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Culture Nov 20

‘Justice League’ is a great sleeping aid and not much more

They’ll never stop making comic book movies, but maybe they’ll stop making this one.

Culture Nov 19

There are still things to be thankful for

Let’s talk about them on the phone.

Culture Nov 17

The specific betrayal of Brand New

Brand New’s Jesse Lacey is the most famous emo musician to be outed as an abuser. His world is long overdue for a reckoning.

Culture Nov 16

One made-for-TV movie to underwhelm them all

Revisiting a Lord of the Rings adaptation that went very wrong, as Tolkien’s series heads to Amazon.

Culture Nov 16

Forensic Files is extremely my shit

Erik Hinton on his fascination with the long-running, true crime TV show.

Culture Nov 14

The most hated poet in Portland

One tweet turned Collin Andrew Yost into a joke. Could he survive it?

Culture Nov 13

The ‘search angels’ who reunite birth families on Facebook

How one online search group is working to connect adoptees with their origins.

Culture Nov 13

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Culture Nov 13

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Culture Nov 10

Acceptance speeches are extremely my shit

Aaron Edwards on the thrill of emotional displays of gratitude.

Culture Nov 08

Silenced by stereotypes

The public is slow to legitimize assault allegations when they come from celebrities deemed “messy.”

Culture Nov 03

Céline Dion is extremely my shit

Liz Plank on the Québécois singer’s offbeat charm.

Culture Nov 01

My memes, my self

A viral meme-maker takes us into her process.

Culture Nov 01

I love spoilers

Give them to me.

Culture Oct 31

Who’s afraid of sugar?

Apparently, sugar is killing us. Or is it?

Culture Oct 27

John Carpenter is extremely my shit

Joshua Topolsky on the how the horror film pioneer shaped his worldview.

Culture Oct 27

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Culture Oct 26

Active Listening: What you didn’t notice the first time

Songs (and videos) that make you think twice.

Culture Oct 26

When “stan” became a verb

A brief history of the term’s evolution.

Culture Oct 24

The 18-year-old rapper bold enough to just be MIKE

MIKE and the sLUms crew are changing the model for internet-bred rappers.