The Outline


Culture Dec 11

Sugar, we’re going down posting

For thousands of teenage girls, the Livejournal community fbr_trash provided an outlet where emo fans could discuss, gossip about, and troll the bands they loved.

Culture Dec 10

The greatest audiobook of all time is... ‘Battlefield Earth’?

Over 30 years after its initial release, L. Ron Hubbard’s campy sci-fi epic was turned into a two-day movie for your ears.

Culture Dec 10

The lonesome Irishman

Scorsese’s opus shows us the superficiality of anti-Boomer politics and the tragic limitations of the supposed Golden Age.

Culture Dec 09

‘Ghostbusters’ is the future of the culture wars

A new reboot brings the franchise back to its ’80s origins after another reboot failed.

Culture Dec 09

Have I been using my depression as a crutch?

I’ve done a lot of work to feel better, but now I’m afraid to fail.

Culture Dec 09

The worst takes of the 2010s

The past decade had a lot of pieces that should have been left unpublished.

Culture Dec 09

Nice political movement — mind if we co-opt it to sell some shit?

Cringeworthy political ads from companies like Pepsi and Gillette are what happens when an industry seeks organic attention by whatever means necessary.

Culture Dec 06

What we loved this week: The original ‘Murder on the Orient Express’ rules, ‘Trust Exercise’ deserves the acclaim, and... The Outline! No, really

Here’s the entertainment that got us through the week of December 2, 2019.

Culture Dec 05

This is a post about post-normcore

Post-normcore tells us that our branding defines us, but it also doesn’t, but it also does.

Culture Dec 04

Work should be over when it gets dark

The sun sets at 3:45 p.m. and yet we remain at our offices. Why?

Culture Dec 04

Please, no more serious James Bonds

He’s a sexed-up secret agent with a gun in his pen; we don’t need to learn about his childhood trauma.

Culture Dec 03

It’s time to reconsider the Christmas music canon

Christmas music is boring. With a little imagination, we can make it fun.

By Elliott Sharp

Culture Dec 03

I’m Upset: Do not give me ketchup packets

There are billions of the single-serving condiments in circulation, and all of them are stuffed in your kitchen drawer.

Culture Dec 02

I’ve had enough of the Big Reveal

“Can you believe that [redacted] was actually [redacted] all along?”

Culture Dec 02

How do aliens have sex?

Sure, we wonder because we’re just horny, but envisioning how extraterrestrials do the dirty has allowed generations of writers to expand the parameters of human sexuality.

Culture Nov 29

What we loved this week: George Clooney surprises in ‘The American’, ‘Harry Potter’ is actually good, Lamar Jackson is better than all sports

Here’s the entertainment that got us through the week of November 25, 2019.

Culture Nov 29

There are no more fashion collaborations left

Can’t anyone just make their own thing anymore?

Culture Nov 27

The riddle of the sphynx cat

How the creepy-looking — but extremely sweet — breed became the trophy pet for the Instagram generation.

Culture Nov 27

You have to follow the recipe

Baking is not a fucking game.

Culture Nov 25

‘Death Stranding’ imagines the eco-horror of our future dystopia

Hideo Kojima’s latest video game is a mindful hiking simulator set in a post-disaster America.