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Ann-Derrick Gaillot

Ann-Derrick Gaillot
Culture Aug 31

The spirit of the alt-weekly is still alive in Los Angeles

A conversation with Jennifer Swann, co-editor of The LAnd magazine.

Culture Aug 30

I miss the old Kanye

The artist’s latest radio interview gave us glimpses of the West we used to love.

Culture Aug 29

The latest conservative cause is getting pissed off about animal crackers

How sweet it is.

Culture Aug 28

Bill Cunningham’s memoir traces a righteous pursuit of beauty

‘Fashion Climbing,’ the fashion photographer’s posthumous autobiography, is just as fun as you’d expect.

Culture Aug 28

My day on an e-scooter turned me into an e-hole

The future may be here, but getting used to it takes some time.

Culture Aug 27

Spotify’s song of the summer: a surprise to literally no one

Dedicating an entire platform to promoting one artist (Drake) really pays off for that artist (Drake).

Culture Aug 24

Great! Another sports documentary about some dudes!

How long will it take major networks to make great sports documentaries about women?

Culture Aug 22

Idris Elba deserves better than playing James Bond

Let’s treat his frequent denials of the role as a gift.

Culture Aug 21

Revisiting the Monica Lewinsky-hosted dating show that was too weird to work

A history of 2003’s ‘Mr. Personality.’

Culture Aug 20

Men are NFL cheerleaders now

When I say “gender” you say “equality, kinda.”

Culture Aug 20

Smokey is the new smoky

A look into an increasingly newsworthy word that is commonly misspelled.

Culture Aug 17

This is what it sounds like when doves sing

23 of Prince’s albums are now available to stream, including one that features his avian friends.

Culture Aug 16

The night Aretha Franklin made President Obama cry

A step-by-step look at the 2015 Kennedy Center Honors performance that moved a nation.

Culture Aug 16

Help! I can’t stream ‘Spirited Away’!

The search to watch a rare Matt Dillon comedy began a crowdsourced quest to find which movies are unavailable online.

Culture Aug 15

Stop remaking good movies and start remaking bad ones

The ‘What Women Want’ remake is imminent. Maybe that’s not such a bad thing.

Culture Aug 14

Mitski wants you to be your own cowboy

A conversation with the artist about her new album ‘Be the Cowboy.’

Culture Aug 13

This year’s hottest cultural trend is goats

The greatest of all-time.

Culture Aug 10

Trump’s Space Force promises to be as dumb as the TV show ‘Space Force’

In the ’70s, a bunch of bumbling idiots took to the stars.

Culture Aug 09

Finding new music in the algorithm age

Six people working in the music world tell us how they do it.

Culture Aug 08

The 2019 Oscars are desperate to attract viewers

New announced changes to the program betray the Academy’s struggle to update.

Culture Aug 07

What would it take for Donald Trump’s Walk of Fame star to be removed?

It’s not up to the West Hollywood City Council.

Culture Aug 07

The television canon is based on what we bothered to preserve

Untold numbers of important television programs have been lost to time.

Culture Aug 03

An ode to back to school shopping

Kid nerds grow up into adult nerds with unhealthy notebook-buying habits.

Culture Aug 01

Young Thug is promoting his new album ‘Slime Language’ with live snakes

But what happens to the ones that are returned?

Culture Aug 01

Finally, gaming comes to Lollapalooza

E-sports and music are meeting on the festival circuit.

Culture Aug 01

‘Minding the Gap’ is an unforgettable coming-of-age documentary

Filmmaker Bing Liu removes the distance between him and his subjects to create a documentary that is intimate without exploitative.

Culture Aug 01

Yelp, my favorite app, is full of assholes

In order to find a good restaurant you must overcome the six kinds of terrible posters.

Culture Jul 31

Surprise! Hollywood still lacks diversity

A new study from the Annenberg Inclusion Initiative shows women, people of color, and people with disabilities are still being excluded from mainstream films.

Culture Jul 30

Guy Fieri is serving BBQ to wildfire victims

Heroes come in many forms.

Power Jul 27

The Outline “slams” media for overusing the word

An evocative term is being used to exhaustion.

Culture Jul 26

Keep smashing Donald Trump’s star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame

While you’re at it, you might as well do the rest of them.

Culture Jul 24

Even more people are ditching cable than you’d think

With so many streaming options, more and more people are doing away with their cable subscriptions.

Culture Jul 24

Parker Posey’s ‘You’re on an Airplane’ makes the reader a co-star

The actor’s new memoir is an extended acting role, which gets uncomfortable when the material gets real.

Culture Jul 23

The R. Kelly boycott is working

The singer’s “I Admit” is a 20-minute long plea to save his dying career.

Culture Jul 19

‘Generation Wealth’ is a sprawling chronicle of decadence and decay

The new documentary from Lauren Greenfield offers a critical but compassionate look at our bizarre, late capitalist world.

