The Outline


Culture Apr 03

Unfair trade

Coursing through the veins of the modern world and the modern subject alike, coffee is the spirit of exploitation in brewed form.

Power Apr 02

An open letter to my dog, who won’t come out from under the couch

Nora, please. Come out from under the couch.

The Future Apr 02

“We just intuit what they need”: A zookeeper describes caring for animals during the coronavirus outbreak

The seventh part of "As Told To," our ongoing series about how the coronavirus is reordering peoples’ lives.

Culture Apr 02

Transfixed by Scott Stapp’s big Christian energy

The Creed frontman offered a model of religious ostentatiousness for believers and nonbelievers alike.

Culture Apr 02

Hanging on the telephone

The pandemic has turned our social lives into software.

Culture Apr 01

Masks through the ages

More and more, it seems like a good idea to wear a mask when you go out in public. Here is some mask inspo for your perusal.

By Drew Millard

Power Apr 01

The Australian scientist who got magnets stuck up his nose should inspire us all

There is nothing but time for creative pursuits.

Power Apr 01

America doesn’t have a health care system

Our collection of disparate and competing public and private companies were never going to be able to handle a pandemic.

The Future Mar 31

“I can’t imagine getting six feet of space”: A Starbucks barista on slinging lattes in a pandemic

The sixth installment of "As Told To," our ongoing series about how the coronavirus is reordering peoples’ lives.

Culture Mar 31

Area man not Joe Biden, despite tweets to the contrary

We talked to the comedian Brandon Wardell, whose recent tweets pretending to be Joe Biden became the subject of a Russiagate-style conspiracy theory.

Culture Mar 31

The secret resistance behind the world’s most dangerous cheese

Sardinia’s casu marzu teems with maggots, and might eat through your stomach. Why can’t people stop eating it?

Culture Mar 30

Watch now: These people’s lives are ruined

Two new documentaries, ‘Tiger King’ and ‘Dark Side of the Ring: Benoit,’ probe events both unbelievably stupid and unspeakably cruel.

Power Mar 30

There was always a way to pay for the programs we need

Money printer go brrrrrrr.

The Future Mar 30

“Hey, how’s Billy doing?”: An Ohio social worker on the toll coronavirus takes on disabled job seekers

Part five of "As Told To," our ongoing series about how the coronavirus is reordering peoples’ lives.

The Future Mar 27

A Good Place: The alternate history of the C-SPAN archives

It's not really the first draft of history, so much as it is the raw notes.

The Future Mar 27

An “explosion of mediocre rubbish coming out online”

An actor assesses the prospects of the theater under pandemic.

Culture Mar 27

What we loved this week: Digging into the many Mel Brooks, László Krasznahorkai’s infinitely winding prose, sitting under some trees

Here’s the entertainment that got us through the week of March 23, 2020.

Power Mar 26

There’s no such thing as “productivity” during a pandemic

Working from home isn’t going to make this any less scary.

Power Mar 26

Your neighbors are not the disease

It can be tempting to blame each other for the spread of a pandemic, but the real villains are not the idiots standing too close to each other in the park.

Culture Mar 26

So what are you playing right now?

Gaming is a uniquely versatile entertainment built for staying indoors — if you can spare a moment to think about anything but current events.