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Culture Sep 21
Nardwuar, the most mysterious man in music journalism

The Canadian man who has spent 30 years keeping interviews interesting.

Culture Sep 21
The Outline World Dispatch

A daily podcast

Culture Sep 20
Active Listening: Music to move your body to

Songs to remind you that you exist.

Culture Sep 20
Jake Paul and the awful power of social metrics

The assumption that likes, retweets, or views indicate value reinforces old power structures in the industry.

Culture Sep 20
The correct way to be a cannibal

Eat a rich or powerful person.

Culture Sep 19
Tom Brady doesn’t want to talk about CTE

The five-time Super Bowl champion’s new book fails to acknowledge the disease.

Culture Sep 19
Smokers are the last nice people online

Taking a cigarette break on the smoking internet.

Culture Sep 18
Writing with the Trap God

A conversation with the the co-author of Gucci Mane’s autobiography about working on one of the year’s most-anticipated books.

Culture Sep 16
The Outline has merch

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Culture Sep 14
Shamir’s ‘90’s Kids’ is the ultimate internet artifact

And it’s a tune!

Culture Sep 14
Sober celebrities are more visible than ever

Pop culture glorifies partying, but a wave of sober stars is pushing back on the status quo.

Culture Sep 13
Active Listening: Songs for when you connect

Things feel more isolated than ever, but music can bring us together.

Culture Sep 12
South Park is not subversive

The raunchy animated series enters its 21st season, and it’s unclear why.

Culture Sep 11
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Culture Sep 08
Immigrants are still punchlines on TV comedies

Many seemingly progressive shows harbor their own, subtle versions of xenophobia in which immigrants are visible only as goofy sidekicks.

Culture Sep 07
Ghost malls

In an excerpt from his book ‘Shopping Mall,’ Matthew Newton opens the body of a dying American animal.

Culture Sep 07
‘The strongest possible terms’ is the weakest possible phrase

Trump loves to use it, of course.

Culture Sep 07
What the caves are trying to tell us

Whatever they once said to their authors, they scream their message of no message across the millennia to us now.

Culture Sep 06
Active Listening: A pair of songs for the end of days

Two things to watch and hear.

Culture Sep 06
Hollywood’s big bet on China is backfiring

The film industry wants to make blockbusters that work in the U.S. and overseas, but the plan is tanking.