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The Future
The Future May 24

Here’s why it’s so hard for small businesses to sell CBD

Payment startups have policies against selling hemp-derived products, but larger retailers are allowed to slide while smaller ones get their service pulled.

The Future May 23

EatWith wants to reconnect you with your neighbors by sharing a meal together

Reconnecting with an old neighborhood might be as simple as having a meal with strangers.

The Future May 22

The cancer capital of America

Eastern Kentucky is poor, remote, and inadequately serviced, and those factors have led to alarming rates of cancer in the area.

The Future May 20

I’m terrified of parenting in the anti-vaxxer age

Anti-vaccine propaganda isn’t just harmful to children. It threatens to erode our entire sense of community.

The Future May 20

One small step for man, one giant leap for billionaires

Jeff Bezos’s dream of colonizing outer space sounds cool until you consider that he’ll send us all up there to work for him.

The Future May 17

A Good Place: The YouTube mortician who taught me not to fear death

What do we say to the God of death? “Interesting, tell me more.”

The Future May 16

Inside the male contraceptive clinical trial

Couples have been recruited, men are slathering themselves in gel, it’s all happening.

The Future May 15

Your landlord is watching

Smart locks allow property holders to harass tenants by locking them out, monitor their comings and goings, and more.

The Future May 14

I’m Upset: “Eating healthy” is too much work

I have experienced the benefits of healthy eating and I cannot believe I must keep this up for the rest of my life.

The Future May 10

Startups aimed at millennials have reinvented the shame of my youth: layaway

Services for marginalized populations have been rebranded as buy-now, pay-later with the millennial shopper in mind.

The Future May 08

Is $1,300 the price I can put on happiness?

That’s how much it costs to purchase a Bird scooter that could be stolen at any moment.

The Future May 06

Forget AirPods: Buy the cheapest Bluetooth earbuds you can find

AirPods die fast, and so do all the headphones like them. Trust no Bluetooth earbud.

The Future May 03

Subscription service Trash Club just wants to find you the perfect vintage tee

Why these two women in Montana are dressing all the female comedians in Brooklyn.

The Future May 01

Facebook is trying to make the word “private” meaningless

The company doesn't need to read your messages to keep collecting data about you.

The Future Apr 30

Black feminists on Twitter prove yet again we need to listen to them

The issues platforms are dealing with now have been called out in the past but no one was listening.

The Future Apr 25

Watching this chimp use Instagram like a bored teen makes me feel bad

There is something so sinister about how chimps and babies know how to use iPhones, and even the World Health Organization feels it.

The Future Apr 24

Trump has been... good?... for psychedelic drugs???...

Well, this is a trip: Psychedelics are getting more research and consumer market approval than ever under this administration, thanks to benign neglect.

The Future Apr 23

Getting your food delivered could be better for the planet

It might — MIGHT — be better to sit on your couch and order some Blue Apron meals than go to a grocery store.

The Future Apr 18

My astrology app hates me and I can’t get enough

I never asked to be dragged like this... wait, maybe I did.

The Future Apr 18

Apple owes everyone an apology and it should start with me, specifically

Its butterfly keyboard design has failed, but Apple has yet to substantially admit that it has made a very big mistake.