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The Future Nov 11

Car loans are designed to screw you

A third of car buyers who trade in their vehicle are underwater on their loan, leading to a never-ending cycle of debt.

The Future Nov 08

A Good Place: Rocketing the oddities of the past into the present

The Public Domain Review performs the vital task of resurfacing and contextualizing the most interesting bits of history.

The Future Nov 07

Why do reusable grocery bags drive people crazy?

A question from a former grocery store cashier.

The Future Nov 06

The worst influencer in the world is the Israeli military’s Twitter account

What if Denny’s, but apartheid?

The Future Nov 04

How to train artificial intelligence that won’t destroy the environment

The carbon footprint of machine learning is bigger than you think.

The Future Nov 01

A Good Place: ‘Art Sqool’ recreates the childhood joy of drawing on your computer

The game takes place at an art school where the grades are more made-up than usual.

The Future Nov 01

Toronto’s very dumb “smart city” project

A proposed partnership with Google’s Sidewalk Labs is shaping up to be a calamity.

The Future Oct 31

Twitter’s decision to ban political ads is misguided and wrong

Jack Dorsey is not a hero for doing this.

The Future Oct 30

It’s not Russia, it’s Facebook

A new “influence operation” on Facebook shouldn’t be an excuse to resurrect Cold War tensions.

The Future Oct 29

Doomed to repeat World of Warcraft

Its creators are counting on the power of nostalgia to bring players back to the once massively popular game. Can it survive?

The Future Oct 28

Facebook News is a waste of our time

The company’s latest attempt to assist journalism is about saving face, not the news.

The Future Oct 25

A Good Place: A Czech cartoon mole’s socialist utopia

Krteck might be a relic of Soviet children’s entertainment, but he has found a new home on YouTube.

The Future Oct 23

WeWork has real victims

The real-estate company's implosion is more than fodder for thought experiments.

The Future Oct 22

A love story that started on ChatRoulette

James and Karen met on a more serendipitous version of the internet. Where there were a lot of penises.

The Future Oct 21

The junk science of emotion-recognition technology

New startups bank on being able to discern how you feel. Smile for the computer, sweetie.

The Future Oct 18

A Good Place: The public access channel from hell

The YouTube channel Local 58 uses the aesthetics of the past to speak to the anxieties of today.

The Future Oct 17

I had a chance to confront one of Jeffrey Epstein’s pals. I blew it.

What to do when you see former Israeli prime minister Ehud Barak in an airport.

The Future Oct 16

Dril didn’t sell out you sold out

Both social media and Hollywood are multi-million dollar operations, but only one of these industries pays its writers.

The Future Oct 15

Will climate change kill Bigfoot?

What ecological collapse would mean for the world’s cryptid populations.

The Future Oct 14

I’m Upset: Tim Cook is a gigantic hypocrite

The supposedly high standard he has set for Apple doesn’t apply to Hong Kong.