Side Note

But have you like, REALLY looked at the earth?

* Hits bong*

The earth, man. Just look at this thing.

The photos you see here are from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, who very frequently upload wonderful images of our planet taken by their satellites. The picture at the top of this post offers an infrared view of earth, while the one that’s directly above this paragraph was released yesterday in honor of Earth Day and depicts the (quickly heating) North Pole in all its glory.

The NOAA also offers a panoramic daily snapshot of the planet. Here’s theirs from today, April 21.

If you click here, you can access a much, much, much, much higher resolution version of what you see above, which lets you zoom in and drag your cursor around and look in on, say, a specific group of clouds:

If you need as many different ways to look at the planet as possible, you can also check out this cool little doodad that the NOAA has that lets you check out historical visualizations of stuff like the earth’s ozone layer, rain accumulation, and snow and ice cover.