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The Future Dec 06

A Good Place: The only good comments section on the internet

The comments on the ‘New York Times’ Cooking section are just as helpful as the recipes themselves.

The Future Dec 05

I went to the new zombie Toys “R” Us in Paramus, NJ

A report from one of the recently opened stores bearing the deceased company's name.

The Future Dec 05

Weight-loss wagering apps are a game you can’t win

If earning money to hit your weight loss goals sounds too good to be true, that’s because it is.

The Future Dec 04

Here’s the typography of the next decade

The age of font minimalism is coming to a close.

The Future Dec 04

Sweden’s ‘Milk War’ is getting udderly vicious

The Swedish dairy lobby is fighting alternative milks, like Oatly, as if they’re an existential threat.

The Future Dec 03

Self-cleaning cars are a pipe dream

Uber's new patent for a robot arm to clean your car is pretty dumb.

The Future Nov 27

Your car doesn’t need a touchscreen in it

The Volkswagen SPACE VIZZION is the latest example of car companies betting it all on touch technology.

The Future Nov 26

How the all-hands meeting became a way for bosses to give you the finger

What once brought startups together is now tearing them apart.

The Future Nov 25

Behold the incredible horror stories an AI will write if you let it

Inside the mind of GPT-2, which can’t help but produce really dark stuff.

The Future Nov 25

What do you do? I'm a podcaster-vlogger-model-DJ

The gig economy has given us multi-hyphenates: people who’ve made a lifestyle out of working more than one job.

The Future Nov 22

A Good Place: The influencer is present

The Instagram account @sighswoon, run by the artist Gabi Abrão, shows that performance art can be created within the bounds of the algorithm.

The Future Nov 21

The FTC has released some strange new videos for influencers

The clips only underscore how much the Federal Trade Commission doesn't do about influencer #ads.

The Future Nov 19

Netflix’s Reed Hastings is a coward

The streaming service is happy to pretend it's a moral force bringing the power of documentary filmmaking to new markets. Until that becomes inconvenient.

The Future Nov 18

Mayor Pete’s cringey Holocaust memorial Instagram actually kind of makes sense

The badly designed memorial is Instagram bait.

The Future Nov 15

A Good Place: W.B. Walker is a train conductor with a taste-making country music podcast

The Old Soul Radio Show is the best digital honky-tonk in Dingess, West Virginia.

The Future Nov 14

Thank you, WebMd, but it’s not cancer

How the medical news and information site became the internet’s unofficial doctor.

The Future Nov 11

Car loans are designed to screw you

A third of car buyers who trade in their vehicle are underwater on their loan, leading to a never-ending cycle of debt.

The Future Nov 08

A Good Place: Rocketing the oddities of the past into the present

The Public Domain Review performs the vital task of resurfacing and contextualizing the most interesting bits of history.

The Future Nov 07

Why do reusable grocery bags drive people crazy?

A question from a former grocery store cashier.

The Future Nov 06

The worst influencer in the world is the Israeli military’s Twitter account

What if Denny’s, but apartheid?