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The Future
The Future Jul 25
These workers are signing up to get a company microchip

The technology will allow for contactless logins and purchases at the office.

The Future Jul 21
How a VC-funded company is undermining the open-source community

A San Francisco startup called Kite is being accused of underhanded tactics.

The Future Jul 19
These people are suing Trump for blocking them on Twitter

They say he violated their First Amendment rights.

The Future Jul 18
Uber employees are miserable

Uber employees spoke to BuzzFeed about its cutthroat culture.

The Future Jul 17
Why are all my friends buying an overhyped digital currency?

My friends are investing in Ethereum and it’s stressing me out.

The Future Jul 14
Can small businesses survive on the internet?

Hype Machine, a small but beloved music streaming site, attempts a comeback without selling out.

The Future Jul 13
Prosecutors will be able to use a man’s pacemaker data against him

This is believed to be the first case of its kind.

The Future Jul 13
Climate reporting has too many facts

Scientists hated New York magazine’s histrionic climate cover story, but cerebral reporting just gets tuned out.

The Future Jul 12
A trillion-ton iceberg just broke away from the Antarctic Peninsula

“Maps will need to be redrawn.”

The Future Jul 12
If net neutrality gets struck down, we’re going to be seeing this more often

Websites are using loading icons to brand the net neutrality fight.

The Future Jul 11
Pandora is melting down

The internet radio pioneer hasn’t turned a profit in 17 years.

The Future Jul 10
Venture capitalist writes horrible email in wake of sexual assault scandal

Jonathan Teo of Binary Capital is not pleased with the coverage his firm is getting.

The Future Jul 07
Pepe’s creator is on a mission to save his meme

Matt Furie wants to move away from Pepe the Frog’s unfortunate legacy.

The Future Jul 06
Which cities will drown first?

The sea level is going to rise, and it’s going to hit these cities hard.

The Future Jul 05
China’s ambitious ‘bus of the future’ project is over

The Transit Elevated Bus stalled out after a mass arrest.

The Future Jul 05
China is taking internet censorship to a new level

China wants online content to adhere to “core socialist values.”

The Future Jul 05
Science on trial

How bad science and weak experts find their way into the courtroom.

The Future Jul 03
Google’s AI lab got caught up in a privacy violation

Health care providers in the U.K. improperly shared patient data with DeepMind’s app.

The Future Jul 03
Help us solve an internet mystery involving porn and Wikipedia

The XHamster Wikipedia page is suddenly immensely popular, and no one knows why.

The Future Jun 29
July 12 is going to be a weird day on the internet

Major websites are coming together to protest the unraveling of net neutrality protections.