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We found the scariest picture of Steve Bannon ever taken

The UN human rights council never imagined anyone would quit

Facebook HQ continues pricing people out of house and home

Oh god, a Real World revival is coming to MTV

BTS and Beyoncé’s stan armies teamed up to game the charts

Recycling is collapsing under our anxiety about the planet

How do you fix Solid Snake’s bad butt?

These beautiful sculptures were too strange to last

Behold, Lebron James and Werner Herzog as one

Must reads

Four thoughts on the future of afrofuturism

10,000 likes and we’ll show you how we built this patient’s butt

The confessions of LiveJournal Tara

Anna Delvey and Elizabeth Holmes had the same tell: their hair

The Greek salad emoji includes a hard boiled egg. I’d like to suggest that this should be replaced with a cucumber slice, or other items.

lol nope


Tomorrow 121: TC Sottek is on a Quest

Out West Podcast, Season 2 Episode 9: The Teddinator

Tomorrow 120: You Can't Run Indefinitely

Out West Podcast, Season 2 Episode 8: Take my heart when you go

Tomorrow 119: Naomi Fry knows John Mayer*

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Tomorrow Podcast 118: Doing Some Heavy Lifting

Out West Podcast, Season 2 Episode 5: what’s the WiFi password?

NOBODY is talking about how the online depression community has been infiltrated by alt-right recruiters.

Tomorrow Podcast 117: The TV is Lying

Out West Podcast, Season 2 Episode 4: It’s lupus!

Tomorrow Podcast 116: Stepping into the Light

Ok Google, What does it all mean?

Think on it

Emotional labor is a lot of work

Drinkfinity’s $20 “vessel” is Pepsi’s attempt to stay relevant

The online support groups for former inmates and their loved ones


Sex workers protest a post-Backpage world

With Facebook for Dating, you’re either out or way too far in

fountain of youth

Say goodbye to your happy plantation narrative


The music industry is built to boost artists like XXXtentacion


The estimated sold copies of Chuck Klosterman’s ‘Sex, Drugs, and Cocoa Puffs’

What makes ABC’s new dating show ‘The Proposal’ so creepy and bizarre?

What is Miss America for?

Red Table Talk is a rare show about Hollywood families that doesn’t focus on dysfunction

Elon Musk + Grimes

Tig Notaro is a comedy great, even if she insists she isn’t

The Rajneeshees have a wild wild response to ‘Wild Wild Country’

Rihanna’s lingerie line is exactly what her fans want


Listen to climate change

Turns out our evil tech overlords may be no match for Europe’s new privacy laws

Facebook’s latest idea: letting the Nazis they abet vote on news videos

pee is not a beverage :)

A bunch of new flying machine concepts, ranked by danger

Antarctica is screwed

This is not just tweeting 300+ times a day...These are the profiles that are pushing @PrisonPlanet, @RealJamesWoods, @Cernovich — that whole ecosystem of the right — at volume.

Facebook claims it’s not a monopoly, is your whole home screen

“Revolutionary” gene editing tool may increase cancer risk




This map shows the surprising number of fake abortion clinics in NYC

Already have a cushy job? Here’s $10,000 to move to Vermont

How do you fix a broken city?

Naturally occuring metaphor appears on White House lawn


The number Republican candidates in the Georgia gubernatorial primary who rode around in a “Deportation Bus” as a campaign stunt.

I’m hearing more and more people say the level of violence on video games is really shaping young people’s thoughts.