The Outline


The Future Jul 25
These workers are signing up to get a company microchip

The technology will allow for contactless logins and purchases at the office.

Culture Jul 25
The revolution will not be celebritized

Not every piece of culture has to be considered in relation to Trump.

Culture Jul 25
There is now no question that playing football is bad for your brain

A new study makes the link between football and a devastating neurodegenerative disease clearer than ever.

Power Jul 25
Who will own the n-word?

People are rushing to file offensive trademark applications, but for different reasons.

Power Jul 25
America’s long, shameful history of sterilizing prisoners

Coerced sterilizations are a shade away from eugenics.

Culture Jul 24
Movies about black women sell tickets

Way more people saw ‘Girls Trip’ than ‘Rough Night’ during their respective opening weekends.

Culture Jul 24
Everyone is having anxiety dreams

A close read of four recent nightmares and a dream-themed playlist.

Culture Jul 24
People are applying to trademark the n-word

A Supreme Court ruling last month made it legal to trademark offensive words. Some people are already taking advantage.

Culture Jul 24
Who are your problematic faves?

We all have one.

Culture Jul 24
Stan down: When super fans move on

How a group of Kendall Jenner stans showed fans of problematic celebs a way out.

Power Jul 24
Health care CEOs get paid so much it will make you sick

The country’s most influential health executives have no incentive to change the status quo.

Power Jul 24
An ICE agent speaks out

An anonymous officer talked to the New Yorker about his problems with Trump.

Culture Jul 22
The ‘Westworld’ season 2 trailer is here

But seriously, where is Samurai World?

Power Jul 21
More than half the murders of women are partner-related

Intimate partner violence is a national public health crisis.

The Future Jul 21
How a VC-funded company is undermining the open-source community

A San Francisco startup called Kite is being accused of underhanded tactics.

Power Jul 21
You can feel bad about John McCain’s cancer and still hate his legacy

The senator’s record should not be glossed over.

Culture Jul 21
‘Game of Thrones’ creators defend their upcoming slavery series

The show re-imagines a world in which the South won the Civil War.

Power Jul 21
London criminals can’t get guns, so they’re using acid

Attacks with corrosive chemicals are happening more and more frequently.

Culture Jul 20
Here’s what 26 publicists said when asked about BuzzFeed’s story asking publicists about R. Kelly

A meaningless journalistic exercise.

Power Jul 20
O.J. Simpson granted parole during livestream

He'll be eligible for release in October.