Culture Jul 19

When medication is essential to mental health

Four writers on the ways they manage mental illness.

Culture Jul 18

Why the hell does Urban Outfitters sell a mix CD on vinyl?

The nostalgia craze hits a weird low.

Culture Jul 17

Big surprise: Dudes still dominate film reviewing

And they have fewer nice things to say about movies starring and directed by women.

Culture Jul 16

Sacha Baron Cohen’s new show manages to prove we are largely led by morons

That hardly seems like enough these days.

Culture Jul 13

Sacha Baron Cohen has the best publicists alive: Dumb Republicans

Making fools of American politicians is the best promotional campaign ever.

Culture Jul 13

Five ethicists walk into a World Cup party

We asked professional ethicists how to watch the world’s most beloved competition.

Culture Jul 11

The toxic power of music stans

When left unchecked, fan communities can be an oppressive force.

by Ann-Derrick Gaillot

Culture Jul 10

There’s a ‘Handmaid’s Tale’ wine now

Drink the dystopia away.

Culture Jul 10

Edie Fake’s ‘Little Stranger’ is the most delightfully weird, touching comic you’ll read this year

An interview with the artist, whose dazzling new collection challenges readers to rethink comic and societal conventions.

Culture Jul 09

Some good news for African-American historical sites

The John and Alice Coltrane house is just one of 16 sites to receive a preservation grant.

Culture Jul 09

There’s no escaping Drake on the internet

A new viral craze around his song “In My Feelings” reminds how good Drizzy is at inspiring online culture.

Culture Jul 06

Apple Music might finally be overtaking Spotify in the U.S.

A new report suggests Spotify is losing fans.

Culture Jul 03

Read this amazing Twitter history of Missy Elliott

Thank God for #MusicSermon.

Culture Jul 03

Fireworks suck

Who’s with me?

By Ann-Derrick Gaillot

Culture Jul 02

Desus & Mero are happily moving up

The Viceland show hosts are headed to Showtime, and their fans couldn’t be prouder.

Culture Jun 29

Can an independent music blog survive in America?

An interview with Passion of the Weiss founder and editor Jeff Weiss about his website’s new Patreon.

Culture Jun 29

Making playlists for Chipotle is one of the music industry’s most coveted jobs

It’s time for a career change.

Culture Jun 26

Drake’s very Scorpio album is coming out during Cancer season

We asked an astrologer who had never heard of Drake what it all means.

Culture Jun 26

“Just add weed” isn’t a recipe for good television

‘Cooking on High,’ Netflix’s new marijuana cooking show, leaves much to be desired.

Culture Jun 22

#MeToo is a great hashtag but a not-so-great verb

A look at what it means when we say someone got “Me Too’d.”

Culture Jun 21

Oh god, a Real World revival is coming to MTV

It’s time to just let this one die.

Culture Jun 20

BTS and Beyoncé’s stan armies teamed up to game the charts

A joint streaming party in the game of cross-artist promotion.

Culture Jun 19

What makes ABC’s new dating show ‘The Proposal’ so creepy and bizarre?


Culture Jun 18

Two visions of love by entertainment’s biggest couples

On ‘ye’ and ‘Everything Is Love’, Kanye West, Beyoncé, and Jay-Z offer conflicting ideas of romantic and familial love.

Culture Jun 15

Queer Eye Season 2: Even the Fab Five need room to learn and grow

The new season of the Netflix series continues the show’s hopeful tradition.

Power Jun 13

Where is all the affordable housing? Nowhere.

A new report digs into how unaffordable housing currently is.

Culture Jun 11

The West is on fire (again)

Living in an inferno every summer is the new normal.

Culture Jun 08

serpentwithfeet’s new album ‘soil’ is gonna get you in your feelings

The singer gets at the epic highs and lows of love.

Culture Jun 07

Mr. Rogers was the king of catchy tunes

A trip down memory lane to the Neighborhood.

Culture Jun 06

Red Table Talk is a rare show about Hollywood families that doesn’t focus on dysfunction

The conversations between three generations of Smiths offer a model of progressive family dialogue.

Culture Jun 06

Kanye West isn’t done with Wyoming

Wyomingites aren’t going to be happy about this one.

Culture Jun 04

This is why Drake isn’t responding to Pusha-T

A tweet thread for anyone asking themselves “Who is J. Prince?”

Culture Jun 04

The Bhad Bhabie show was an unbhelievable experience

Joining the babies, parents, old weirdos, and twenty-somethings looking for ironic fun.

Culture Jun 01

Kanye West is finally out of ideas

His new album is stale and boring — words that never used to describe his music.

Culture May 31

This year’s hottest cultural trend is hawking Trapper Keepers for big money

The old school supplies are online marketplace gold.

Culture May 30

‘Bundyville’ doesn’t need you to sympathize with the white supremacists in order to understand them

The new podcast is forward-thinking in its exploration of the controversial family.

Culture May 29

Good riddance to racist Roseanne

She’s literally cancelled.

