The Outline


Damn, it feels good to be a white-collar worker

The worst possible 2020 candidates

Way too horny

Bad news

In Japan, a debate about swastikas takes on new urgency


The biggest conspiracies in American history (that also happen to be true)

Seven truly disturbing moments in which the tin-foil hat was actually a good idea.

By Eoin Higgins

All hail the monumental-horror image

How striking scenes from ‘The Shining,’ ‘The Wicker Man,’ ‘The Exorcist,’ and other iconic horror movies make an indelible mark on us.

Chess styles of the rich and despotic

As crazy as it sounds, the way a strong chess player approaches the game can reveal a lot about who they are as a person.

By JJ Lang


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Tomorrow 150: TikTok and the total creeps

Tomorrow 149: President Evil

Tomorrow 148: We welcome your input

Tomorrow 147: CES is not for alive girls

Tomorrow 146: A lack of innovations or apologies

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Tomorrow 144: The year of the dunk

Tomorrow 143: Pewdiepie has red-pilled Sonic the Hedgehog

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Tomorrow 141: Be thankful (but also scared)

Tomorrow 140: There’s a time travel scammer in the White House

Tomorrow 139: Blue Midterm Redemption 2

Tomorrow 138: You better vote

Tomorrow 137: A third way

Tomorrow 136: Child's play

Tomorrow 135: Leah Finnegan, the mother of fear


house of jealous lurkers

Crowdfunding for idiots

By the time a natural disaster happens it’s too late to help

Red states will suffer the most from climate change

How male privilege produces such hapless men

“I knew they were using them during class because I saw them swiping... It drove me crazy.”


The myth of Ted Bundy as a charming guy

Here are the political alignments of every ‘Super Smash Bros.’ character

Memphis Bleek is the greatest professional sidekick in hip-hop history


How Hollywood stole ‘The Grinch’

Realistic Pokémon are an affront to God


We need a happy cry emoji

Et Tu, Instagram?

My iPhone is trying to make me a better person. It won’t work.

Price fix?

I created this sculpture in which bacteria can live, and then I would plate it with different parts of my body, literally from my mouth, or inside my nostril, between my toes, or my vagina.

Good advice

Dear Fuck-Up: How do I tell someone I love them?

AAFU: I’m ashamed of being so broke

Dear Fuck-Up: How do you tell a stranger their partner is cheating?

AAFU: I don’t have any friends

Dear Fuck-Up: Should I apologize to the women I hurt?

AAFU: I’m not as smart as everyone said I was