The Outline


Power Apr 27
America, the pitiful: Trump’s first 100 days

It’s been painful, but also funny.

Power Apr 27
Trump’s Reddit fans must pick a side: the president, or net neutrality

Many of the president’s Reddit supporters are disappointed by a plan to roll back net neutrality.

The Future Apr 27
Machine learning is racist because the internet is racist

Deep learning algorithms are often trained on data from the web, and their biases are getting hard to ignore

Culture Apr 27
Life after death

Your media business will still probably not be saved. But you could make something brand new.

The Future Apr 26
The fight for net neutrality isn’t over

Advocates of deregulation control the FCC, the presidency, and Congress. But that doesn’t mean the open web is dead

Culture Apr 26
The Red Center: Episode #1

What is a feminist, anyway?

Power Apr 26
Who watches the men? #2: Hillary's escape

Part two of a Trump-era comic inspired by ‘Watchmen.’

Culture Apr 26
Album releases don't need branded apps

The Gorillaz's latest app is yet another music industry tech experiment that's frustrating for fans.

The Future Apr 26
Chipotle got hacked!

Federal law hasn’t caught up with the increase in big data breaches.

Power Apr 25
More Muslims say they’re being questioned entering the U.S.

A new report suggests increased religious profiling under Trump.

The Future Apr 25
Google finally realized that racist search results are a problem

And did something about it.

Culture Apr 25
Where did all the saxophones go?

How one instrument went from being the backbone of American popular music to being a punchline in a joke about the ’80s.

Power Apr 25
What happened to Judge Sheila Abdus-Salaam?

How the story of a New York judge's death was botched.

Culture Apr 24
The OK sign is becoming an alt-right symbol

First Pepe, now this.

Culture Apr 24
It’s asparagus-is-less-expensive-and-tastes-better season

Asparagus, water, heat, and butter. Maybe blueberries.

The Future Apr 24
People still think Facebook is eavesdropping through their phone’s mic

The company’s denials haven’t soothed anxiety about online privacy.

The Future Apr 24
Hawaii’s online gaming curse

The island’s physical isolation adds milliseconds of latency to an internet connection. In competitive eSports, milliseconds matter.

The Future Apr 24
Would these hyper-realistic masks fool a facial recognition system?

Some would definitely be duped.

Culture Apr 23
Worth Reading: Elon Musk’s “wizard hat,” Prince’s secrets, and tips on writing

Shock and awe. Shock to the system. Electroshock.

Culture Apr 21
Why we’re afraid

A conversation about eco-anxiety and a climate change-themed playlist.