The Outline


Culture Apr 27
Life after death

Your media business will still probably not be saved. But you could make something brand new.

Culture Apr 26
The Red Center: Episode #1

What is a feminist, anyway?

Culture Apr 26
Album releases don't need branded apps

The Gorillaz's latest app is yet another music industry tech experiment that's frustrating for fans.

Culture Apr 25
Where did all the saxophones go?

How one instrument went from being the backbone of American popular music to being a punchline in a joke about the ’80s.

Culture Apr 24
The OK sign is becoming an alt-right symbol

First Pepe, now this.

Culture Apr 24
It’s asparagus-is-less-expensive-and-tastes-better season

Asparagus, water, heat, and butter. Maybe blueberries.

Culture Apr 23
Worth Reading: Elon Musk’s “wizard hat,” Prince’s secrets, and tips on writing

Shock and awe. Shock to the system. Electroshock.

Culture Apr 21
Why we’re afraid

A conversation about eco-anxiety and a climate change-themed playlist.

Culture Apr 21
Shamir’s radical independence

After being dropped from his label, the 22-year-old singer-songwriter turned anguish into a liberating new album.

Culture Apr 20
The quiet end of the greatest streetwear brand ever

Shayne Oliver's Hood By Air reinvigorated fashion, and then he got snapped up by yet another a major fashion conglomerate.

Culture Apr 20
The unbearable wrongness of Gwyneth Paltrow

Please do not buy into her bullshit.

Culture Apr 19
The rise of “hotep”

The word's evolution online highlights divisions in the fight for black liberation.

Culture Apr 18
Casey Newton, unedited

Episode 90 of 'Tomorrow'

Culture Apr 17
Earth Day is the most psychedelic holiday

Nature is wild.

Culture Apr 17
Anime comes bearing hope

‘Your Name’ and other anime are inherently optimistic stories of broken worlds.

Culture Apr 16
Worth Reading: Media meltdowns, women pirates, and questionable sci-fi remakes

On this blessed Easter day, let’s read some stories.

Culture Apr 14
The end of “actress”?

Our evolving understanding of gender identity is raising questions about the term, and awards show categories.

Culture Apr 14
Everyone is suddenly obsessed with roses

From fashion to politics, the flower has re-emerged as an inescapable visual symbol.

Culture Apr 13
The porn site that wants to plow you

Literally. PornHub wants to plow your driveway.

Culture Apr 12
People like to watch other people hike on YouTube

A niche online community reveals the duality of outdoor recreation.