The Outline


Power Mar 25

The sharing economy is going to innovate us into the Victorian Era

A sociologist shares stories from members of the new American underclass.

Culture Mar 25

The biggest mystery on TV is how every show became a puzzle box

‘Westworld,’ ‘Russian Doll,’ ‘True Detective,’ ‘Big Little Lies,’ and many, many more — today’s shows ask us to solve The Big Secret one meticulous step at a time.

Culture Mar 22

Tomorrow 156: The secret knowledge

It won't be found on Instagram.

The Future Mar 22

Your insurance premium is about to rise like the sea levels

Insurers are adjusting their models to account for the onslaught of fires, floods, and weather disasters that will come with a warming climate.

Culture Mar 22

What we loved this week: Navigating the Troubles on ‘Derry Girls,’ dying a lot in ‘Dead Cells,’ learning to make lunch from YouTube

Here’s the entertainment that got us through the week of March 18, 2019.

Power Mar 22

We almost had an American Egg Boy

Recently released Secret Service records show that law enforcement stopped a guy from organizing a mass egg-throwing at Donald Trump’s inauguration.

The Future Mar 21

Facebook has more options for removing bad content than it will admit

The company's reaction to the Christchurch shooting betrays a lack of proactive action.

Culture Mar 21

AAFU: My friends are hanging out without me

How do I bring this up without sounding petty?

Power Mar 21

Serving is skilled labor

Despite more and more Americans working in the service industry, these jobs still aren't generally considered worthy careers.

Culture Mar 20

This year’s hottest cultural trend is eggs

From Eggboy to heart health, the oval food has been in the news a lot.

Power Mar 20

There is a vast conspiracy to convince you Trump is good at golf

Donald Trump’s reputation as a good golfer is a house of cards, and I’m here to blow it all down.

Power Mar 20

I miss bad weed

Does this make me old and out of touch? Dunno, how about I smoke a modern vape pen and fixate on that for the next few hours.

The Future Mar 19

Kids are refusing the world we plan to leave them

The Youth Climate Strike highlights a new wave of activism among young people who are terrified of climate change.

Culture Mar 19

The new auteurs of gaming

Blockbuster video games like ‘Red Dead Redemption 2’ have gotten boring, but there’s never been a more diverse crop of engaging, budget-friendly games to play instead.

Power Mar 19

We can never speak freely

At most, and with some effort, we can learn to speak well.

Culture Mar 18

Tomorrow 155: 2020 battle royale

It's like Fortnite but we could all die.

Power Mar 18

We are already ruled by “private governments,” and they suck

The “private governments” created by companies such as Amazon, Google, and Facebook are as stupid and corrupt as conservatives think our real government is.

Culture Mar 18

A Democratic presidential candidate’s curious alt-right fandom

The “Yang Gang” loves Andrew Yang’s unconventional political ideas, and they love making memes about his unlikely shot at taking the White House.

Power Mar 18

Belief in aliens could be America’s next religion

‘American Cosmic’ explores how the once-fringe phenomenon has taken root among the powerful.

Power Mar 15

Evergreen State campus police finally found an excuse to get some AR-15s

After a decade of trying, police at the overwhelmingly liberal Olympia, WA college used a culture-war controversy to arm themselves with assault rifles. But do semiautomatic weapons make a campus safer?