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The Future
The Future May 25
A Russian hacking campaign targeted an American journalist, report says

The latest disinformation tactic is to plant “fakes in a forest of facts.”

The Future May 25
Brain food with Yvette d’Entremont

Episode 93 of 'Tomorrow with Joshua Topolsky'

The Future May 24
Why I just sold all my bitcoin

It was a painfully analog experience

The Future May 24
NYC cops: We can neither confirm nor deny that we hacked protesters’ phones

A new lawsuit seeks answers about surveillance technology during Black Lives Matter protests.

The Future May 24
The fight against racist algorithms

Can we teach our machines to unlearn racism?

The Future May 23
We talked to a troll who made up a fake Manchester victim for retweets

Trolls who invented fake Manchester victims think everyone is overreacting.

The Future May 23
Humanity just lost to AI by half a point

The top-ranked Go player lost his first match against AlphaGo, the Google-developed artificial intelligence.

The Future May 22
Dubai has a robot cop now

The emirate’s first law enforcement android will start patrolling the streets this week.

The Future May 22
Chemtrail truthers are still waiting for Trump to do something

A new president has renewed hope in the conspiracy community

The Future May 19
We got one of Apple’s patented round pizza boxes

The container designed exclusively for Apple employees

The Future May 17
San Francisco might ban delivery robots

A nascent technology brings safety concerns.

The Future May 15
Who is to blame for the global ransomware attack?

Experts are arguing over whether to point fingers at Microsoft, hospitals, or the NSA.

The Future May 15
UK tabloids doxxed the ‘hero’ hacker who stopped a global cyberattack

The 22-year-old is now an unwilling celebrity.

The Future May 12
People may die because of a hack on English hospitals

Hackers locked computers in at least 25 hospitals and demanded a ransom to unlock them.

The Future May 12
A restaurant used facial recognition to show men ads for pizza and women ads for salad

Hidden cameras that detect gender, ethnicity, and whether someone is smiling are the future of advertising.

The Future May 12
Here’s hoping the new Sims game isn’t free

Free to play schemes are ruining mobile games.

The Future May 12
One aspect of Trump’s travel ban is still happening

Homeland Security is working on a high-tech surveillance program that will scan travelers’ eyes and faces at the border.

The Future May 11
An Austrian Court ordered Facebook to censor speech worldwide

A politician is claiming that a post calling her a “corrupt klutz” is hate speech.

The Future May 10
Internet stores rule our lives now

The vagaries of Steam, Amazon, the App Store and others keep buyers and sellers guessing.

The Future May 09
OkCupid’s new app icon is bad, just like dating

Also, sea levels are rising rapidly.