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Culture May 24

What we loved this week: Quelle Chris made us smile, Eve Babitz made us appreciate Los Angeles, and dish racks made us do dishes

Here’s what got us through the week of May 20, 2019.

Culture May 23

A punk academic helps you justify your love for Madonna’s music videos

Ryann Donnelly’s book ‘Justify My Love’ offers radical interpretations of music videos from Lady Gaga, Beyoncé, and more.

Culture May 23

At last, an honest true crime podcast

The new season of the true crime parody ‘A Very Fatal Murder’ goes out of its way to remind the listener that every narrative podcast is ultimately about its host’s ego.

Culture May 22

Taking back Sunday

With the finale of ‘Game of Thrones,’ our long night of TV viewing has finally ended.

Culture May 21

I’m Upset: I am a god damn adult I should not be dealing with acne

I was told zits are for teenagers. This was a lie.

Culture May 21

I never want to go “inside” another television episode again

The only thing more disappointing than the final season of ‘Game of Thrones’ was having to learn what the creators thought about it.

Culture May 20

Not ‘The Onion’: People actually think ‘The Onion’ helped Joe Biden become cool

It’s an easy story to believe, but the truth isn’t so neat.

Culture May 17

Tomorrow 162: Daenerys, interrupted

She snapped on this one.

Culture May 17

What we loved this week: The story of Wu-Tang, Tierra Whack goes hard on ‘Tim Westwood,’ Sally Rooney lives up to the hype

Here’s the entertainment that got us through the week of May 13, 2019.

Culture May 17

Tom Green is doing just fine

Twenty years since the gross out comic was culturally ubiquitous — and equally reviled — he’s righted his career course and settled into late period bliss.

Culture May 15

Horror buffs, meet music nerds

A Q&A with the authors of ‘Blood on Black Wax,’ a new book about the best horror film soundtracks ever made.

Culture May 14

Nothing to see at Belgium’s Royal Museum of Central Africa

The museum dedicated to the Belgian rule over the Congo is more notable for what’s not in it.

Culture May 13

A supposedly great article I’ll never read the same way again

David Foster Wallace’s journalism is, in many ways, inaccurate. But he’s hardly the only venerated journalist to have made stuff up.

Culture May 11

‘Culturesport’ puts 90s rave culture, sci-fi, and anime into a psychedelic blender. The result is cool as hell.

The Kickstarter project is creating a new TV show unlike anything else you’ve seen.

Culture May 10

Tomorrow 161: Camping with Pennywise

Sometimes the clown comes back to bite.

Culture May 10

What we loved this week: ‘Barry’ is absurdly good, The Mountain Goats are absurdly touching, fancy instant noodles are absurdly delicious

Here’s the entertainment that got us through the week of May 6, 2019.

Culture May 10

Oh no, I’m a Tool fan again

The cult band’s new album is coming this summer, as is all my long-submerged fondness for their whole thing.

Culture May 09

This absolute unit helped me forget about Brexit

The Museum of English Rural Life is intentionally calming, if not boring — the opposite of Britain’s embarrassing political situation.

Culture May 09

Avant-garde cosplay

It’s not only men who misunderstand the radical lives of women artists — contemporary feminists do it too.

Culture May 08

Finally, a new way to learn that Post Malone is still popular

‘Rolling Stone’ is launching a new rankings chart to compete with ‘Billboard.’ What that means for music listeners is unclear.