The Outline


The Future Jan 15

Facebook killing news is the best thing that ever happened to news

The end of the beginning. Finally!

The Future Jan 15

The popularity of Microsoft’s Surface is the least realistic thing on TV

The hybrid tablet/laptop device has seemingly replaced all computers in the alternate universe of Hollywood.

Culture Jan 15

Tiffany Haddish’s Hollywood

A quick look at the actor-comedian’s rise to bankability and how Hollywood has changed during her ascent.

The Future Jan 12

Google is jeopardizing African-American literature sites

The search engine keeps making websites redundant by providing answers to queries directly on

Culture Jan 12

We believe Tom DeLonge, who quit blink-182 to prove aliens exist

Proof that the truth is out there is more important than pop-punk.

The Future Jan 12

We’re all eating too much meat

And here are some of the numbers to prove it.

Power Jan 12

Are you white and rich enough to move to Wisconsin?

A new ad campaign aimed at sad Chicago millennials wants a very specific working class.

Culture Jan 11

Cupcakke is rap’s raunchiest rapper, and one of its most sensitive

Her new album ‘Ephorize’ is all about the emotional freedom provided by getting it on.

Power Jan 11

Honestly, fuck Harper’s

Hiring Katie Roiphe to write about modern-day sexual harassment was a bad idea to begin with.

Power Jan 11

Silenced by the church

A fresh spotlight is on American churches as recent allegations of sexual assault illustrate religion’s role in silencing victims.

Culture Jan 11

I’m sick of the ‘Stranger Things’ kids selling me stuff

What’s less cute than unearned nostalgia? Unrepentant shilling.

Power Jan 10

The Wikipedia entry for ‘SJW’ is a political battleground

How do you explain an insult that is only used by trolls?

Power Jan 10

Oprah already runs the world

A short guide to Oprah’s influence in and out of politics.

Culture Jan 10

That font you hate is coming back in style

Fontdinerdotcom evokes the ‘50s as you’d like to remember them, not as they really were.

The Future Jan 10

Are scammers invading Dogecoin again?

The whimsical joke currency and its trusting community have attracted predators in the past.

Power Jan 09

Joe Arpaio is running for Senate, because we live in hell now

“America’s toughest sheriff” wants to be America’s newest Senator.

Culture Jan 09

The Spanglish on ‘Riverdale’ is driving me insane

Mija, please.

Culture Jan 08

Why is Will Smith trying to be the next Jake Paul?

More and more mega-celebrities are turning to vlogging.

The Future Jan 08

We’d love to link you to this website but it’s impossible

A frustrating piece of art that challenges how your brain thinks about the internet.

Culture Jan 08

Americans are pretty ugly when parking their cars

The worst part of driving will never get better.