Culture May 29

Common is the most boring rapper alive to help Starbucks end racism

As the honey-voiced rapper aids in anti-bias training we ask: Why???????

Culture May 23

Tig Notaro is a comedy great, even if she insists she isn’t

Her new special ‘Happy to Be Here’ plays with her public image and our assumptions of how comedy should be.

Culture May 14

More musicians should offer subscription services

Neil Young is onto something here.

Culture May 11

If this was the last episode of ‘Atlanta,’ it was a fitting one

Our characters have only changed so much from the start, which feels true to the show.

Culture May 10

Don’t forget: Spotify helped make XXXtentacion

A new decision to remove his music from its promoted playlists doesn’t acknowledge the role of the streaming service in fueling his popularity.

Culture May 10

Spotify has muted R. Kelly

The longtime alleged sex abuser is no longer included on the streaming service’s playlists

Culture May 09

Music streaming numbers are meaningless

A new report suggests Tidal drastically inflated some listener numbers, which isn’t the first time the math hasn’t lined up.

Culture May 08

The swerve heard around the world

Rihanna says she’s no longer friends with Drake. Maybe this is why.

Culture May 08

America needs a monument to Ida B. Wells

A conversation with Michelle Duster about her great-grandmother’s legacy and the appalling lack of monuments dedicated to women.

Culture May 07

Barnes & Noble used to be the villain

Didn’t you guys see ‘You’ve Got Mail’?

Culture May 04

Vine 2 isn’t coming any time soon

The next iteration of the hugely successful app has been postponed for financial reasons.

Culture May 04

We should all be wearing fancy hats

A call for more elaborate headwear, anywhere, anytime.

Culture May 03

The Smithsonian’s archive of hip-hop photos is incredibly cool

The next best thing to seeing the ‘Represent’ exhibit at the NMAAHC.

Culture May 03

What book would you recommend to Kanye West?

We asked smart people to share some knowledge.

The Future May 01

Social anxiety: the video game

Party poopers everywhere, prepare to feel seen.

Culture May 01

The story behind #MuteRKelly

A conversation with Kenyette Barnes, a co-founder of the campaign protesting R. Kelly’s abuse and exploitation of women.

Culture Apr 30

Waste some work hours with this interactive map database

Here’s some data to get lost in.

Culture Apr 27

Leave the yodeling Walmart kid alone

It was all fun while it lasted, but his new song is a bridge too far.

Culture Apr 27

A brief history of Kanye’s fraught relationship with Barack Obama

The two have beef.

Culture Apr 26

The Rachel Dolezal movie has too much Rachel Dolezal

‘The Rachel Divide’ misses an opportunity to talk about how racism actually works, instead focusing on the slights suffered by its subject.

Culture Apr 24

This Rob Ford movie just looks weirder and weirder

The best way to get people to see yet another movie about journalists

Culture Apr 24

Downloading music is more archaic than owning vinyl

A new report about the global dominance of streaming also shows how unpopular downloading music has become.

Culture Apr 23

I don’t think I know what a teenager looks like

And I’m pretty sure I never have.

Culture Apr 20

What’s in a name like “Cannatonic”?

Weed strain names may be bogus, but the entire industry is a mess — a problem for consumers who want to know what they’re buying.

Culture Apr 19

The dating site for Kanye West fans is live

No Taylor Swift fans allowed.

Culture Apr 18

A short timeline of Starbucks’ fraught history with race

The coffee store you can find everywhere has long dealt with accusations of racism and discrimination.

Culture Apr 17

This year’s hottest cultural trend is flip phones

Take your $600 smartphone and throw it straight in the trash.

Culture Apr 16

Kendrick Lamar just made Pulitzer history

Try being humble about that.

Culture Apr 16

Kanye West has mastered Twitter like nobody else

The legendary artist jerks us around on social media, and everybody loves it.

Culture Apr 16

There’s Sprite at the cookout

How the lemon-lime soft drink courted black customers.

Culture Apr 12

Twenty-Five billboards inside Portland, Oregon

A community action group in the city has launched an anti-racist ad campaign.

Culture Apr 11

Revisiting the “celebrity breakdown”

News of Mariah Carey’s bipolar diagnosis puts old jokes about her turbulent 2001 in a new light.

Culture Apr 11

Radius clauses are the least rock and roll thing in music

A Portland music festival is challenging Coachella about a long-practiced industry standard.

Culture Apr 10

Janelle Monae is done being subtle about her queerness

Her new video for “Pynk” diminishes any reservations.

Culture Apr 09

‘The Simpsons’ finally addressed ‘The Problem With Apu’

And it wasn’t exactly gracious or nuanced.

Culture Apr 09

White America still sees Cardi B as its brown girl “bestie”

When does approval shade into condescension?

Culture Apr 05

Jared Leto is back on his bullshit

Ahead of a new 30 Seconds to Mars video, the polymath heartthrob is doing the most.

