The Outline


Power Sep 22

Ted Cruz does not live on Planet Earth

By attempting to ridicule Beto O’Rourke for his opposition to police brutality, Cruz is inadvertently giving his opponent a valuable platform.

Power Sep 22

Hangover IV drips aren’t all they’re cracked up to be

The FTC has charged an IV cocktail company with making false claims.

Culture Sep 21

What we loved this week

Here’s the entertainment that got us through the week of September 17, 2018.

Culture Sep 21

Dean Winters is the only celebrity for me

Many famous people insist on being bad or conspicuously visible. Winters, thankfully, is just there.

The Future Sep 21

Despite its reputation, weed is still illegal in the Netherlands

Once a progressive oasis, the country is falling behind the rest of the world in managing its cannabis supply chain.

Power Sep 21

Remembering the past won’t save us from the future

The curse of Santayana in the age of climate change.

Culture Sep 21

Tomorrow 133: Erika Allen and the goths

Wait, is Batman a goth? Is Oscar the Grouch? Is Dr. Harold Bornstein?

Culture Sep 20

‘Bust a Groove’ is a proper PlayStation Classic

The newly announced mini-console will come with recognizable PlayStation games — it should also come with this.

Culture Sep 20

Goths for Trump

Inside the unholy alliance of goth culture and radical right politics.

Power Sep 19

The warped reality of Woody Allen and Soon-Yi Previn

In a recent ‘New York Magazine’ interview, the couple would like you to forget everything you know.

Power Sep 19

French girl fashion is... how do you say... le bullshit

The one trend that refuses to go away.

Culture Sep 19

Why Joker memes took over the internet

From Ledger to Leto, the Clown Prince of Crime now stands for something much dumber than ever intended.

Power Sep 19

Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Dumbass

The man who kicked off the FBI Russia probe is a laughing stock in Australia.

Culture Sep 18

This year’s hottest cultural trend is Blockbuster nostalgia

There’s just one Blockbuster left in America, and millions of feelings about it.

The Future Sep 18

I had a mastectomy to lessen my risk of breast cancer. Does new science say that was a mistake?

A new study used CRISPR to reconstruct all of the possible BRCA gene mutations, and the odds that they all lead to cancer may be lower than the company that created the BRCA test would like us to believe.

Power Sep 18

Is populism the future for the left?

Chantal Mouffe’s new book is optimistic about radicalizing democracy. Not so fast.

The Future Sep 18

Obsessed with Cyberpunk 2077? Here are 22 fantastic cyberpunk things to play, watch, read, and hear

Find a way to pass the excruciating, indefinite amount of time until the game’s release.

By Joshua Topolsky

Culture Sep 17

It’s okay to quit

Buffalo Bills cornerback Vontae Davis retired at halftime, instead of destroying himself for an awful team. Good for him.

The Future Sep 17

Michigan’s water crisis is rapidly extending beyond Flint

Miss Michigan used her pageant airtime to speak up for Flint, as well as several other water crises in the state.

The Future Sep 17

Message to my haters: You are correct, I’m a Neanderthal

I am more Neanderthal than 96 percent of 23andme customers. What does this mean?