The Outline


Power Jun 23
Investigators wanted more data on Philando Castile’s girlfriend than the cop who killed him

They subpoenaed Facebook and Sprint for four days’ worth of information on Diamond Reynolds.

Culture Jun 23
Big Baller Brand has more $495 shoes to sell

The family-owned company is ready to capitalize on Lonzo’s joining the Lakers.

Culture Jun 23
Rodrigo Duterte’s daughter is an irony-Instagram star

Sara Duterte, the mayor of Davao City, likes to post pictures of memes and guns.

Culture Jun 23
Everyone is stage diving

Raucous live shows are taking over rap, making fans expect more extreme performances.

Power Jun 23
Obama knew about Russian meddling before the election

This what happened inside the White House as Russia interfered in our election.

Power Jun 23
Most Americans believe in stricter gun control

But also nearly half of them own guns, too.

The Future Jun 23
The people GoFundMe leaves behind

Crowdfunding doesn’t help everyone. In fact, it doesn’t help most people.

Power Jun 22
What to read on the new healthcare bill

The Obamacare repeal will be voted on soon in the Senate. Here’s how to catch up on the possible changes.

Culture Jun 22
CoverGirl is very mad at Young Thug

The makeup brand didn’t appreciate the rapper’s play on its marketing language.

Power Jun 22
Seasonal harvest workers are avoiding Britain

Some believe migrants are leery of traveling to the U.K. for work post-Brexit.

Culture Jun 22
What to do when a celebrity rips you off

Legal expert Julie Zerbo on how designers can protect themselves from copycats.

The Future Jun 22
Yahoo didn’t kill Tumblr but Verizon surely will

The soft touch of Yahoo versus the suspected iron fist of Verizon.

Power Jun 22
Will Trump be impeached? Let’s look at this wiggling dial.

We “calculate” and “visualize” the likelihood of a Trump impeachment using proprietary technology that is totally real

Culture Jun 22
Tom Perrotta on ‘The Leftovers,’ religion, and that dick scanner

Episode #95 of ‘Tomorrow with Joshua Topolsky’

Culture Jun 22
Chiropractors are bullshit

You shouldn’t trust them with your spine or any other part of your body.

Culture Jun 21
Major labels want to make money off Latin music

“Despacito” flew to the top of the charts and confirmed that there is an audience for Spanish-language releases.

The Future Jun 21
Uber hasn’t changed

And it probably never will.

Power Jun 21
Psychologist who designed the CIA’s torture program claims it was “safe”

More than 100 detainees were subject to sleep deprivation, waterboarding, and beatings while in CIA custody.

The Future Jun 21
The woman who spends her free time hunting down GoFundMe fraud

The creator of the blog GoFraudMe explains how to avoid getting ripped off.

The Future Jun 21
It’s 2017, and this Twitter bot reflects our disappointment in the present

I made a bot that retweets everyone who writes “it’s 2017.”