Culture Apr 05

Enamel pin artists just won a legal victory against companies ripping off their work

They’re one step closer to shutting down their copycats.

Culture Apr 05

How does the music industry measure its devotion to God?

The gospel and Christian Billboard charts highlight the challenge of codifying musical genres.

Culture Apr 04

Looking back at the hug shared around the world

As we grapple with the death of Devonte Hart and his siblings, a viral photo takes on new meaning.

Culture Apr 03

Queering the Map is back

After a Trump troll attack, the sentimental mapping project is up and running again

Culture Apr 03

The Billboard Top 10 is full of assholes

Great new music comes out every day and none of it is Lil Dicky.

Power Apr 02

L.A. Weekly is waging a creepy disinformation campaign against its former writers

The #Speaktruth website just makes the new management look even more out of touch.

Culture Apr 02

Remembering the ’70s activist group that tried to save us from the tech industry

Computer People for Peace were ahead of their time.

Culture Mar 30

Iggy Azalea is back, again

She really wants to do this music thing.

Culture Mar 29

A short history of the very short history of male NFL cheerleaders

Cheerleading started as a male sport, except in professional football.

Culture Mar 29

A Tribe Called Quest’s video career is over

Now’s the perfect time to look back on their first video.

Culture Mar 27

Dan Schneider can’t leave Nickelodeon quietly

Rumors about the producer are at conspiracy-theory levels online. Do they merit attention?

Culture Mar 27

Your favorite pin may be a giant fake

How ripoffs of independent designers are taking over online marketplaces.

Culture Mar 26

Abolish prisons except for the actress who bit Beyoncé

A goofy thing to happen at a party, and also a very real crime.

Culture Mar 26

The return of Aunt Jackie, style icon

An appreciation of Laurie Metcalf’s iconic character, ahead of ABC’s ‘Roseanne’ reboot.

Culture Mar 26

Justin Bieber is pulling a Bob Dylan

Let’s see if he can make a fire Christian album

Culture Mar 23

We need to regulate these disgusting Facebook food videos

I don’t want to know how to make a giant, cheese-filled hamburger.

Culture Mar 22

Queer Eye’s Jonathan is more than just a pretty face and a comb

His podcast uses his unserious image to everyone’s advantage.

Culture Mar 21

Legendary fashion photographer Bill Cunningham wrote a memoir

It was discovered after his death, and will be out this fall.

Culture Mar 20

The first trailer for the new Mr. Rogers documentary is the most wholesome thing online

The next step in what is becoming the year of the beloved children’s show host.

Culture Mar 20

This is what an inclusion rider looks like

USC Annenberg has released a template for open use.

Culture Mar 20

Aubrey O’Day wrote a song that’s probably about having an affair with Donald Trump Jr.

The clues are all there.

Culture Mar 19

It’s official: ‘Sex and the City’ star Cynthia Nixon is running for governor of New York

The actress announced her candidacy today.

Culture Mar 19

Don’t wanna get killed by texting drivers? Move west!

A new study shows which states have the most and least drivers on their phones.

Culture Mar 16

Maryland needs a new state song that doesn’t endorse the Confederacy, and we have suggestions

The new song won’t contain the phrase “Northern scum.”

Culture Mar 16

New ‘Jersey Shore’? Sure, why not.

I'm probably going to watch the Jersey Shore revival.

Culture Mar 15

Snapchat investors meet their greatest enemy: Rihanna

Her recent Instagram story could play a part in the app’s eventual demise.

Culture Mar 15

Here’s the state with the most expensive weed

So it better be absolutely amazing

Culture Mar 14

Kendall Jenner comes out as straight

So brave…

Culture Mar 14

America is about to become a Toys “R” Us graveyard

The major toy retailer is filing for liquidation.

Power Mar 13

International journalists are making a new kind of protest music to escape censorship

A new music/journalism project is taking advantage of streaming services.

Culture Mar 13

Our journey to find the most expensive show on Amazon

An inside look at a wild goose chase through Amazon listings.

Culture Mar 13

The most heartwarming ‘Queer Eye’ story has an incredible new payoff

The show is bringing true love to America.

Culture Mar 12

National Geographic tells the truth: “For decades, our coverage was racist”

How the magazine and The New York Times are attempting apologies.

Culture Mar 12

Julian Casablancas corners you at a party

His latest Vulture interview is a masterclass in music snobbery and ignorance at how the internet works.

Culture Mar 09

How to convince your favorite artist to play in your town

Artists like Mitski are willing to go off the beaten path. We asked experts how to encourage your favorite band to follow suit.

Culture Mar 08

Let’s all bask in Mr. Rogers mania

Welcome back to the neighborhood.

Culture Mar 08

International Women’s Day is for brands

The socialist holiday is also an excuse for companies and corporations to fake their feminist chops.

Power Mar 07

The next governor of New York might be a Miranda

Cynthia Nixon is reportedly throwing her name in the ring.

