The Outline


Power Jan 23

The myth of the “Millennial-friendly city”

Take it from me, the only thing that happens when a bunch of Millennials move to your city is that it will start to suck.

The Future Jan 23

Podcast ads are a very hot media trend right now

Does having someone in your ear telling you about a some start-up actually make you want to sign up for it? No, and it will be at least two years until someone notices.

Culture Jan 23

Dear God, do I really game that much?

The numbers don’t lie — well, maybe a little, I hope.

Power Jan 23

The dangerous shortcomings of forensic science

Junk forensic science is responsible for putting many innocent people behind bars. Can the field be advanced to prevent this?

Power Jan 22

Why British food is terrible

It has nothing to do with World War II.

Power Jan 22

Andrew Yang and the New American Tories

What links celebrity Yang supporters like Dave Chappelle, Rivers Cuomo, and Norm MacDonald?

Culture Jan 22

Live from New York, it’s Michael Che’s weird fixation with me

My feud with the ‘Saturday Night Live’ head writer has lasted several months all because I said his show was unfunny.

Power Jan 21

Roger Scruton helped make things worse

The British philosopher is being widely eulogized as a man of noble mind and generous heart. Hardly.

Power Jan 21

I’m mad online and I’m going to keep taking it and not log off ever because I love tweeting

There is a kind of catharsis in getting mad online, but it is a hollow form of release.

Culture Jan 21

Competitive tennis in the time of climate change

Australia’s bushfires have dramatically affected the quality of play at this year’s Australian Open. What does the future hold?

Culture Jan 20

“Political Eminem” is the most embarrassing Eminem

The rapper’s single “Darkness” tries and fails to end the epidemic of gun violence by telling the story of the 2017 Las Vegas mass shooting through the eyes of the shooter.

Culture Jan 17

Is Robert Downey Jr. a good actor?

In the 12 years since he started playing Iron Man, he has made millions of dollars and zero interesting creative choices.

Culture Jan 17

What we loved this week: The recurring comforts of Angel Olsen, the pleasure of a one-and-done fantasy novel, and... Rob Lowe’s autobipography?

Here’s the entertainment that got us through the week of January 13, 2020.

Culture Jan 17

A Good Place: The zombie-movie website that has become a zombie itself

The Living Dead Movie Reviews keeps the internet of 2007 in a state of suspended animation.

The Future Jan 16

Brands never say die

Payless ShoeSource is the latest zombie company to reemerge from bankruptcy.

Culture Jan 16

The building blocks of my sanity come from phone Tetris

If I’m going to be addicted to tapping at a screen, it’s probably for the best that I’m playing with blocks.

Power Jan 16

Did Canada really abolish solitary confinement?

Sort of, but they may have replaced it with something worse.

Power Jan 16

The history of Catholic teaching on abortion isn’t as clear cut as you think

Its position has hardly been “unchangeable” throughout the past two millennia.

Culture Jan 15

There are too many Joan Didions

Goodbye to all that (needless comparing to other, vaguely similar writers).

The Future Jan 15

For whom the ratio trolls

Twitter's new “conversation dynamics” tools will benefit only its most elite users.