The Outline


Power Nov 21

A not-so-great debate

These Democrats are killing me.

The Future Nov 21

The FTC has released some strange new videos for influencers

The clips only underscore how much the Federal Trade Commission doesn't do about influencer #ads.

Power Nov 21

The tortured logic of #ADOS

The thinking behind the American Descendants of Slavery movement combines a left-wing critique of America’s founding with a distinctly right-wing strain of xenophobia.

Power Nov 21

We’re in dire need of new websites, and all we get is ‘The Recount’

The Bank of America-backed political video startup, helmed by veteran hack John Heilemann, would have been out of touch even five years ago.

Culture Nov 20

Mieczyslaw Weinberg’s symphonies deserve the Best Classical Grammy

The Soviet Jewish composer is one of the 20th century’s great classical music talents.

Power Nov 20

Send your kids outside

Parents are afraid of all the wrong things for our children.

Culture Nov 20

The house liquor of the Muslim world

How Johnnie Walker Black became the favorite drink of the world's biggest religion.

Culture Nov 20

‘Parasite’ and the rise of Revolutionary Gothic

An emergent genre explores how class conflict is always part ghost story, and how the only answer is insurrection.

Culture Nov 19

Does this $50 tuning fork spark joy?

Marie Kondo has started an online store, because she is a celebrity, and celebrities love selling you useless crap.

The Future Nov 19

Netflix’s Reed Hastings is a coward

The streaming service is happy to pretend it's a moral force bringing the power of documentary filmmaking to new markets. Until that becomes inconvenient.

Culture Nov 19

Love Baby Yoda, I cannot

Disney has taken its pursuit of cuteness too far.

Power Nov 19

What’s the German word for wanting to keep English out of Germany?

Linguistic advocacy groups like Aktion Deutsche Sprache claim they simply want to stem the tide of global capitalism. Critics see a more dangerous, nationalist bent.

Power Nov 19

Godparents, with or without God

Why the Christian tradition is important in a secular world.

Culture Nov 18

Tomorrow 180: Disney Minus

It's a subscription world, after all.

Culture Nov 18

We deserve a good ‘His Dark Materials’ adaptation

The new show attempts to explain our post-truth problem with a new moral mythology, to mixed success.

Culture Nov 18

Teens should be roasting me, a Gen X-er, far more than Boomers

Generational differences aren’t real, but I’m still sick of being ignored.

The Future Nov 18

Mayor Pete’s cringey Holocaust memorial Instagram actually kind of makes sense

The badly designed memorial is Instagram bait.

Power Nov 18

Too dumb to fly, too big to fail

Boeing’s disastrous 737 Max plane is the result of decades of craven business decisions.

Culture Nov 15

What we loved this week: ‘The Irishman’ reminds us death is real, baking cookies cheers seasonal depression, ‘Loaded Weapon’ is a classic spoof

Here’s the entertainment that got us through the week of November 11, 2019.

Culture Nov 15

I got my life together and now I’m constantly bored

Is this really what being an adult is like?