Culture Mar 07

NME, the most storied British music magazine, is closing its print edition

The publication joins several other print publications to go digital-only.

Culture Mar 05

The man behind Tower Records, the first great chain record store, has died

Tower founder Russ Solomon died on Sunday night.

Culture Mar 01

We finally know who the Millennials are

The Pew Research Center is putting its foot down.

Culture Mar 01

Who watches the NRA’s TV channel?

The organization refuses to share numbers.

Culture Feb 28

The NFL has traded Papa John’s for an even more conservative sponsor

Your favorite pizza chain loves the GOP.

Culture Feb 28

Axl Rose hates Trump as much as you do

The notoriously prickly Guns ‘n’ Roses frontman has morphed into a member of the #resistance.

Culture Feb 27

Music festivals shouldn’t need four years to achieve gender parity

It only took eight to get to the moon, guys.

Culture Feb 27

“Biggie 9/11” is Twitter’s best search

Reading tweets from people who didn't Google first.

Culture Feb 26

How to pretend you’re paying attention

A guide for politicians and everyday assholes.

Culture Feb 26

Hollywood is failing Mo’Nique

Does solidarity include black female comedians?

Culture Feb 21

This year’s hottest cultural trend is 1998

Get ready for more media about things that happened 20 years ago.

Culture Feb 21

The future of history lessons is a VR headset

A conversation with Derek Ham about his new virtual reality experience “I Am A Man,” which takes you inside the protests leading up to Martin Luther King Jr.’s death.

Culture Feb 20

Wakandans miss Vine, too

The best joke in ‘Black Panther’ pays homage to the lost app.

Culture Feb 20

Fight for your right to spray paint

A conversation with graffiti artist Lady Pink about the demolition of legendary graffiti spot 5Pointz — and the lawsuit that may prevent a similar tragedy from ever happening again.

Culture Feb 16

Chris Rock finally lets his guard down on ‘Tamborine’

His new Netflix stand-up special offers a whole new look at the comedian.

Culture Feb 16

Here’s every time George R. R. Martin has lied to you about ‘The Winds of Winter’

A timeline of every false promise.

Culture Feb 15

Eminem should have become an actor

His new video for “River” proves it.

Culture Feb 14

World Dispatch: Trolls tried to flood this queer project with Trump spam

The founder of the Queering the Map project says the LGBTQ memories site was inundated with pro-Trump messages.

Culture Feb 14

How historically black colleges transformed America

A conversation with filmmaker Stanley Nelson Jr. about his new PBS documentary ‘Tell Them We Are Rising.’

Culture Feb 13

Here’s what your favorite song sounds like when slowed down

Spend a few minutes with a very good meme.

Culture Feb 12

Here is the weirdest presidential portrait in the Smithsonian

It’s all about FDR’s hands.

Culture Feb 12

Valentine’s Day is a stupid holiday, unless you’re a kid

How did the holiday become a time-honored classroom tradition?

Culture Feb 08

Mapping queer memories

Queering the Map digitally memorializes first loves, relationships, and heartbreaks all around the world.

Culture Feb 08

Friendship lasts forever, friendship never ends

The latest Spice Girls reunion tour promises a hopeful narrative.

Culture Feb 07

When is a children’s coloring book really an FBI conspiracy?

The Black Panther Party wasn’t trying to teach kids to shoot cops, no matter what the government said.

Culture Feb 07

Quincy Jones is the best interview in the world

Every celebrity could learn a lesson from him.

Culture Feb 06

Queer Eye is gazing at a whole new world

2018 is a lot different from 2003.

Culture Feb 05

Rich Brian changed his name. Now he wants you to take him seriously.

The rapper once known as Rich Chigga is trying to be more than an ill-conceived racial joke.

Culture Feb 02

Shithole, nasty woman, and the corny rush to “reclaim” words

Some words can be left off your totebag.

Culture Feb 02

A Montana resident reviews Justin Timberlake’s “Montana”

How well does a man of the woods sing about the woods?

Culture Feb 01

How urging Lorde to cancel a Tel Aviv concert got two activists sued

A relatively new law may challenge future boycotts against Israel.

Culture Feb 01

Four ethicists walk into a Super Bowl party

We asked professional ethicists how to watch the year’s most guilt-inducing sporting event with a clean conscience.

Culture Jan 31

The band that loves America

A timeline of how U2 became the most patriotic, pro-USA band in the world.

Culture Jan 30

Appalachia deserves more than J.D. Vance

A conversation with Elizabeth Catte, author of ‘What You Are Getting Wrong About Appalachia.’

Culture Jan 29

Bruno Mars deserves it, baby

His big win at the Grammys underscored a new reality: The pop star has carved out a modicum of respect.

Culture Jan 26

I love your face tattoo, are you a Soundcloud rapper?

Face tattoos are all over the place, and so are their meanings.

