Side Note

Facebook’s new commercial becomes an anti-Facebook PSA when you add a choir covering “Creep”

I’m not sure if you’re aware, but Facebook is in hot water. In an apparent attempt to reverse the tide of bad vibes, the social networking giant recently put out a new commercial for themselves trying to convince people of how much we all need them, because they are a company and that is what companies do. It is, to quote The Outline’s Director of Audience Development Bob Marshall, “creepy.” Bob ended up mashing up their commercial with The Vega Choir’s cover of Radiohead’s “Creep” — from, ironically enough, The Social Network soundtrack, and as he tweeted, “wow does it sync up well.”

Because he works with me, I reached out to Bob on Slack to offer some commentary on the video. He said, “I posted it on my Facebook page, so I hope Mark Zuckerberg sees it and appreciates it if it gets automatically flagged for copyright infringement. Also, I’d like to thank The Outline for putting Adobe Premiere on my work computer.”

Bob, thank you for creating this content.