The Outline


Culture Jan 23

Dear God, do I really game that much?

The numbers don’t lie — well, maybe a little, I hope.

Culture Jan 22

Live from New York, it’s Michael Che’s weird fixation with me

My feud with the ‘Saturday Night Live’ head writer has lasted several months all because I said his show was unfunny.

Culture Jan 21

Competitive tennis in the time of climate change

Australia’s bushfires have dramatically affected the quality of play at this year’s Australian Open. What does the future hold?

Culture Jan 20

“Political Eminem” is the most embarrassing Eminem

The rapper’s single “Darkness” tries and fails to end the epidemic of gun violence by telling the story of the 2017 Las Vegas mass shooting through the eyes of the shooter.

Culture Jan 17

Is Robert Downey Jr. a good actor?

In the 12 years since he started playing Iron Man, he has made millions of dollars and zero interesting creative choices.

Culture Jan 17

What we loved this week: The recurring comforts of Angel Olsen, the pleasure of a one-and-done fantasy novel, and... Rob Lowe’s autobipography?

Here’s the entertainment that got us through the week of January 13, 2020.

Culture Jan 17

A Good Place: The zombie-movie website that has become a zombie itself

The Living Dead Movie Reviews keeps the internet of 2007 in a state of suspended animation.

Culture Jan 16

The building blocks of my sanity come from phone Tetris

If I’m going to be addicted to tapping at a screen, it’s probably for the best that I’m playing with blocks.

Culture Jan 15

There are too many Joan Didions

Goodbye to all that (needless comparing to other, vaguely similar writers).

Culture Jan 15

This emperor has no clothes

The new ‘Star Wars’ is a letdown in many ways, but especially how it neuters an all-time classic villain.

Culture Jan 13

Antonio Banderas should win an Oscar for ‘Pain and Glory’

If only it wasn’t for that stupid Joker.

Culture Jan 10

What we loved this week: The madness of ‘After Hours,’ the actual after hours experience of watching ‘Wrestle Kingdom,’ and zoning out to ‘Starcraft II’ on Twitch

Here’s the entertainment that got us through the week of January 6, 2020.

Culture Jan 09

I love Elizabeth Gilbert, and you can too

Gilbert and her work possess a female power our culture and society are just beginning to recognize.

Culture Jan 09

Working in the restaurant industry will haunt your dreams

Why people still have nightmares about 10-table sections even years after they quit serving.

Culture Jan 08

So long to ‘Star Wars’

The new movies don’t feel the same, and it’s not just because they aren’t as good.

Culture Jan 06

I watched too many videos about cute pigs and now I want to stop eating them

How do I remember to hold the bacon?

Culture Jan 06

The pains of being a picky eater

John Mulaney’s children’s special on Netflix manages to nail the social isolation that comes when kids are too choosy with what they eat.

Culture Jan 06

New Year’s in St. Petersburg

Modern Russia is not as unlike America as the Russiagate conspiracists of MSNBC would have you believe.

Culture Jan 03

What we loved this week: John Mulaney makes a kids’ musical, ‘Dark Waters’ is a must-see in a sad... but... good? way, ‘The Outer Wilds’ is the best time you can have in space

Here’s the entertainment that got us through the week of December 30, 2019.

Culture Jan 02

In praise of the difficult Jew

In ‘Uncut Gems,’ Adam Sandler plays a more interesting kind of Jew than we typically see on screen.