Culture Jan 25

Erykah Badu will not be your woke savior

A controversial Vulture interview should force people to ask what they really expect of their faves.

Culture Jan 24

Please let the hot people out of these barns

Why is fashion obsessed with them right now?

Culture Jan 23

This was James Franco’s year, until it wasn’t

‘The Disaster Artist’ was snubbed almost entirely from the Academy Awards.

Culture Jan 22

Tune-Yards’ latest album feels like homework

A well-intended meditation on white guilt is mostly made for white people.

Culture Jan 19

Tig Notaro’s ‘One Mississippi’ should’ve never been cancelled

As Amazon pivots to blockbuster content, it risks losing its most original shows.

Culture Jan 18

Tough love, but make it fashion

Tyra Banks is back and she’s still the best.

Culture Jan 17

Why high-performance gear suits my low energy lifestyle

Thermal leggings are just the thing for rolling out of bed and walking two feet to the kitchen.

Culture Jan 16

Life After Vine

Christiana Gilles was on her way to being a Vine star, until the app suddenly shut down. One year later, she’s still finding her creative path.

Culture Jan 15

Tiffany Haddish’s Hollywood

A quick look at the actor-comedian’s rise to bankability and how Hollywood has changed during her ascent.

Culture Jan 11

Cupcakke is rap’s raunchiest rapper, and one of its most sensitive

Her new album ‘Ephorize’ is all about the emotional freedom provided by getting it on.

Power Jan 10

Oprah already runs the world

A short guide to Oprah’s influence in and out of politics.

Culture Jan 08

Why is Will Smith trying to be the next Jake Paul?

More and more mega-celebrities are turning to vlogging.

Culture Jan 08

More than Moonlight: Alex Hibbert is a child actor worth watching

On Showtime’s ‘The Chi,’ Hibbert has a chance to become what young black actors rarely are: a regular.

Power Jan 04

“Sexual misconduct” is a numbingly vague term

The media’s reliance on “legal phrases” in describing sexual violence distances readers from reality.

Culture Jan 02

Justin Timberlake is rebranding as a white man

The former *NSYNC singer is the latest pop star to embrace his “authentic” roots.

Culture Jan 02

Black Mirror’s bleak landscapes are as terrifying as its stories

An appreciation of one of the most beautiful parts of the show.

Power Dec 22

A year of yelling at Republicans

Let it out. Swipe or scroll to read more.

Culture Dec 20

Eminem is not the political voice we need

There are limits to a woke rebranding.

Culture Dec 20

What if a legend is also a villain?

Chuck Berry was an undeniable pioneer and an irredeemable pervert. When he died in March, no one was sure how to mourn him.

Culture Dec 19

10 jobs, 1 year

What was it like to work in 2017?

Culture Dec 15

Bhad Bhabie is a new model of teen star

From "cash me outside" to rap stardom, Danielle Bregoli is working out her youth one hater at a time.

Culture Dec 11

Did Moogfest mess up?

How the festival’s early lineup announcement sparked a conversation about tokenization and inclusiveness.

Culture Dec 08

What I, Tonya gets right about the celebrity biopic

Whom can we believe about Tonya Harding?

Culture Dec 06

Taylor Swift is the queen of silence

Why she stands out on TIME’s Person of the Year cover.

Culture Dec 05

Billy Bush’s redemption tour is cynical as hell

His return to public attention is a dubious sign.

Culture Dec 04

What Netflix doesn’t want you to know about how its synopses are written

A (kind of) arduous quest for the truth.

Culture Dec 01

The government might get to auction off Martin Shkreli’s Wu-Tang album

That is, if the convicted pharmaceutical CEO still owns it.

Culture Nov 29

Stumbling through TV’s first year with President Trump

One year later, scripted TV is still figuring out how to talk about the president.

Culture Nov 28

Who are Nothing More, the band nominated for every rock Grammy?

The potential award winners show just how out of touch the awards are with the current rock landscape.

Culture Nov 21

What about the problem with Kahn?

Hari Kondabolu’s ‘The Problem With Apu’ doesn’t have all the answers, but it opens the discussion about minority cartoon characters and the white actors who portray them.

Culture Nov 16

One made-for-TV movie to underwhelm them all

Revisiting a Lord of the Rings adaptation that went very wrong, as Tolkien’s series heads to Amazon.

Culture Nov 13

The ‘search angels’ who reunite birth families on Facebook

How one online search group is working to connect adoptees with their origins.

Power Nov 09

Meet Montana’s first black mayor in more than a century

A conversation with Wilmot Collins.

Culture Nov 08

Silenced by stereotypes

The public is slow to legitimize assault allegations when they come from celebrities deemed “messy.”

Culture Oct 26

When “stan” became a verb

A brief history of the term’s evolution.

Culture Oct 17

Autumn is boring, and that is good

How one season gives us all the space to be unremarkable.

Culture Oct 16

Sarah Silverman’s liberal bubble

What “I Love You, America” gets right and wrong about liberal-conservative relations.

