The Outline

Very online

The people behind @Ask_Spectrum are very nice considering everyone wants them dead

I’m having to change the way I shoot just to make images for this stupid platform. The conformity is too much.

God saw all that He had memed, and behold, it was very epic


Black metal has a real Nazi problem

How to think against the apocalypse

The Trump administration is driving away international students

The gig economy really is this movement forward to the past. We’re constantly seeing worker protections being rolled back, and workers are essentially in the same types of situations as their great-grandparents were.

We are already ruled by “private governments,” and they suck

We can never speak freely


The worst weather is wind

In Norway, traditional car sales sure are... Oslowing down

Thinking about climate means becoming human for the first time

Of fear

Listen up

Tomorrow 158: Written in the stars

Out Westeros Podcast, Season 1 Episode 0: Valar Dohaeris

Tomorrow 157: Apple is at your service

Tomorrow 156: The secret knowledge

Tomorrow 155: 2020 battle royale

Tomorrow 154: A Momo like this

Tomorrow 153: The wisdom of the crowd

Tomorrow 152: The value of being distracted

Tomorrow 151: The cult of AI

Tomorrow 150: TikTok and the total creeps

Tomorrow 149: President Evil

Tomorrow 148: We welcome your input

Tomorrow 147: CES is not for alive girls

Tomorrow 146: A lack of innovations or apologies

Tomorrow 145: Mary Poppins plays on god mode

Tomorrow 144: The year of the dunk

Tomorrow 143: Pewdiepie has red-pilled Sonic the Hedgehog

Tomorrow 142: Tumblr has snapped

Tomorrow 141: Be thankful (but also scared)

Tomorrow 140: There’s a time travel scammer in the White House

Tomorrow 139: Blue Midterm Redemption 2

Tomorrow 138: You better vote

Tomorrow 137: A third way

Tomorrow 136: Child's play

Tomorrow 135: Leah Finnegan, the mother of fear


Are politicians getting more bizarre?

house of jealous lurkers

Crowdfunding for idiots

By the time a natural disaster happens it’s too late to help

Red states will suffer the most from climate change

How male privilege produces such hapless men


Tim Heidecker knows how absurd this is

The last American band: X made it in Los Angeles, but they flourished in the Heartland

Here are the political alignments of every ‘Super Smash Bros.’ character

Memphis Bleek is the greatest professional sidekick in hip-hop history


How Hollywood stole ‘The Grinch’


Trust me, you don’t want to know what happens to email you send

Amazon still trying to solve a central problem: getting people what they order

We need a happy cry emoji

Et Tu, Instagram?

My iPhone is trying to make me a better person. It won’t work.

Good advice

AAFU: My work nemesis has cancer

AAFU: How do I date after divorce?

AAFU: Is my brother practicing self-care or just being selfish?

Dear Fuck-Up: How do I tell someone I love them?

Dear Fuck-Up: How do you tell a stranger their partner is cheating?

AAFU: I’m not as smart as everyone said I was