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The Future
The Future Feb 19

I regret to inform you expensive vacuums are worth it

I didn’t buy a real vacuum until well into my adulthood, and I suspect I’m far from alone.

The Future Feb 12

Cell companies lied to their customers about coverage, and the government believed them

The FCC is one step closer to acknowledging they have no idea who does and doesn’t have cell reception in America.

The Future Feb 08

Celebrity beauty is an elaborate fiction

Do the instagram accounts dedicated to pointing out how help us feel better?

The Future Feb 06

The DDOS attack on the American consciousness

The unrelenting, Trump-driven news cycle has overwhelmed our fragile minds

The Future Feb 04

Red states will suffer the most from climate change

Conservative voters have good reason to push for climate change mitigation; too bad time is running out for them to acknowledge it.

The Future Feb 01

There is a reason apps make it so fun to track your health

Health data is valuable: Your employer wants it, your insurers want it, and you're only too happy to give it away to apps for free.

The Future Jan 31

Rich kids are cheating in school with Apple Watches

Teachers haven’t cracked down because the watches are tricky to police and only a few kids — the richest ones — have them.

The Future Jan 30

Facebook shouldn’t be the only 15-year-old allowed to do whatever it wants

Mark Zuckerberg broke the world and tried to cover it up. Then, he killed a goat.

The Future Jan 29

How long could my murderer pretend to be me online?

A crime drama TV show raises some questions for me personally about the way we live alone.

The Future Jan 29

Location tracking is here to help real estate developers get even richer

Sidewalk Labs wants to use data to make cities “better,” a process that will drive gentrification without oversight.

The Future Jan 25

A good place: History podcasts are the best podcasts

In which a podcast dedicated to Roman history inadvertently copies the history of Rome itself.

The Future Jan 25

Quick-fix cold and flu remedies do nothing but make you poorer

Emergen-C, zinc, detox baths, vitamins, echinacea: it’s all garbage. Chicken soup, though, works.

The Future Jan 23

Google will conquer the world one charitable donation at a time

For many corporations, philanthropy is a means of investment.

The Future Jan 22

Why is my Gmail suddenly full?

And why do I have to pay to make this problem go away?

The Future Jan 18

For the love of all that is holy, please wear sunscreen

Despite what a recent viral article claimed, sunscreen does not prevent you from getting enough Vitamin D, and protects you from cancer.

The Future Jan 16

Navigating U.S. immigration sucks — here’s where everyone goes for help

Immihelp gives people seeking residence in the U.S. a place to process the arcane bureaucracy that comes with working with the government.

The Future Jan 15

If we want to stave off climate change we’re going to need nuclear reactors

Our nuclear reactors are set to expire and solar farms are trying to adjust to ecosystems they might be disrupting.

The Future Jan 14

Interactive sports broadcasts will be like having a slot machine at home

At least one broadcaster is playing with a format that will eventually allow viewers to place incremental prop bets on every aspect of a game.

The Future Jan 14

Shoot the Facebook Messenger

Everyone’s least-favorite social network has a new scheme to beam ads directly onto your phone.

The Future Jan 11

A Good Place: The Wu-Tang-loving surfer meteorologist

Da Buh is the appointed forecaster for the U.S. Surfing Federation, and he really loves to interpret a pressure system with rap lyrics.