Side Note

Here’s an interactive map of all the crimes committed during Coachella Week

Every year, hundreds of thousands — if not millions — of people travel to Palm Springs, California for Coachella, the massive, two-weekend music festival that’s like if Woodstock had been a fashion show for rich people. While Coachella itself is actually in the nearby town of Indio, Palm Springs is more or less Ground Zero for the “Coachella experience,” which involves staying at a fancy AirBnB with a shitload of people you only sort of know, attending Instagrammable parties in Palm Springs put on by celebrities and brands, raging until you pass out and/or throw up, and not actually setting foot on festival grounds.

Needless to say, Coachella Week is a very hectic time in Palm Springs. And, thanks to a little tweak I did to the city police department’s interactive crime map, the world now has the ability to see exactly which crimes were committed while the Coachella parties raged. (It turns out festival season is a great time to get your shit stolen, but you probably already figured that was the case.) Explore the map below, and please remember that music festivals are the corporate dystopia we deserve.