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The Future
The Future Apr 27
Machine learning is racist because the internet is racist

Deep learning algorithms are often trained on data from the web, and their biases are getting hard to ignore

The Future Apr 26
The fight for net neutrality isn’t over

Advocates of deregulation control the FCC, the presidency, and Congress. But that doesn’t mean the open web is dead

The Future Apr 26
Chipotle got hacked!

Federal law hasn’t caught up with the increase in big data breaches.

The Future Apr 25
Google finally realized that racist search results are a problem

And did something about it.

The Future Apr 24
People still think Facebook is eavesdropping through their phone’s mic

The company’s denials haven’t soothed anxiety about online privacy.

The Future Apr 24
Hawaii’s online gaming curse

The island’s physical isolation adds milliseconds of latency to an internet connection. In competitive eSports, milliseconds matter.

The Future Apr 24
Would these hyper-realistic masks fool a facial recognition system?

Some would definitely be duped.

The Future Apr 20
Wikipedia’s method for sorting out “good” and “bad” sources is a mess

The digital encyclopedia has no real leadership, doesn’t vote, and has no rules. So how does it govern itself?

The Future Apr 19
Facebook Live will always have a dark side

Even with strict regulations, little can be done to prevent broadcasts of violent crimes.

The Future Apr 18
Amazon is taking over everything

The e-commerce site is on a path towards world domination.

The Future Apr 17
How Google eats a business whole

Google’s Featured Snippets are not only often wrong, they’re also damaging to small businesses that depend on search traffic.

The Future Apr 17
Why can’t Karen Sandler get the source code for her pacemaker?

Regulators are waking up to the dangers of hackable medical devices, but one cyborg lawyer still hasn’t seen her device’s code.

The Future Apr 14
This film about Facebook porn and violence moderators is dark

These are the real people keeping the internet nice and clean for you.

The Future Apr 12
Technology is for the rich

A new report from the IMF documents how technological advancement is chipping away at the share of income that goes to workers.

The Future Apr 10
Why Google’s AI is still playing Go

The machine learning challenge isn't over yet.

The Future Apr 07
Motherboard’s Jason Koebler says what he memes

A podcast episode about chatrooms, Nazis, and Centipedes

The Future Apr 06
This may be the safest way to protect your internet privacy at home

So why isn’t anyone talking about it?

The Future Apr 05
The future of driverless cars is a bus

Autonomous pods solve more problems than driverless cars.

The Future Apr 05
The web looks like shit

Using the internet shouldn’t be this hard.

The Future Apr 04
Why do we keep learning new stuff about T. rex?

T. rex is the most well-known dinosaur and we have plenty of bones. But this is just how science works.