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The Future
The Future Sep 19

Tom DeLonge finally proved aliens exist

Thanks to the tireless efforts of the former blink-182 singer, we now know that UFOs are real.

by Drew Millard

The Future Sep 19

The extremely bad vibes of Adam Neumann

WeWork's CEO has reached unseen levels of corporate absurdity.

The Future Sep 18

Switching your phone to grayscale is a joyless experience

It’s not the color of your smartphone’s screen that makes it so addictive. It’s the fact that it’s a smartphone.

The Future Sep 13

A Good Place: Seeing the world through a spoon

One of the best things about Instagram is finding users who break the expectations of the form.

The Future Sep 11

The hills are alive with the sound of money

The Square card reader converts your credit card information into noise. Dissonant, terrifying noise.

The Future Sep 10

Hey ladies, remember to pack your horny pen

Can a new injectable drug called Vyleesi jumpstart a woman’s libido?

The Future Sep 10

Destroy the MIT Media Lab

Its ties to Jeffrey Epstein are just the latest reason to do what should have been done years ago.

The Future Sep 09

Why some South American indigenous tribes give their dogs psychedelic drugs

The Shuar and Quichua peoples use hallucinogenic plants to enhance the abilities of the dogs who help them survive in the rainforest.

The Future Sep 06

A Good Place: The fake town where everybody knows your name

With a population of over 87,000, Lower Duck Pond is the largest, friendliest, and oddest city that’s not on the map.

The Future Aug 30

A Good Place: Playing trucker with Limmy

The Scottish comedian has the coziest Twitch stream in the universe.

The Future Aug 27

I tried to glitch the simulation and all I got was a bottle of pee

A growing community called Randonauts believe that journeying to random locations can help put us in new realities.

The Future Aug 23

A Good Place: Every Noise at Once does its darnedest to create order out of chaos

The site attempts to map every music genre that exists, no matter how obscure.

The Future Aug 22

Help! I’m an empath being attacked by an emotional vampire!

How social media enabled the memeification of mental health.

The Future Aug 21

The slow erosion of Northern Pakistan

Glacial thaw threatens to disrupt the livelihood of millions of people in the Pakistani province of Gilgit-Baltistan.

The Future Aug 16

A Good Place: Learning to live off the land with the Bob Ross of primitive technology

John Plant’s ‘Primitive Technology’ YouTube channel helps you build everything you need for a life survived simply.

The Future Aug 02

A Good Place: Watching plants grow, fast and slow

You have not lived until you have viewed a time-lapse video of a prayer plant.

The Future Aug 01

Criminal justice in the age of climate change

Post-Harvey Houston is a case study in how worsening weather conditions can make an already-unwieldy system more unjust.

The Future Aug 01

The government is finally taking Bitcoin seriously

Which means they are going to start taking it. Seriously.

The Future Jul 24

I tried to get rich dropshipping cheap crap to Coachella kids

The online world of dropshipping is a scammy perversion of traditional small business, but it might just be the last thing standing in the way of Amazon’s total domination.

The Future Jul 22

One man, eight years, nearly 20,000 cat videos, and not a single viral hit

How an animal lover’s hobby of recording himself feeding stray cats exemplifies the glory of the anonymous web.