The Outline


Culture Jul 17

I’m Upset: Dusting is a waste of time

Nothing is a better metaphor for the futility of life than the never-ending accumulation of dust.

The Future Jul 17

There’s something fishy about plant-based tuna

Will fishless tuna alternatives actually save the oceans, or are they just a bland-tasting attempt to capitalize off the Impossible Burger’s success?

Culture Jul 16

The organization telling the stories of the Japanese-American incarceration

Densho content director Brian Niiya talks about the importance of archiving memories and experiences of the World War II camps.

Power Jul 16

Everything happens so much

Our experience of calendar time has come unmoored. We may need to consider an alternative.

Power Jul 16

The are 15 months until the election. The race is already dumb as hell.

If you thought the hacks had learned a lesson about campaign coverage from 2016 you will be disappointed.

Power Jul 15

What’s left of liberalism?

Why the left and right both seem to agree that liberalism has failed us.

Culture Jul 15

Beliebering the point

Justin Kuritzkes’ debut novel ‘Famous People’ explores the smooth-brained inner life of a contemporary pop star.

Power Jul 15

We tell ourselves conspiracy theories in order to live

The search for capital-T Truth is a futile but alluring one.

The Future Jul 12

A Good Place: The happy accident of mistakenly logging onto

Gail knows you were trying to go to gmail but typed “” instead, and she’s fine with it.

Jul 12

What we loved this week: ‘Los Espookys’ lives up to the hype, ‘Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse’ is finally online, and wearing a hat on vacation is frankly transformative

Here’s the entertainment that got us through the week of July 8, 2019.

Culture Jul 11

AAFU: Someone told me my best friend is a rapist

I’ve cut off all contact, but he still wants to know why.

Power Jul 11

“The stresses of poverty are written in their skin, in their bones, and in their teeth”

As Donald Trump escalates his attempts to seal the border, medical examiners in Pima County, Arizona prepare for more bodies.

Culture Jul 11

‘Whisper Network’ turns the #MeToo movement into an empowerment fantasy

Chandler Baker’s new novel trivializes the cultural movement.

Power Jul 11

Dear God, let us pray on whether to tax churches

In a functional, fair, and modern society, religion wouldn’t have to be anywhere near as lionized as charity or the arts. But our society is not like that.

The Future Jul 10

Lexus is betting big on millennials somehow having money

The Lexus UX is a rich old person’s idea of what a rich young person wants to drive.

Culture Jul 10

I’m Upset: Your dinner is ruining my movie

“Dine-in” movie theaters like Nitehawk and the Alamo Drafthouse are fundamentally antithetical to movies themselves.

Culture Jul 10

Manly wedding rings for tough guys who are dudes

My journey through the emerging market for identity-tailored jewelry.

Power Jul 09

Drinking too much water will kill me, and I don’t care

This is a true story, and also a metaphor.

Culture Jul 09

Meet the ear doctor who thinks Vincent Van Gogh was murdered

The gun that the artist allegedly used to end his own life recently sold for $182,000 at auction. But Dr. Irving Arenberg smells a conspiracy that “Van Goghs” all the way up to the top.

Power Jul 09

Nick Kyrgios as religious experience

He is the only tennis player capable of transcending the efficiency of the modern game to show us something more beautiful.