The Outline


Culture Oct 15

Kevin Durant is on a hot streak

Long vilified on and off the court, this summer Durant has embraced his innate surliness on Twitter.

Power Oct 15

People keep trying to bring back phrenology

Perhaps their moderately sloped brows are driving them to this madness.

The Future Oct 15

Will climate change kill Bigfoot?

What ecological collapse would mean for the world’s cryptid populations.

The Future Oct 14

I’m Upset: Tim Cook is a gigantic hypocrite

The supposedly high standard he has set for Apple doesn’t apply to Hong Kong.

Culture Oct 14

The baseball field where it’s always 1858

As baseball becomes more unrecognizable under modern rule changes, some are holding onto the past.

Power Oct 14

Kurt Schlicter is the nutjob of the moment

The middling conservative commentator is Trump’s favorite new guy, but who is he?

Culture Oct 11

What we loved this week: Revisiting a pre-Drake ‘Top Boy,’ the dazzling majesty of Uncle Baby Billy, drinking the good kind of cranberry juice

Here’s the entertainment that got us through the week of October 7, 2019.

Culture Oct 11

A list of questions won’t help you crack a celebrity

The idea that profiles can provide us real insight is a silly one we should all get over.

The Future Oct 11

A Good Place: Flea has a book club

The bassist for the Red Hot Chili Peppers loves art and literature, and he is not afraid to use Instagram to tell everyone all about it.

Culture Oct 11

AAFU: I begrudge my ex her success

Am I a shitty person if I can’t just be happy for her?

Power Oct 11

He’s not a war criminal, he’s my friend

Big week for pals of very, very bad people.

Power Oct 10

This prediction market has Hillary Clinton in third place to win the Democratic primary

What the hell?

Power Oct 10

I don’t feel positive about my body

And I shouldn’t have to.

Culture Oct 10

Joke’s on me for seeing this awful movie

‘Joker’ is a spectacularly meaningless film that justifies none of the endless discourse.

The Future Oct 09

I spent a week being wrong online

Is the best way to find the right answer on the internet to post the wrong one?

Culture Oct 09

The dangerously cheesy collectible Cheetos market

Dozens of “rare Cheetos,” shaped like everything from Donald Trump to a squirrel, are up for sale on eBay. But who’s buying?

Power Oct 09

How geese became the assholes of the sky

Of course the main character of everyone’s favorite new video game is a horrible goose. What other kind is there?

Culture Oct 08

Fast Times at Cringemont High

Teen movies aren’t popular anymore. You can blame the power of cringe content for that.

The Future Oct 08

Tomorrowland’s empty hope

Walt Disney’s 1955 dreamworld is painfully out of sync with the present. Can it survive?

Power Oct 08

The cleverness of stupidity

Whether real or feigned, the political and media establishment are clearly benefitting from being very dense.