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The Future Apr 02

“We just intuit what they need”: A zookeeper describes caring for animals during the coronavirus outbreak

The seventh part of "As Told To," our ongoing series about how the coronavirus is reordering peoples’ lives.

The Future Mar 31

“I can’t imagine getting six feet of space”: A Starbucks barista on slinging lattes in a pandemic

The sixth installment of "As Told To," our ongoing series about how the coronavirus is reordering peoples’ lives.

The Future Mar 30

“Hey, how’s Billy doing?”: An Ohio social worker on the toll coronavirus takes on disabled job seekers

Part five of "As Told To," our ongoing series about how the coronavirus is reordering peoples’ lives.

The Future Mar 27

A Good Place: The alternate history of the C-SPAN archives

It's not really the first draft of history, so much as it is the raw notes.

The Future Mar 27

An “explosion of mediocre rubbish coming out online”

An actor assesses the prospects of the theater under pandemic.

The Future Mar 25

‘You gotta think outside of the box to keep yourself entertained’

A professional soccer photographer considers the effects of the pandemic.

The Future Mar 24

‘We’re not going anywhere’

A mail carrier reflects on the impact of coronavirus

The Future Mar 23

‘It took me 10 years to get to where I got’

A New Jersey barber on the toll that COVID-19 is taking on his life.

The Future Mar 17

Facebook fumbles its response to coronavirus

The social media giant’s contracted content moderators are only now being sent home.

The Future Mar 16

Coronavirus is causing some real code-red graphic design

The Outline’s in-house design expert critiques the internet's guides to staying healthy.

The Future Mar 13

“Please daven at home, individually.”

The creative response of Jewish communities to the coronavirus crisis.

The Future Mar 13

Here are some happy websites to go to if you’re sick of reading articles about coronavirus

The outside world is scary enough right now. The internet doesn’t have to be scary, too.

The Future Mar 11

Can’t self-quarantine, gotta get those reps

For gym-goers, the treadmills still run during the coronavirus pandemic.

The Future Mar 06

A Good Place: The only daily news podcast you need is from The Onion

‘The Topical’ throws the absurdity of being a news junkie into sharp relief.

The Future Mar 03

Log off, fools

Before the Super Tuesday deluge, take some quiet time for yourself, and your sanity.

The Future Mar 02

Cancel SXSW

A zillion other conferences have already been called off because of the coronavirus update, but none is more deserving of that fate than SXSW.

The Future Mar 02

We are all quite literally becoming more myopic

The nearsighted population has increased by 14 percent in the U.S. and almost 15 percent in western Europe. Is society on the verge of going blind?

The Future Feb 28

It shouldn’t take a pandemic for everyone to be less disgusting

Wash your hands!!

The Future Feb 28

So no one told us the internet was gonna be this way

A conversation with Joanne McNeil about ‘Lurking,’ her new book of tech criticism.

The Future Feb 27

A Good Place: A forum that cares maximally about cowboy boots

Only real buckaroos post on r/cowboyboots.