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The Future
The Future Aug 16

A Good Place: Learning to live off the land with the Bob Ross of primitive technology

John Plant’s ‘Primitive Technology’ YouTube channel helps you build everything you need for a life survived simply.

The Future Aug 02

A Good Place: Watching plants grow, fast and slow

You have not lived until you have viewed a time-lapse video of a prayer plant.

The Future Aug 01

Criminal justice in the age of climate change

Post-Harvey Houston is a case study in how worsening weather conditions can make an already-unwieldy system more unjust.

The Future Aug 01

The government is finally taking Bitcoin seriously

Which means they are going to start taking it. Seriously.

The Future Jul 24

I tried to get rich dropshipping cheap crap to Coachella kids

The online world of dropshipping is a scammy perversion of traditional small business, but it might just be the last thing standing in the way of Amazon’s total domination.

The Future Jul 22

One man, eight years, nearly 20,000 cat videos, and not a single viral hit

How an animal lover’s hobby of recording himself feeding stray cats exemplifies the glory of the anonymous web.

The Future Jul 17

There’s something fishy about plant-based tuna

Will fishless tuna alternatives actually save the oceans, or are they just a bland-tasting attempt to capitalize off the Impossible Burger’s success?

The Future Jul 12

A Good Place: The happy accident of mistakenly logging onto

Gail knows you were trying to go to gmail but typed “” instead, and she’s fine with it.

The Future Jul 10

Lexus is betting big on millennials somehow having money

The Lexus UX is a rich old person’s idea of what a rich young person wants to drive.

The Future Jul 05

A Good Place: The website where lists are No. 1 ranks and categorizes music in more ways than you could possibly imagine.

The Future Jun 28

A Good Place: The comforting allure of a bad photo

The Twitter account Uninteresting Photographs is soothing in its banality.

The Future Jun 20

If PornHub wants to support a cause, start with sex worker rights

The site frequently attaches itself to causes of the day while taking advantage of the people who make its site possible.

The Future Jun 18

What I wouldn’t do for a good night’s sleep

The CBD backlash has already begun, but at least one product aimed at aspirational sleepers is attempting to answer those doubts.

The Future Jun 12

We should turn tech against the people who make it

A deepfake video of Mark Zuckerberg gleefully talking about the data he “stole” puts Facebook’s sanctimonious approach to moderation to the test.

The Future Jun 10

SnowFreak: The mysterious amateur taking weather reports by storm

Even with all the free services around, people are actually paying for Incremental weather updates by a dedicated enthusiast.

The Future Jun 07

Printers will always be terrible

As time goes on, printers will get worse and worse until none of us own one.

The Future Jun 06

Colonialism is alive in the exploited tech work force

Companies like Facebook and Google continue to unfairly burden English-speaking workers abroad with their worst kinds of labor.

The Future Jun 05

Behind the scenes with the hacktivists who took on Microsoft and the FBI

Two decades ago, the legendary hacking group Cult of the Dead Cow released a piece of software which helped change the way the world thinks about information security.

The Future Jun 05

Big business will always find a way into the cannabis industry

Many municipalities have attempted to set up equity programs to give a leg up to marginalized people who want an honest shot at selling cannabis, but they are still costly and byzantine.

The Future Jun 03

Why would anyone trust Apple with their data?

Every tech company has failed to protect us. Now Apple wants a shot.