The Outline


Culture Jul 16

The organization telling the stories of the Japanese-American incarceration

Densho content director Brian Niiya talks about the importance of archiving memories and experiences of the World War II camps.

Culture Jul 15

Beliebering the point

Justin Kuritzkes’ debut novel ‘Famous People’ explores the smooth-brained inner life of a contemporary pop star.

Culture Jul 11

AAFU: Someone told me my best friend is a rapist

I’ve cut off all contact, but he still wants to know why.

Culture Jul 11

‘Whisper Network’ turns the #MeToo movement into an empowerment fantasy

Chandler Baker’s new novel trivializes the cultural movement.

Culture Jul 10

I’m Upset: Your dinner is ruining my movie

“Dine-in” movie theaters like Nitehawk and the Alamo Drafthouse are fundamentally antithetical to movies themselves.

Culture Jul 10

Manly wedding rings for tough guys who are dudes

My journey through the emerging market for identity-tailored jewelry.

Culture Jul 09

Meet the ear doctor who thinks Vincent Van Gogh was murdered

The gun that the artist allegedly used to end his own life recently sold for $182,000 at auction. But Dr. Irving Arenberg smells a conspiracy that “Van Goghs” all the way up to the top.

Culture Jul 08

When you see an iceberg, everything else feels small

“Seeing the iceberg, it’s hard not to become one.”

Culture Jul 05

What we loved this week: ‘Midsommar’ makes us tense, ‘Stardew Valley’ makes us calm, haircuts make our summer less sweaty

Here’s the entertainment that got us through the week of July 1, 2019.

Culture Jul 03

Who gets to enjoy country music?

The rise of Lil Nas X and the yeehaw agenda have caused me to re-examine my relationship with a genre that seems intent on shutting people like me out.

Culture Jul 03

I’m Upset: Astrology is fake for me specifically

I’m a Cancer... but I’m really not!

Culture Jul 02

Freddie Gibbs makes magic with Madlib’s rejected Kanye beats

Freddie Gibbs and Madlib’s new collaborative album ‘Bandana’ might be the best hip-hop album of the year.

Culture Jul 01

Chucky hates capitalism even more than you do

Three decades of a horror icon who represents our fears about the soullessness of mass production, come to life.

Culture Jun 27

Tomorrow 168: Jony Ive Thought Different, Once

The man that took a byte out of Apple.

Culture Jun 27

AAFU: How can I stay friends with someone who rejected me?

I know she doesn’t owe me a romantic relationship, but it’s still hard to be around her.

Culture Jun 27

How I transformed my crappy laptop into a powerful gaming machine

Cloud streaming is possibly bad for the environment and the market, but very fun for me.

Culture Jun 27

A preemptive eulogy for the cassette adapter

As we move into an era of increasingly convoluted and exclusionary music-playing options, a moment of recognition is in order for the last great car stereo equalizer.

Culture Jun 26

The Beatles branding machine can’t just let it be

‘Yesterday,’ a new movie that imagines a world where the Beatles never existed, is just the latest attempt at keeping them relevant in the 21st century.

Culture Jun 25

I’m Upset: Garbage trucks are too loud


Culture Jun 25

Boarding schools produce bad people and great novels

Alexander Tilney’s debut novel ‘The Expectations’ grapples with shifting societal attitudes toward an elite, insular, and deeply alien institution.