The Outline


Culture Feb 15

What we loved this week: Catching up on ‘Final Fantasy VII,’ an early novel of Roberto Bolaño, Grouper’s Liz Harris debuts a new work

Here’s the entertainment that got us through the week of February 11, 2018.

Power Feb 15

Roger Stone is only guilty of having fake friends

(And probably a bunch of other stuff too.)

Culture Feb 15

The magical thinking of guys who love logic

Why so many men online love to use “logic” to win an argument, and then disappear before they can find out they're wrong.

Culture Feb 14

The Rock has made a new sport. Thank you, The Rock

‘The Titan Games,’ The Rock’s new physical-feat competition show on NBC, demonstrates to me how badly the world is in need of new sports.

Culture Feb 14

They didn’t have to make Will Smith blue

‘Aladdin’ isn’t faithful to anything but nostalgia, and now we have this overly blue monstrosity.

Power Feb 13

I can’t tweet for one week and it’s killing me

I can't believe I got put in twitter jail for sharing a good opinion when I have so many bad ones.

Culture Feb 13

Separating the art from the artist isn’t so hard

How do you consume good art from bad men? Easy: in private.

Culture Feb 13

Smash that MF’ing horny button

The LoveSync button, which allows couples to wordlessly express desire, is very easy to laugh at. It’s also probably not worth laughing at.

Culture Feb 13

Damn, it feels good to be a white-collar worker

Twenty years ago, ‘Office Space’ predicted how office workers would use rap to deal with the soul-crushing realities of their job.

Power Feb 12

The worst possible 2020 candidates

F*ck, marry, kill, vote.

Power Feb 12

I’ve gone full Apocalypse Dad

My instinct is to prepare for the worst, but maybe the real threat is everything staying precisely the same.

The Future Feb 12

Cell companies lied to their customers about coverage, and the government believed them

The FCC is one step closer to acknowledging they have no idea who does and doesn’t have cell reception in America.

Power Feb 11

Emotional burnout is fueled by envy

You probably can’t usher in the revolution we need to fix our exhausting reality, but you can definitely log the hell off.

Culture Feb 11

How ‘Russian Doll’ flirts with psychedelic therapy

The show's nod to ketamine is subtle, but the drug underscores the cycle of life, death, and life-changing revelations.

Culture Feb 11

All the sad young literary fakes

Want to sell a book? Start lying.

Culture Feb 10

Tomorrow 150: TikTok and the total creeps

The spirit of Vine is alive... and creepy.

The Future Feb 08

Celebrity beauty is an elaborate fiction

Do the instagram accounts dedicated to pointing out how help us feel better?

Culture Feb 08

What we loved this week: ‘Sex Education’ works out the weird stuff, ‘Abducted in Plain Sight’ is just weird, a gym logo inspires us to do better

Here’s the entertainment that got us through the week of February 4, 2018.

Culture Feb 08

Time has not been kind to Tiger Woods

He’s a semi-sleazy aging legend who struggles to keep up with a sport that he refashioned in his image. At least Trump likes hanging out with him.

Power Feb 07

The political case for more free time

Some people are burnt out while others are simply exploited. We can organize around the shared interest of making our free time actually free.