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The Future
The Future Jan 15

Facebook killing news is the best thing that ever happened to news

The end of the beginning. Finally!

The Future Jan 15

The popularity of Microsoft’s Surface is the least realistic thing on TV

The hybrid tablet/laptop device has seemingly replaced all computers in the alternate universe of Hollywood.

The Future Jan 12

Google is jeopardizing African-American literature sites

The search engine keeps making websites redundant by providing answers to queries directly on

The Future Jan 12

We’re all eating too much meat

And here are some of the numbers to prove it.

The Future Jan 10

Are scammers invading Dogecoin again?

The whimsical joke currency and its trusting community have attracted predators in the past.

The Future Jan 08

We’d love to link you to this website but it’s impossible

A frustrating piece of art that challenges how your brain thinks about the internet.

The Future Jan 05

Why is South Korea using a wooden computer to communicate across the DMZ?

The dedicated communications channel between North Korea and South Korea appears to run Windows XP.

The Future Jan 05

The hot new trend in political strategy: email security

An entrepreneur-turned-activist is training politicians to take digital security seriously in the era of John Podesta’s email hack.

The Future Jan 02

Why did Google think LaVar Ball founded the NBA?

The search engine continues to produce errors in its attempt to provide quick and easy answers to queries.

The Future Dec 28

This is the best list of cybersecurity predictions for 2018

If you want to know what cyber threats we will face in the next year, look no further.

The Future Dec 27

We’ve been burying people all wrong

Could eco-friendly funerals save the planet?

The Future Dec 26

The meaning of life, according to a spaceship

Reflecting on Kim Stanley Robinson’s angry optimism in a bleak world.

The Future Dec 22

Is it legal to shut down a Bitcoin exchange while the price is falling?

One of the biggest Bitcoin exchanges could get hit with lawsuits after halting trading for two hours.

The Future Dec 22

The bot that tweeted “fuck” in front of every word was doomed from the start

Twitter suspended @fuckeveryword after it tweeted a racial slur.

The Future Dec 21

Should AI decide who gets a kidney?

Researchers are training artificial intelligence to make doctors’ hard decisions.

The Future Dec 21

The misogyny of ‘Stranger in a Strange Land’ takes on new shame

A beloved sci-fi vision of the future has no empathy for women.

The Future Dec 20

A very 2017 gift guide: Useless products from a bullshit year

A lot of gadgets went bust this year.

The Future Dec 20

The fight for net neutrality is a test of our broken democracy

Americans overwhelmingly support net neutrality. We are watching the telecom lobby overrule them.

But it’s not over yet.

The Future Dec 19

Mastodon makes the internet feel like home again

I have been using the open source Twitter competitor for almost a year, and I love it.

The Future Dec 18

Scammy startups want to pay writers in worthless cryptocurrency

Some cryptocurrency entrepreneurs are trying to convince bloggers to write articles for tokens.