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Shuja Haider

Shuja Haider
Shuja Haider is a writer-at-large for The Outline and an editor at Viewpoint Magazine. He has also written for the New York Times, The New Republic, Pitchfork, and The Believer.
Culture Apr 02

Hanging on the telephone

The pandemic has turned our social lives into software.

Culture Mar 23

10 recipes for non-bakers with flour and time on their hands

Advice on taking up quarantine's hottest new hobby.

Power Mar 20

Left to ourselves

Whatever happens, the Bernie Sanders campaign matters because it's part of a movement.

Power Mar 12

It’s insane that the U.S. doesn’t have paid sick days

During a global pandemic, Congress still wants you to go to work.

Power Mar 05

Young people should be seen and not heard, say Democrats

Yes, there is a Democratic establishment, and it is at war with its biggest constituency.

Power Feb 27

How to be a Democrat, according to Republicans

Beware the advice offered by your literal opponent.

Power Feb 21

The world’s biggest threat to democracy is the Democratic Party

The selection of a nominee has never really been the result of a representative electoral process.

Power Feb 16

Area Nigerian man not secretly Buttigieg campaign adviser

We spoke to the mysterious Chinedu, who is not Buttigieg senior adviser Lis Smith.

Power Feb 12

Time for Joe Biden to ride off into the sunset

The macho, swaggering 20th-century American politician is a thing of the past.

Power Feb 05

Just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean they didn’t rig the Iowa Caucus

Conspiracy theories aren’t always true, but that doesn’t mean something isn’t up.

Culture Jan 27

Don’t leave jazz to the jazz guys

The music is more than a personality trait.

The Future Jan 15

For whom the ratio trolls

Twitter's new “conversation dynamics” tools will benefit only its most elite users.

Power Jan 07

Who is the world’s No. 1 bad guy?

Opponents of war don’t need to equivocate over the assassination of Iranian general Qassem Soleimani.

Power Jan 02

Barack Obama’s top 10 secret government surveillance programs of 2019

The danger of being too impressed with a powerful man’s good taste.

Culture Dec 27

The Great British Murdering Show

Knives Out is a British mystery with a (fake) American accent.

Power Dec 10

Pete Buttigieg owes us some answers

Candidates should be accountable to student activists, not corporate donors.

Culture Nov 27

You have to follow the recipe

Baking is not a fucking game.

Power Nov 21

A not-so-great debate

These Democrats are killing me.

Culture Nov 20

The house liquor of the Muslim world

How Johnnie Walker Black became the favorite drink of the world's biggest religion.

Power Nov 12

Postmodernism, explained and explained and explained again

You don't need a whole school of philosophy to figure out Trump.

Power Nov 06

Ignore everyone making political predictions

Pollsters and pundits do not deserve your trust or attention.

Power Oct 29

It is our moral duty to boo the president

Boo Trump at the World Series. Boo him at the White House. Boo him at McDonald’s!

Power Oct 25

Are you now or have you ever been a Russian asset?

Accusations of McCarthyism are often confused or meaningless. But not always.

Culture Oct 18

The pundit and the hobo

A conservative op-ed writer mistakes American labor history for a fantasy land.

Power Oct 16

Mr. President, I am arresting you for Twitter crimes

Kamala Harris’s attempt to put Trump in Twitter Jail reveals the limits of the marketplace of ideas.

Power Oct 11

He’s not a war criminal, he’s my friend

Big week for pals of very, very bad people.

Power Oct 04

Bernie Sanders is still running for president

It just took a blocked artery for the political media to notice.

Power Sep 30

Centrist-child syndrome

Two of the Democratic party’s most proudly moderate candidates seem to still be rebelling against their Marxist dads.