The Outline

Right now

The chance that a Tesla would crash into the Earth if Elon Musk hadn’t launched a Tesla into space


The Communist Manifestbro

Some essential reading on gun violence in America

The worst part is knowing how relevant it remains

A court ruling threatens the way we share things on the internet

What we loved this week

Here’s the entertainment that got us through the week of February 12, 2018.

Think on it

Eminem should have become an actor

The universe has been outsourced

Dogshit wellness

How to take control of your life, one toothbrush at a time

Oprah already runs the world

A short guide to Oprah’s influence in and out of politics.

Shithole, nasty woman, and the corny rush to “reclaim” words


We are like sisters and we have our arguments, but by the end of the day we get back together.

Here are our favorite love songs

The music industry wasn’t ready for Chief Keef

A sculptor is going to take a piece of stone and they’re not going to say, ‘This is what I want to make.’ They just start sculpting it, and the stone turns into what it wants to be. To me, that's filmmaking.

Please buy our product that makes you so mad

The wonderfully empty world of Shadow of the Colossus

sure, pal

Why… do old people… text… like this…? An investigation…

I was naive and I made a mistake.


“Sexual misconduct” is a numbingly vague term

remote server

the math of tinder

There is a light that could kill flu viruses in public spaces

The sea is coming for us

Net art

Even legitimate publishers have started to experiment with mining as a revenue stream.


The problem isn’t whether people can identify fake news

Here is the weirdest presidential portrait in the Smithsonian

What the hell is going on at Newsweek?

Beyond the horse race

These are the people paying journalists to promote brands in articles

Once more, with glitter

Here’s everything Republicans could be doing to stop Trump

The resistance is full of prudes

ICE’s sexual assault problem by the numbers

At ICE facilities across the country, immigrants often face the same abuse they fled in their home countries.