The Outline


The Future Nov 14

Portrait of the artist as a microbial growth

The body contains more microbes than human cells — bioartist Ani Liu wants us to think about that.

Power Nov 14

Measuring female “agency” is a dumb way to talk about art

Is it feminist? Is IT feminist? Is it FEMINIST?

Power Nov 13

Finally, American women can reliably get abortion pills in the mail

An interview with Rebecca Gomperts, founder of the group who is now shipping to U.S. addresses.

Culture Nov 13

Welcome to the jungle, we’ve got a passionate hatred for autocracy

Axl Rose’s anti-Trump stance is getting attention now, echoing his past crusade for Chinese democracy.

The Future Nov 12

Netflix might start charging less to stream original movies you’ve never heard of

Netflix contemplates a cheaper streaming tier as Disney+ gets primed to launch.

The Future Nov 12

You have to work out now, I’m sorry I don’t make the rules

In particular, adults have to lift weights or do resistance training twice a week /chugs protein shake

Culture Nov 12

Realistic Pokémon are an affront to God

The ‘Detective Pikachu’ trailer ventures deep into the uncanny valley.

Culture Nov 12

How Hollywood stole ‘The Grinch’

The movie, the latest in a line of soulless adaptations, would probably make the late Dr. Seuss weep.

Power Nov 12

Paper coffee cups will be the death of us

Coffee shops love the free advertising that disposable cups provide, despite the fact that they’re impossible to recycle.

Culture Nov 11

Glossier wants to be the happiest place on Earth

I went to Glossier’s new “Adult Disneyland” flagship store. It was wild.

Culture Nov 10

What we loved this week: The spookiness of ‘Suspiria,’ Ariana Grande’s graciousness, the downfall of Theranos

Here’s the entertainment that got us through the week of November 5, 2018.

Culture Nov 09

Tomorrow 139: Blue Midterm Redemption 2

We’re in the wild west.

The Future Nov 09

My iPhone is trying to make me a better person. It won’t work.

Screen Time and other chiding parental features are too effective of a reminder that much of what I believe about myself is a set of (perfectly fine) delusions.

Culture Nov 09

Craigslist Confessional: My childhood hotel hell

“My father was a terrible man who didn’t care for his own blood.”

Culture Nov 08

Vine is back

Byte, a new app from Vine founder Dom Hoffman, launches in the spring.

Culture Nov 08

‘Fearless’ was the last time Taylor Swift could pretend she was normal

Still one of her best albums, it exists as a portrait of the girl next door with eyes on stardom.

The Future Nov 07

23andme wants to toss a live grenade into your family holiday

Bringing a dna test to the dinner table probably won’t go well.

Culture Nov 07

AAFU: My girfriend’s mother wants a store-bought Thanksgiving

I love to cook, how do we convince her not to bring a turkey?

Culture Nov 07

The precipitous rise of the ennui tee

T-shirts featuring political and self-care-minded slogans break from tradition by refusing to declare allegiance to anything at all.

Culture Nov 07

Who shapes the legacies of dead, young rappers?

Posthumous releases from Lil Peep and XXXtentacion seek to cement their artistry, even as their reputations were still in flux when they died.