Side Note

Look at some trippy, Hubble Telescope-inspired art

Until a few years ago, the Hubble Space Telescope’s official website maintained a repository of art based on or inspired by the images taken by the groundbreaking telescope. Though Hubble no longer updates its Space Art database (they do, however, have a new one on Flickr), the pictures are still up and they’re dope as hell.

Of the artists that the Hubble team chose to highlight, I’m partial to the works of Shigeru Nakura (images above), as well as Murphy Elliott (images below), who both make stuff that feels simultaneously futuristic and retro, not unlike the cover of an 80’s prog-rock album (or an old Texas Instruments book).

Hubble’s space art gallery can, as you’re about to see, go from fairly normal-seeming to totally batshit trippy, and I love all of it.

Clearly, space art is the best art.