The Outline


Don’t say Tommy Chong is the face of your weed company unless you’re Tommy Chong

Our entirely avoidable plunge into oblivion, as a nice poster

The year’s most emotional movie will be the live-action ‘Winnie the Pooh’

Jason Bateman’s apology was actually good

Marco Rubio still wants you to believe he’s a rap fan

Mapping the growth of China’s subway system for 1.3 billion people

Must reads

The problem with Arrested Development is right there in the name

The war for Meek Mill’s attention

Tipping reinforces inequality. The restaurant industry wants to keep it that way.




Cubic yards of dirt extracted beneath LA in order to build the Boring Company’s proof-of-concept tunnel.


Tomorrow Podcast 118: Doing Some Heavy Lifting

Out West Podcast, Season 2 Episode 5: what’s the WiFi password?

NOBODY is talking about how the online depression community has been infiltrated by alt-right recruiters.

Tomorrow Podcast 117: The TV is Lying

Out West Season 2, Episode 4: It’s lupus!

Tomorrow Podcast 116: Stepping into the Light

Ok Google, What does it all mean?

Hopefully people continue to call out things that they see.


Concerts cancelled because of the #MuteRKelly protests.

Out West Season 2, Episode 3: Two different tigers

Tomorrow Podcast 115: Getting into political positions

Think on it

A brief history of Kanye’s fraught relationship with Barack Obama

The two have beef.

Barnes & Noble used to be the villain

Didn’t you guys see ‘You’ve Got Mail’?

Goodbye yellow face gum

With Facebook for Dating, you’re either out or way too far in

fountain of youth

I wasn’t in a lot of meetings on the subject.

HBO’s ‘Andre the Giant’ documentary has one giant distraction

If I am here for one more term, my kids will only have ever known me as a weekend dad. I just can’t let that happen.

Say goodbye to your happy plantation narrative

How ‘Riverdale’ turned Archie into a fascist


Elon Musk + Grimes

Barack and Michelle are coming to Netflix

Tig Notaro is a comedy great, even if she insists she isn’t

The Rajneeshees have a wild wild response to ‘Wild Wild Country’

The beginner’s guide to ‘Star Wars’ slash fiction

Rihanna’s lingerie line is exactly what her fans want

The beguiling appeal of Iyanla Vanzant’s TV therapy

White America still sees Cardi B as its brown girl “bestie”

‘The Simpsons’ finally addressed ‘The Problem With Apu’


the economic damage we can avoid by restricting global warming to less than 1.5 ºC.

Is this Trump’s “Space Force?”

Zuckerberg: join Facebook to delete your data from Facebook

A new ‘ethnicity recognition’ tool is just automated racial profiling

We haven't learned anything about what the internet is for since 1996

8.4 million

We rely on oil to make plastics. Now, plants can change that

Facebook is investing heavily to prevent our service from being abused during elections.

R.I.P. science, the International Space Station will be taken over by rich people

The vaping industry takes a hit

Our water is in danger


At 304 Angstroms you can see freshly-generated helium churning on the surface of the sun. Whoa.


The number of people hospitalized in the U.S. from 2017 to 2018 due to severe flu infections. Could a simple remedy prevent the same from happening next year?

New York cabbies have a surprisingly wholesome secret: group chats

Facebook’s audit won’t get your stolen data back


The number Republican candidates in the Georgia gubernatorial primary who rode around in a “Deportation Bus” as a campaign stunt.

How do you fix a broken city?

Naturally occuring metaphor appears on White House lawn

A new court ruling could provide more protection for the homeless

I’m hearing more and more people say the level of violence on video games is really shaping young people’s thoughts.

Here is the weirdest presidential portrait in the Smithsonian