Culture Oct 06

Shark Tank and the myth of capitalist benevolence

How the reality TV show pushes the idea that only certain people can succeed.

Culture Oct 04

Food writing in “flyover country”

How food writers approach their work when they don’t live in restaurant-filled metropolises.

Culture Sep 21

Nardwuar, the most mysterious man in music journalism

The Canadian man who has spent 30 years keeping interviews interesting.

Culture Sep 19

Tom Brady doesn’t want to talk about CTE

The five-time Super Bowl champion’s new book fails to acknowledge the disease.

Culture Sep 18

Writing with the Trap God

A conversation with the the co-author of Gucci Mane’s autobiography about working on one of the year’s most-anticipated books.

Culture Sep 14

Sober celebrities are more visible than ever

Pop culture glorifies partying, but a wave of sober stars is pushing back on the status quo.

Culture Sep 08

Immigrants are still punchlines on TV comedies

Many seemingly progressive shows harbor their own, subtle versions of xenophobia in which immigrants are visible only as goofy sidekicks.

Culture Sep 06

Mainstream news is losing its Native American lens

Indian Country Today Media Network’s hiatus is a blow to the media industry.

Culture Aug 31

Tourists in denial

There is a fine line between experiential travel and colonialist tourism, and a new Vice and AirBnB collaboration crosses it.

Culture Aug 25

Gossip is good

Society would be worse off without it.

Culture Aug 24

A short history of black-Jewish relations in the U.S.

Conversations about tensions between black and Jewish communities in the U.S. are very visible right now, but they’re nothing new. Swipe or scroll to explore.

Culture Aug 24

Black-Jewish relations in the U.S. have never been simple

Tensions between black and Jewish Americans may seem more visible right now, but the history behind them runs deep.

Culture Aug 17

The growing movement to celebrate black-owned restaurants

Black restaurant weeks have arrived.

Culture Aug 15

Does TV sex have to be safe?

Why fans of HBO’s ‘Insecure’ are talking about the show’s depictions of condom use.

Culture Aug 10

The Great American Eclipse is turning small towns upside down

Fears over accommodating eclipse tourists have inspired at least one crowdfunding campaign.

Culture Aug 09

‘Best of’ lists are the worst

The constant search for the elusive “best” is making us neurotic and stupid.

Culture Aug 08

Bollywood is coming to America

Streaming companies are showing an interest in Indian film and TV.

Culture Aug 07

Hoaxes are a terrible way to promote your album

What recent music marketing publicity stunts reveal about arts journalism.

Culture Aug 04

A popular healthy eating trend only works if you’re rich

A new study of the Mediterranean diet demonstrates the importance of access to high-quality, healthy foods.

Culture Aug 03

Some NFL cheerleaders make less than minimum wage

Meanwhile, players average over $2 million per year.

Culture Aug 02

The token women of hip-hop radio

What do we expect of women when their male guests and co-hosts behave badly?

Culture Jul 31

Latinx characters are still missing from Hollywood

A new study shows how much further diversity in film has to go.

Culture Jul 27

Lamar Odom gets honest about his addiction

The former NBA player, now in recovery, published a candid essay about his history with cocaine.

Culture Jul 27

A documentary won’t make me vegan

What ‘What the Health’ misses in its promotion of plant-based diets: race and poverty.

Culture Jul 25

There is now no question that playing football is bad for your brain

A new study makes the link between football and a devastating neurodegenerative disease clearer than ever.

Culture Jul 24

Movies about black women sell tickets

Way more people saw ‘Girls Trip’ than ‘Rough Night’ during their respective opening weekends.

Culture Jul 24

Stan down: When super fans move on

How a group of Kendall Jenner stans showed fans of problematic celebs a way out.

Power Jul 20

O.J. Simpson granted parole during livestream

He'll be eligible for release in October.

Culture Jul 20

Wax museums are a scam

If Madame Tussauds can’t get Beyoncé right, why does it exist?

Culture Jul 19

Why art collectives are gaining ground

NYC-based BUFU is using art as a means of black-Asian solidarity and resistance.

Culture Jul 19

America is still obsessed with OJ Simpson

An upcoming parole hearing will be broadcast live on ESPN and covered closely by other networks.

Culture Jul 18

Hip-hop and R&B are officially the U.S.’s dominant music genres

A new Nielsen Music report confirms what music fans already knew to be true.

Culture Jul 17

A live version of ‘Cops’ is the most disturbing show on TV

A&E’s ‘Live PD’ won’t bring transparency to policing.

Culture Jul 13

Disney’s biggest problem isn’t casting, it’s racism

The ‘Aladdin’ live-action remake is off to a rough start.

Culture Jul 12

PETA is fighting for a monkey’s right to copyright

A San Francisco court heard arguments about whether or not an animal can hold and defend its rights to a selfie.

