The Outline


Power Dec 13

Experience: I am in love with this personal essay series

Where else can you learn what it is like to be swallowed by a hippo?

Culture Dec 13

Japan officially recognizes this year has been a disaster

Every year, Japan has a contest for the best word that summarizes the year’s mood.

The Future Dec 12

“Graveyard shift” is even more ominous than it sounds

New research shows that disrupted sleep patterns can increase the risk for diabetes.

Power Dec 12

The cold comfort of the Make-a-Wish Foundation

What my internship with the beloved non-profit taught me about its limitations.

The Future Dec 12

The best computer is one you hate a little

After a decade of MacBook hell, I entered the awkward and unwieldy world of Windows and love every second of it.

Power Dec 11

Demon Underneath John DeLorean and the Invention of the Future

Long before Elon Musk, a visionary automaker showed how ugly the American Dream could be.

Culture Dec 11

“subtle asian traits” is neither subtle nor Asian

An occasionally funny, wildly popular Facebook meme group raises questions about who speaks for the diaspora.

The Future Dec 11

The world has no protections for refugees of climate disasters

The 1951 Refugee Convention does not provide for people displaced by the climate changes that results from the selfishness of political leaders.

Culture Dec 10

Ice Cube’s going to blow this whole Trump thing wide open

On his new album ‘Everythang’s Corrupt,’ the legendary rapper recasts himself as a member of #TheResistance.

The Future Dec 10

Giving your location to an app is almost always a bad idea

A new investigation shows how companies hide data collection.

Culture Dec 10

My life with ‘Super Smash Bros.’

For nearly two decades, Nintendo’s fighting game franchise has remained largely the same, allowing it to fit into our lives as necessary.

Power Dec 10

Want to make friends with a despot? Give them a puppy.

On the unlikely phenomenon of “dog diplomacy.”

By Will Hagle

Culture Dec 07

Tomorrow 142: Tumblr has snapped

Rest in post, Tumblr.

Culture Dec 07

Craigslist Confessional: My girlfriend’s parents made her dump me

“A year into this constant brainwashing, she broke up with me.”

Dec 07

The language of capitalism isn’t just annoying, it’s dangerous

A new book argues that words like “innovation” are doing more than telling you who to avoid at parties.

Culture Dec 07

What we loved this week: The zen wisdom of Garry Shandling, eggnog season, Spotify’s year-end data

Here’s the entertainment that got us through the week of December 10, 2018.

Culture Dec 06

We need a sponsorship model for mental health

AA and NA provide effective support for substance abusers. Those with mental illness could benefit from a similar program.

The Future Dec 06

My Nintendo DSi is a time capsule I didn’t know I made

When I powered up my old device, I was unexpectedly confronted with who I used to be.

Culture Dec 06

Where will furries go after Tumblr?

Tumblr’s new ban on adult content has the furry community wondering if it should find a new online home.

Power Dec 05

Deployed for the holidays

Troops at the border missed Thanksgiving to carry out an ill-defined and unjustifiable mission. They weren’t alone.