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The Future
The Future Oct 15

Will climate change kill Bigfoot?

What ecological collapse would mean for the world’s cryptid populations.

The Future Oct 14

I’m Upset: Tim Cook is a gigantic hypocrite

The supposedly high standard he has set for Apple doesn’t apply to Hong Kong.

The Future Oct 11

A Good Place: Flea has a book club

The bassist for the Red Hot Chili Peppers loves art and literature, and he is not afraid to use Instagram to tell everyone all about it.

The Future Oct 09

I spent a week being wrong online

Is the best way to find the right answer on the internet to post the wrong one?

The Future Oct 08

Tomorrowland’s empty hope

Walt Disney’s 1955 dreamworld is painfully out of sync with the present. Can it survive?

The Future Oct 04

A Good Place: This is not a dildo

Adult Arts and Crafts is an Instagram page where dildos are art, and therefore, refreshingly normal.

The Future Oct 03

Trump 2020 is going to be great business for Facebook

Telling lies in paid advertisements? No problem!

The Future Oct 02

There is no mess Facebook won’t try to hide with a bigger mess

Surprise, Mark Zuckerberg and Co. have bad ideas about what‘s wrong with Facebook.

The Future Oct 02

The Jewish guy who wants to make millions from Nazi memorabilia

Craig Gottlieb's strange case for “preserving” fascist artifacts.

The Future Sep 27

A Good Place: The history of real life, told in postcards

The Twitter account @PastPostcard decontextualizes private correspondence in a truly thrilling way.

The Future Sep 25

WeWork is everything wrong with capitalism today

Adam Neumann's exit is just the beginning of bad times ahead.

The Future Sep 24

Bill Gates’s shitty ideas

A new documentary series on the Microsoft founder inadvertently exposes the problem with innovating our way out of public health issues.

The Future Sep 23

Sweetgreen’s latest word salad

Don’t believe a restaurant that tells you it’s a tech company

The Future Sep 20

A Good Place: Give yourself over to the chaos of Sirius XM

I’m late to the party, but satellite radio is the best accidental discovery I’ve ever made.

The Future Sep 19

Tom DeLonge finally proved aliens exist

Thanks to the tireless efforts of the former blink-182 singer, we now know that UFOs are real.

by Drew Millard

The Future Sep 19

The extremely bad vibes of Adam Neumann

WeWork's CEO has reached unseen levels of corporate absurdity.

The Future Sep 18

Switching your phone to grayscale is a joyless experience

It’s not the color of your smartphone’s screen that makes it so addictive. It’s the fact that it’s a smartphone.

The Future Sep 13

A Good Place: Seeing the world through a spoon

One of the best things about Instagram is finding users who break the expectations of the form.

The Future Sep 11

The hills are alive with the sound of money

The Square card reader converts your credit card information into noise. Dissonant, terrifying noise.

The Future Sep 10

Hey ladies, remember to pack your horny pen

Can a new injectable drug called Vyleesi jumpstart a woman’s libido?