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The Future Mar 22

Your insurance premium is about to rise like the sea levels

Insurers are adjusting their models to account for the onslaught of fires, floods, and weather disasters that will come with a warming climate.

The Future Mar 21

Facebook has more options for removing bad content than it will admit

The company's reaction to the Christchurch shooting betrays a lack of proactive action.

The Future Mar 19

Kids are refusing the world we plan to leave them

The Youth Climate Strike highlights a new wave of activism among young people who are terrified of climate change.

The Future Mar 15

What actually helps you recover from a workout? Very little

Christie Aschwanden’s ‘Good to Go’ explores the huge market for athletic optimization products, from sports drinks to cryotherapy, and finds only a few basic things really work.

The Future Mar 12

What is up with A-Rod’s weird face in his engagement pics

When Facetune goes too far...

The Future Mar 12

Rich parents are Photoshopping their disappointing kids

Dozens of parents, college faculty and staff, and co-conspirators have been indicted for faking their kids’ way through the admissions process.

The Future Mar 08

One of Theranos’ first investors has learned approximately nothing from its implosion

/“You’ve got a friend in me” plays in the background

The Future Mar 08

A Good Place: I found my higher power in mold

Slime molds are eyeless and brainless but can complete mazes and seek food better than most of us.

The Future Mar 07

YouTube: okay what if we suggest racist videos but add context?

A new fact-checking feature is only available in India, so far, but is likely to get a wider rollout.

The Future Mar 04

Why declaring a climate-change “state of emergency” would be a disaster

Emergencies overwhelmingly shut out the people who suffer the most, and we still have a chance to help everyone with systemic change.

The Future Mar 01

Amazon still trying to solve a central problem: getting people what they order

The company rolls out yet another feature in an effort to make sure customers receive their orders.

The Future Feb 27

Tinder goes back to its original mission: helping college kids bone

“Spring Break mode” is yet another feature hoping to make lifelong dating-app customers out of college kids.

The Future Feb 26

I’m ready for my rat body, please

Scientists have figured out how to let people control rats with their brains. Think of the (very dumb) possibilities!

The Future Feb 22

Trust me, you don’t want to know what happens to email you send

It’s tempting to use an email-tracking service, but their overall impact may not be great for your mind.

The Future Feb 22

Neighborhood security apps are making us wildly paranoid

With the Internet and connected devices, it’s possible to be omnipotent about nearby crimes and “threats,” but the feeling of security they provide is empty.

The Future Feb 19

I regret to inform you expensive vacuums are worth it

I didn’t buy a real vacuum until well into my adulthood, and I suspect I’m far from alone.

The Future Feb 12

Cell companies lied to their customers about coverage, and the government believed them

The FCC is one step closer to acknowledging they have no idea who does and doesn’t have cell reception in America.

The Future Feb 08

Celebrity beauty is an elaborate fiction

Do the instagram accounts dedicated to pointing out how help us feel better?

The Future Feb 06

The DDOS attack on the American consciousness

The unrelenting, Trump-driven news cycle has overwhelmed our fragile minds

The Future Feb 04

Red states will suffer the most from climate change

Conservative voters have good reason to push for climate change mitigation; too bad time is running out for them to acknowledge it.