The Outline


Power Jun 20

Secrets and lies at Guantanamo Bay

Listening devices, FBI informants, and gag orders… these are just some of the ways that the U.S. is mishandling classified information in the Al Qaeda trials.

Power Jun 19

Raytheon said “Gay Rights!”

On the disorienting language of late-stage Pride.

Culture Jun 19

Electric scooters force you to decide how much of a dick you are willing to be

Is fracturing the social order a tradeoff for getting somewhere a little faster?

Culture Jun 19

Ode to the Dark Universe

Mourning the cinematic universe we surely deserved: an absolutely bonkers one.

The Future Jun 18

What I wouldn’t do for a good night’s sleep

The CBD backlash has already begun, but at least one product aimed at aspirational sleepers is attempting to answer those doubts.

Culture Jun 18

I’m Upset: I hate when New York Magazine’s Grub Street Diet talks about L.A.

Do not say to me the word Sqirl.

Power Jun 18

Does anyone want to hear a story???

Viral Twitter tales are often bullshit, but being made-up isn’t the worst thing about them.

Culture Jun 17

Meet Lord Rod, the sweet potato king of Yokohama, Japan

There’s only one thing to call a person who installs an oven to roast sweet potatoes on the back of their Mazda Miata: a legend.

Power Jun 17

The debate over free speech deserves a better subject than Steven Crowder

The YouTube firebrand is offensive, sure, but he’s also fundamentally banal.

Power Jun 17

In what sense is a drone a type of animal?

When we struggle to understand machines of war, we often turn to zoology.

Culture Jun 15

Tomorrow 166: Don’t cancel Keanu

He's all we have left.

Culture Jun 14

What we loved this week: ‘Riverdale’ gets somehow crazier, Stephen King shows us the end of the world, ‘Cities: Skylines’ is like ‘SimCity’ without the B.S.

Here’s the entertainment that got us through the week of June 10, 2019.

Culture Jun 14

Press “like” to pay your Father’s Day respects

Social media makes navigating the holiday when you no longer have a father very fraught, but it doesn't have to be so bad.

Culture Jun 13

AAFU: I slept with my best friend’s boyfriend

I feel terrible. How do I get her to forgive me?

Power Jun 13

The lack of dedicated LGBTQ media is a disaster

Faulty reporting and ceding ground to the right will continue as long as news outlets keep cutting back on LGBTQ coverage.

Culture Jun 13

Don’t slow that bus down, we’ve got places to be

‘Speed,’ which turned 25 this month, is a beautiful movie about the importance of public transportation.

The Future Jun 12

We should turn tech against the people who make it

A deepfake video of Mark Zuckerberg gleefully talking about the data he “stole” puts Facebook’s sanctimonious approach to moderation to the test.

Culture Jun 12

Topher Grace should only play villains

No actor captures the self-interested smarminess of modern evil quite like Topher Grace does.

Power Jun 12

There is nothing more depressing than “positive news”

The world is often a bummer, but a whole ecosystem of podcasts and Facebook pages have sprung up to assure you that things are actually great.

Culture Jun 11

I’m Upset: The only thing worse than craft beer is craft liquor

Take everything that annoys you about craft breweries and make it all 20 times more expensive.