The Outline


The Future Dec 13

The decade in Domino’s

Once a joke, in the ’10s the company became the biggest pizza chain in the world.

Culture Dec 13

What we loved this week: Rewatching ‘The Irishman’ on Netflix, spending Monday night with ‘His Dark Materials’, and Natia The God’s compelling rap

Here’s the entertainment that got us through the week of December 9, 2019.

The Future Dec 13

A Good Place: The world’s oldest .com domain is now a museum of internet history is not a good website, but that might just be the point.

Culture Dec 13

Oh my God, it’s DaBaby

We spent the day with the insanely popular Grammy-nominated rapper in his North Carolina hometown.

The Future Dec 12

The falling price of a TV set is the story of the American economy

A 50-inch TV for $300 comes with some trade-offs.

Power Dec 12

The old man and the rising seas

Michael Bloomberg wants to be the climate change candidate, but a new generation of climate activists have other ideas.

Culture Dec 12

Charlie Sheen invented never logging off

Fueled by tiger blood and cocaine, Sheen popularized the Twitter-driven meltdown that would propel dozens of celebrities to attention for stupid reasons.

Culture Dec 12

The right’s attempt at pop culture is hilariously wrong

Two new ventures, POPlitics and the Patriot Awards, show the right imagining TV without the liberal bias. It’s very bad.

Power Dec 11

Trump is not defining antisemitism correctly, says author of antisemitism definition

Trump's executive order doesn't redefine Judaism, but it does something perhaps worse.

Culture Dec 11

Sugar, we’re going down posting

For thousands of teenage girls, the Livejournal community fbr_trash provided an outlet where emo fans could discuss, gossip about, and troll the bands they loved.

The Future Dec 11

Do you have the mental/emotional bandwidth to read this essay?

The “pre-written considerate text message script” should not be a stand-in for true communication, but here we are.

Power Dec 11

For the love of God, the UK needs to vote Labour


Power Dec 10

I’m Upset: I have wasted years of my life reading product reviews

Online reviews offer me the hope of making an informed decision, but there are so many of them I can’t make any decisions at all.

Culture Dec 10

The greatest audiobook of all time is... ‘Battlefield Earth’?

Over 30 years after its initial release, L. Ron Hubbard’s campy sci-fi epic was turned into a two-day movie for your ears.

Culture Dec 10

The lonesome Irishman

Scorsese’s opus shows us the superficiality of anti-Boomer politics and the tragic limitations of the supposed Golden Age.

Power Dec 10

Pete Buttigieg owes us some answers

Candidates should be accountable to student activists, not corporate donors.

Culture Dec 09

‘Ghostbusters’ is the future of the culture wars

A new reboot brings the franchise back to its ’80s origins after another reboot failed.

Culture Dec 09

Have I been using my depression as a crutch?

I’ve done a lot of work to feel better, but now I’m afraid to fail.

Culture Dec 09

The worst takes of the 2010s

The past decade had a lot of pieces that should have been left unpublished.

Culture Dec 09

Nice political movement — mind if we co-opt it to sell some shit?

Cringeworthy political ads from companies like Pepsi and Gillette are what happens when an industry seeks organic attention by whatever means necessary.