The Outline


The Future Jul 22

The aesthetics of tropical fish prove that nature is the best graphic designer

And these fish prove it.

Culture Jul 22

Vintage Russian circus ads are unexpectedly trippy

Prepare to swing off the trapeze of the mind and into... The Twilight Zone.

Power Jul 22

The FTC has taken Uber‘s money and is giving it to Uber drivers

As it struggles to turn a profit, the ride-sharing service’s legal and public-relations woes are still compounding.

Power Jul 21

Electric cars were cooler in the ’70s

Eat your heart out, Elon Musk.

Culture Jul 21

What we loved this week

Here’s the entertainment that got us through the week of July 9, 2018.

The Future Jul 21

How to beat LinkedIn: The Game

A strategy guide for using a semi-pointless social network in all the wrong ways.

Culture Jul 21

Working out in the morning makes you healthier

Working out in the evening makes you happier.

The Future Jul 20

An ice shelf melts and the world’s sea levels gain an inch

The sea level will rise many feet over the next hundred years, but the impact of a single shelf is huge.

The Future Jul 20

The online status indicator is dead

Instagram: stop snitching.

The Future Jul 20

The Tesla magic is gone

An corporate analyst estimated that almost a quarter of Tesla Model 3 orders may have been canceled. People who canceled their orders were driven by a variety of reasons.

Culture Jul 20

Enjoy these classic works of art reinterpreted as toast

#KunstGeschichteAlsBrotbelag is a good, German internet thing.

Culture Jul 20

Tomorrow 124: Facing Off an Impossible Mission

Nobody Does Tom Cruise like Tom Cruise, except Philip Seymour Hoffman.

The Future Jul 20

Soylent, but make it summery

Soylent’s newest flavor is actually pretty refreshing.

Culture Jul 20

What really scares teens?

We asked Gen Z to watch bad horror movies about Facebook, the dark web, and more, so you don’t have to.

The Future Jul 19

Trump wants to endanger endangered animals even further

I guess they’re just pivoting to pure evil at this point.

Power Jul 19

Uber drivers are officially employees in New York state

Hopefully benefits are coming next.

Culture Jul 19

‘Generation Wealth’ is a sprawling chronicle of decadence and decay

The new documentary from Lauren Greenfield offers a critical but compassionate look at our bizarre, late capitalist world.

The Future Jul 19

Single pollutants combine in the air like Voltron, may be making everything worse

Industrial pollutants link up with other chemicals and spur the formation of clouds, which have a huge influence on the climate.

Culture Jul 19

How does gentrification look from the other side of ‘Hamilton’?

Daveed Diggs’ new movie ‘Blindspotting’ takes a stark look at a changing Oakland.

Culture Jul 19

Chance the false media savior

An artist notoriously hostile to negative press buying a media outlet raises questions about what he really wants.