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The Future
The Future Jan 18

For the love of all that is holy, please wear sunscreen

Despite what a recent viral article claimed, sunscreen does not prevent you from getting enough Vitamin D, and protects you from cancer.

The Future Jan 16

Navigating U.S. immigration sucks — here’s where everyone goes for help

Immihelp gives people seeking residence in the U.S. a place to process the arcane bureaucracy that comes with working with the government.

The Future Jan 15

If we want to stave off climate change we’re going to need nuclear reactors

Our nuclear reactors are set to expire and solar farms are trying to adjust to ecosystems they might be disrupting.

The Future Jan 14

Interactive sports broadcasts will be like having a slot machine at home

At least one broadcaster is playing with a format that will eventually allow viewers to place incremental prop bets on every aspect of a game.

The Future Jan 14

Shoot the Facebook Messenger

Everyone’s least-favorite social network has a new scheme to beam ads directly onto your phone.

The Future Jan 11

A Good Place: The Wu-Tang-loving surfer meteorologist

Da Buh is the appointed forecaster for the U.S. Surfing Federation, and he really loves to interpret a pressure system with rap lyrics.

The Future Jan 10

Manchester WeWorkers are pissed they can’t get pissed for free anymore

Notes from the edge of our permalance coworking future.

The Future Jan 09

An Alexa in every home, a smart toilet under every butt

Let’s not think about what kind of data Kohler’s new voice-controlled Numi 2.0 Intelligent Toilet can steal.

The Future Jan 09

Why AIs aren’t as smart as you think

It’s easy for humans to identify objects, but AIs are still thrown by something as simple as a paint job.

The Future Jan 07

Climate change is eating England’s coast

A coastal village called Happisburgh is crumbling into the ocean, thanks to severe climate-driven storms.

The Future Dec 20

We need a happy cry emoji

The fact that we don’t have one is sad, really.

The Future Dec 20

Bitcoin was cool until it sucked

The weird internet novelty was killed by people who took it way too seriously.

The Future Dec 19

People still think their Facebook profiles are worth keeping

A study found people wanted $1,000 to deactivate Facebook for a year, more than five times as much each profile is theoretically worth.

The Future Dec 17

On Instagram, Russian propaganda hides in plain sight

A new report shows rampant political manipulation on the platform.

The Future Dec 14

Having a mental health crisis? Good luck getting help

Despite a sharp rise in emergency mental-health related visits, urgent care for non-suicidal patients doesn’t exist.

The Future Dec 12

“Graveyard shift” is even more ominous than it sounds

New research shows that disrupted sleep patterns can increase the risk for diabetes.

The Future Dec 12

The best computer is one you hate a little

After a decade of MacBook hell, I entered the awkward and unwieldy world of Windows and love every second of it.

The Future Dec 11

The world has no protections for refugees of climate disasters

The 1951 Refugee Convention does not provide for people displaced by the climate changes that results from the selfishness of political leaders.

The Future Dec 10

Giving your location to an app is almost always a bad idea

A new investigation shows how companies hide data collection.

The Future Dec 06

My Nintendo DSi is a time capsule I didn’t know I made

When I powered up my old device, I was unexpectedly confronted with who I used to be.