The Outline


Culture Nov 21

Lil Peep: 1996 - 2017

Before 21-year-old Gustav “Lil Peep” Åhr died last week of a suspected drug overdose, he was a burgeoning cult figure with a promising future. With his tragic passing, what was prelude becomes legend.

The Future Nov 21

Natural transition

Can herbal hormone therapy help the transgender community?

Power Nov 20

You don’t have to talk

Try saying nothing, for a change.

Culture Nov 20

‘Justice League’ is a great sleeping aid and not much more

They’ll never stop making comic book movies, but maybe they’ll stop making this one.

Power Nov 20

Political correctness isn’t the problem

The “real” bigotry is not suppression of speech, but white nationalism.

The Future Nov 20

Spam is back

It seemed like we had defeated electronic junk mail. Then the spammers rose from the dead.

Culture Nov 19

There are still things to be thankful for

Let’s talk about them on the phone.

Culture Nov 17

The specific betrayal of Brand New

Brand New’s Jesse Lacey is the most famous emo musician to be outed as an abuser. His world is long overdue for a reckoning.

The Future Nov 17

YouTube just took down the creepy kids’ channel Toy Freaks

Toy Freaks, formerly a YouTube-verified channel that had more than 7 million subscribers, “has been terminated for violating YouTube’s Community Guidelines.”

Power Nov 17

Congress’s forgotten pedophile

Former Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert was a celebrated politician — and a serial child molester.

The Future Nov 17

Two passwords are always better than one

Two-factor authentication adoption rates are low. Is it because cybersecurity experts are making the perfect the enemy of the good?

Culture Nov 16

One made-for-TV movie to underwhelm them all

Revisiting a Lord of the Rings adaptation that went very wrong, as Tolkien’s series heads to Amazon.

Culture Nov 16

Forensic Files is extremely my shit

Erik Hinton on his fascination with the long-running, true crime TV show.

Power Nov 16

Inspiring: How Julian Assange overcame the odds and ended up sucking more than anyone ever thought he could

Assange and Wikileaks have become a case study in self-parody.

The Future Nov 16

Is HQ Trivia the future of TV?

An app that broadcasts a gameshow that anyone can participate in 12 times a week has gone viral.

The Future Nov 15

Publishers paying George Takei to promote stories isn’t just weird — it’s an FTC violation

Without disclosure over advertising, news organizations and “influencers” could be in hot water.

The Future Nov 15

Why is this company tracking where you are on Thanksgiving?

A data collection service called SafeGraph collected 17 trillion location markers for 10 million smartphones during the holiday last year.

The Future Nov 14

Twitter parties are Tupperware parties reborn

Twitter parties are a bizarre mix of product zealotry and social bonding.

Culture Nov 14

The most hated poet in Portland

One tweet turned Collin Andrew Yost into a joke. Could he survive it?

Culture Nov 13

The ‘search angels’ who reunite birth families on Facebook

How one online search group is working to connect adoptees with their origins.