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Please enjoy Guy Fieri’s magical Hawaiian vacation

It is frighteningly easy to make fun of Guy Fieri. As an adult man who looks like a Super Saiyan and once contributed to a cookbook written by the lead singer of Smash Mouth, he is the id of American food culture. But there is a certain sweetness to Fieri, an implaceable innocence nestled amid the globules of donkey sauce holding up his yellow, yellow hair. For better or worse, he’s the guy who waxes rhapsodic about impossibly unhealthy foods on television, and we fucking love it.

As goofy as adults find him, Guy Fieri seems like a really great dad, which is a quality that transcends any questionable aesthetic sensibilities he might possess. To wit: Guido (as he’s known among the real Fieri fiends) is on vacation with his two sons in Hawaii as we speak. Meanwhile, I bet a bunch of people reading this don’t even have sons. Think about that.

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Fieri also posted on Twitter that he was “Takin [sic] recommendations of things to do with the family on the Big Island,” and, in a move that defies the conventions of celebrity Twitter conduct, actually “Liked” some of the responses (as of press time, Fieri has only liked 71 tweets).

According to this amazingly earnest vintage Fieri fan blog, this ain’t ol’ Guido’s first time on the Big Island, either — back in 2009, he took to Hawaii to film a couple fresh episodes of Triple D’s (Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives, duh) and still found the time to accidentally swallow a gallon of salt water while snorkeling:

If you’ll excuse me, I’m going to spend the rest of the day reading that old Fieri fan blog, which legitimately has hundreds of posts. In closing, please look at this photo of Fieri and his son next to a gutted fish that I can only assume is headed straight to Flavortown.

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