Power Jul 05

Oregon is making its public school curriculums less white

A newly signed law is attempting to make amends for how white social studies are in grade schools.

Culture Jul 03

Body-positive advertising isn’t enough

Thoughtful swimwear ad campaigns are pointless without thoughtfully designed garments.

Power Jun 29

Young adults want to buy homes but can’t afford them

A new study shows how out of reach homeownership is for most millennials.

Culture Jun 29

Why “woke” was added to the dictionary

You’re thinking about the dictionary all wrong, lexicographers say.

Culture Jun 28

Forever 21 and Gucci are fighting over stripes

Fast fashion and luxury fashion copyists are facing off in the legal system.

Culture Jun 28

What’s behind the U.K.’s bizarre love of charity singles?

Charity singles and benefit concerts regularly find more success in the U.K. than anywhere else.

Culture Jun 26

The Tupac biopic is a flop in every way

Bad reviews and legal controversy have followed ‘All Eyez on Me’ since its release a week ago.

Culture Jun 23

Big Baller Brand has more $495 shoes to sell

The family-owned company is ready to capitalize on Lonzo’s joining the Lakers.

Culture Jun 22

What to do when a celebrity rips you off

Legal expert Julie Zerbo on how designers can protect themselves from copycats.

Culture Jun 21

The YMCA is finally embracing “Y.M.C.A.”

The Australian branch of the organization has called on Boy George to record a cover of the song.

Culture Jun 19

Reality TV therapy is suspect as hell

So why is it allowed to air?

Culture Jun 19

The Slants just made things easier for The Redskins

The Supreme Court ruled that groups with potentially offensive names can trademark them.

Culture Jun 16

The NCAA is ruining sports for everyone

The decision of two sisters known for basketball and music to leave UNLV is a wakeup call. Will the NCAA listen?

Culture Jun 14

The future of stock photography could be less white

Stock photography promotes narrow, homogeneous stories. The founders of TONL are trying to change that.

Culture Jun 13

How to say sorry when you’re famous

Despite the PR teams behind them, famous people don’t know how to apologize.

Culture Jun 12

What we can learn from a burrito scandal in the Northwest

Why Portland chefs are talking about cultural appropriation.

Culture Jun 09

American Ninja Warrior’s level playing field

‘Elite’ sports are gendered, but American Ninja Warrior suggests they needn’t be.

Culture Jun 08

It’s time to ban Native American mascots

Massachusetts could become the latest state to prohibit public schools from using Native American-themed imagery.

Culture Jun 07

Is Gwyneth Paltrow distancing herself from Goop?

The actress and Goop founder may be realizing that junk science is bad for her brand.

Culture Jun 06

HGTV’s hidden dark side

Home ownership fantasy shows are entertaining, escapist, and often missing an important reality.

Culture Jun 02

The Glory

A photographic reminder of the emotions that make the NBA Finals so thrilling

Culture May 31

When spellers became athletes

The delightful story of how the Scripps National Spelling Bee found a home on ESPN.

Culture May 26

Even surprise albums can’t surprise us anymore

When every day brings a new scandal, unannounced album drops just don’t work like they used to.

Culture May 25

Understanding “ethnic” food trends

When cuisine from immigrant communities becomes trendy, the profits aren’t distributed equally.

Culture May 19

What’s in a job?

A look at the daily routines of nine workers and a labor-themed playlist.

Culture May 18

The weather isn’t small talk

The weather is one of the most important parts of our lives. Let’s talk about it.

Culture May 17

The enduring mystery of @ShinobiNinja

A conversation with Shinobi Ninja’s Duke Sims about why the band uses Twitter in the weird way it does.

Culture May 12

In defense of Big Baller Brand

A black-owned business breaking into a white-dominated industry is finding few supporters in its corner.

Culture May 11

The failed experiment of the digital album booklet

MP3s and streaming platforms replaced CDs, but what replaced liner notes?

Culture May 10

Mother’s Day marketing is getting weirdly sexual

Is sappy and sentimental really so bad?

Power May 04

Anatomy of a botched response to a school stabbing

University of Texas students were left uninformed about a fatal stabbing on their campus.

Culture May 03

TV is reliving the L.A. riots, over and over again

Exploring why television remembers what it remembers when it does.

Culture Apr 19

The rise of “hotep”

The word's evolution online highlights divisions in the fight for black liberation.

Culture Apr 12

People like to watch other people hike on YouTube

A niche online community reveals the duality of outdoor recreation.

Culture Apr 10

Stop collaborating and listen

Pop stars love to link up with each other, but the results are often boring and formulaic.

Culture Apr 06

Black-Asian animosity is an American tradition

Small businesses owned by Korean-Americans are the epicenter of a tense decades-long relationship.

Culture Mar 25

The story about missing black girls is lacking important context

Growing awareness of the nationwide crisis should have us asking more questions of ourselves.

Culture Mar 24

O.J. Simpson and Casey Anthony may get a joint reality TV show

Because this is America.