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The Future
The Future Nov 14

Portrait of the artist as a microbial growth

The body contains more microbes than human cells — bioartist Ani Liu wants us to think about that.

The Future Nov 12

Netflix might start charging less to stream original movies you’ve never heard of

Netflix contemplates a cheaper streaming tier as Disney+ gets primed to launch.

The Future Nov 12

You have to work out now, I’m sorry I don’t make the rules

In particular, adults have to lift weights or do resistance training twice a week /chugs protein shake

The Future Nov 09

My iPhone is trying to make me a better person. It won’t work.

Screen Time and other chiding parental features are too effective of a reminder that much of what I believe about myself is a set of (perfectly fine) delusions.

The Future Nov 07

23andme wants to toss a live grenade into your family holiday

Bringing a dna test to the dinner table probably won’t go well.

The Future Nov 06

Here are the worst ways tech could mess up the election

A rundown of everything that can, and already is, going wrong.

The Future Nov 06

Are you a good person who works in tech? Walk out

The government is useless and there is not a feasible way for two billion people to extricate themselves from Facebook. You know who has bargaining power? Workers.

The Future Nov 05

My Apple Watch became an excuse to not take care of myself

How we learn to rely on tech to tell us when something is wrong, only to misinterpret the signals.

The Future Nov 03

Don’t let a robot stalk your babysitter

The AI social media-screening service Predictim has a very simple job that it appears to be very bad at.

The Future Nov 02

A Good Place: Under the sea

A forum of saltwater aquarium enthusiasts offer each other support and distraction from everything happening on land.

The Future Nov 01

Can beer be saved from climate change?

Most of the crops that go into making beer will not survive extreme weather caused by global warming.

The Future Oct 30

Skipping your flu shot is selfish

Even if you’re not at risk of dying, you can still get other people sick.

The Future Oct 28

An AI-generated portrait sold for half a million dollars and now I’m terrified of the future

Meet Edmond de Belamy, your new worst nightmare.

The Future Oct 27

Netflix’s libertarian-fascist corporate culture is a hell no one deserves

The streaming giant weaponizes radical honesty to keep employees performing at the top of their game.

The Future Oct 26

Apple: the second-best tech company in the world

Apple doesn’t lead the way anymore. But does the company even care?

The Future Oct 25

The virtual reality dream is dying

We were promised better worlds, and all we got was this lousy headset.

The Future Oct 23

Crowdfunding funneled $6.8 million to unsupported medical treatments

Patients are targeted by doctors who offer relief with procedures that are not backed up by research, and even dangerous, if only they can locate the funds outside of their insurance.

The Future Oct 22

See how grotesque Jeff Bezos’ fortune is in this choose-your-own-adventure game

‘You Are Jeff Bezos’ is a game that illustrates in detail the truly appalling amount of wealth people are allowed to amass and then just keep to themselves.

The Future Oct 22

Who will save us from the Silicon Valley city-states?

A pair of new books raise plenty of problems, but offer few solutions.

The Future Oct 21

The earth’s magnetic shield is my new favorite noise musician

Listen as it reacts to radiation from a solar storm.