The Outline


Culture May 21

I can’t stop watching “Billions”

How a show about the most unrelatable lives on earth sucked me in.

Culture May 21

Barack and Michelle are coming to Netflix

Finally, we might get a sequel to ‘The Wire.’

The Future May 21

We haven't learned anything about what the internet is for since 1996

Another great day to be online.

Power May 21

It’s fine to be mean to racists and ghouls

The smug morality of journalists rarely serves anyone but themselves.

Culture May 21

The only good men’s fashion is a luchador wearing a suit

A masked wrestler is never more respectable than when he wears his best business casual.

Power May 20

How do you fix a broken city?

These might not add up to full-on revolution, but hey, they’re a start.

Culture May 20

You can now read thousands of complaints from people who got scammed on

PSA: It is not normal when your internet crush asks you to wire them money.

Power May 20

Tipping reinforces inequality. The restaurant industry wants to keep it that way.

As New York considers reforming its tipping system, restaurant owners have turned to dirty tricks to keep waitstaff wages from rising.

The Future May 19

Old-School Texas Instruments books are a treasure trove of great graphic design

Love to master the TI-99 with my golden sword.

Power May 19

Cheaper paper won’t fix the news

A new bill proposes fixing our very broken media in the dumbest way possible.

Culture May 19

What we loved this week

Here’s the entertainment that got us through the week of May 14, 2018.

Power May 19

ConPRmetidos is rebuilding Puerto Rico for Puerto Ricans

Almost one year after Hurricane Maria, a nonprofit called ConPRmetidos is trying to rebuild the island sustainably.

The Future May 18

Nobody tell Trump he might fund Paris Accord climate research

The House snuck in money on a federal spending bill for a climate program that Trump wants to axe.

Culture May 18

The war for Meek Mill’s attention

His political power amplified overnight, but who gets to sway his vote?

The Future May 18

Facebook is tracking you on over 8.4 million websites

This is great and fine and not at all worrying.

Culture May 18

Tomorrow Podcast 117: The TV is Lying

The world is falling apart and it all started with MTV's The Hills.

Culture May 18

Mike Myers’ disappearing act

Once a wildly popular comedian, Myers has faded entirely into the margins, seemingly by choice.

Culture May 17

R.I.P. Young King Dave

“Doink” will be a lasting addition to the weed-smoking lexicon

The Future May 17

We rely on oil to make plastics. Now, plants can change that

Forget mitochondria. Lignin is the real powerhouse of the cell (wall).

The Future May 17

Facebook partners with think tank to avoid breaking the world again

For a platform that isn't an actual extension of the government, it sure seems to need to be managed like one.