The Outline


Power Feb 20

We will never find dignity in air travel

There will always be stories about the wrong way to behave on a plane, but we need not fight about them.

Culture Feb 20

Slow Motion: ‘The Lobster’ exposes the horrible systems we’re trapped in, and how we need to get out

Announcing a new series about scenes that linger with us.

Power Feb 20

A stench in the nostrils of God

The rancid smell of hog facilities in North Carolina has led to a dirty and protracted legal battle.

Culture Feb 19

RIP Pop Smoke, who welcomed you into the exhilarating world of Brooklyn Drill

The 20-year-old rapper was killed on early Wednesday morning.

The Future Feb 19

The Boy Scouts deserves its bankruptcy badge

The once iconic American institution filed for bankruptcy following years of declining membership and catastrophic scandal.

Power Feb 19

Canada is fake

What Americans think of as their friendly neighbor to the north, if they think of it at all, is a scam.

Culture Feb 18

The emptiness of televised Nazi hunting

Amazon's new TV show ‘Hunters’ inadvertently reveals the limits of vengeance.

Culture Feb 18

There are enough good RPGs to fit on a 20-sided die

An entire world exists beyond ‘Dungeons & Dragons’, the only role-playing game to achieve any sort of mainstream consciousness.

Power Feb 18

Will we ever be free of Pete Buttigieg?

The myth of electability has forced him on us all, and he’s going to have to be stopped over and over again.

Power Feb 17

Bernie takes North Carolina

At a rally in Durham, NC last week, the Democratic frontrunner offered a new vision for how to flip a swing state.

Power Feb 16

Area Nigerian man not secretly Buttigieg campaign adviser

We spoke to the mysterious Chinedu, who is not Buttigieg senior adviser Lis Smith.

Culture Feb 14

What we loved this week: Having a good time at ‘Birds of Prey,’ being comforted by ‘Cop Land,’ losing it over dog farts

Here’s the entertainment that got us through the week of February 10, 2020.

Culture Feb 14

I would love to date a man who can’t read

Some of us are still trying to have some fun before we die and, I’m sorry, clever men are very rarely fun.

The Future Feb 14

A Good Place: I can’t stop looking at pickup truck ads on Craigslist

You can learn a lot about a person from the way they try to sell you a truck.

Culture Feb 13

I love mediocre sports teams

Sometimes, sports aren’t transcendent or even transcendently awful — they’re just... there.

Culture Feb 13

We should all read more Jenny Diski

The late British writer was a master of precision and not overthinking things.

Culture Feb 13

“Giving her content is my love language”: Meet the couples who TikTok together

The billion-person social network has become a financial boon for some couples. But how do they manage money, their relationship, and the incessant demand for new videos?

Power Feb 13

The limits of a “Me Too” movie

‘The Assistant’ aims for an unsparing account of office power dynamics, but it is mostly dull to watch someone else go to an office.

Culture Feb 12

I’m Upset: Rich people should stop giving their kids long-ass names

For the love of Billie Eilish Pirate Baird O’Connell, please stop.

Power Feb 12

Ezra Klein’s solution to cure what ails America: Be more like Ezra Klein

‘Why We’re Polarized’ is the first book from the wonkish wunderkind turned media mogul.