reactors

Our nuclear reactors are set to expire and solar farms are trying to adjust to ecosystems they might be disrupting.

Culture Jan 15

You are not above ‘The Masked Singer’

The ridiculous game show brings us into a brave new world of thinkpiece-proof television.

Power Jan 15

Is it hopepunk to have a baby?

Maybe a very cozy-looking baby. If we read it ‘Harry Potter.’

The Future Jan 14

Interactive sports broadcasts will be like having a slot machine at home

At least one broadcaster is playing with a format that will eventually allow viewers to place incremental prop bets on every aspect of a game.

Culture Jan 14

Actually, ‘True Detective’ is good

The show always gives us something to think about, and the new season’s early returns are compelling.

The Future Jan 14

Shoot the Facebook Messenger

Everyone’s least-favorite social network has a new scheme to beam ads directly onto your phone.

Culture Jan 11

Tomorrow 147: CES is not for alive girls

It's only for Siri or Alexa.

The Future Jan 11

A Good Place: The Wu-Tang-loving surfer meteorologist

Da Buh is the appointed forecaster for the U.S. Surfing Federation, and he really loves to interpret a pressure system with rap lyrics.

Power Jan 11

The Grindr lawsuit that could change the internet

In a novel legal attack, lawyers are arguing that the app is liable for abusive users.

Culture Jan 11

What we loved this week: The gimmickry of ‘Bandersnatch,’ the psycho killer vibes of ‘You,’ the culinary adventuring of ‘Samurai Gourmet’

Here’s the entertainment that got us through the week of December 31, 2018.

Culture Jan 10

The one thing that drives me nuts about ‘The Sopranos’

The show is nearly perfect. Except for one thing.

Culture Jan 10

Famous men and their absolutely deranged sexts

Rich, poor, Jezz Bezos — everyone is awkwardly horny, all the same.

The Future Jan 10

Manchester WeWorkers are pissed they can’t get pissed for free anymore

Notes from the edge of our permalance coworking future.

Culture Jan 09

AAFU: My work nemesis has cancer

Should I put the past behind us?

The Future Jan 09

An Alexa in every home, a smart toilet under every butt

Let’s not think about what kind of data Kohler’s new voice-controlled Numi 2.0 Intelligent Toilet can steal.