Brianna Wu says the Gamergate playbook poisoned the election

Now she's taking matters into her own hands and running for Congress.


Brianna Wu says the Gamergate playbook poisoned the election

Now she's taking matters into her own hands and running for Congress.

Brianna Wu says the Gamergate playbook poisoned the election

Now she's taking matters into her own hands and running for Congress.

Software engineer, game developer, and activist Brianna Wu has had a busy month. She's announced a run for a seat in the U.S. House of Representatives (representing District 8 in Boston), and last week the FBI released its Gamergate records, which documented their investigation into relentless harassment and threats against Wu. She was shocked to see that very few of her own reports were followed up on.

Wu draws a direct line from Gamergate to the Trump White House. “At the height of Gamergate,” she says, “I had two calls with Obama's White House. And we were very serious, and they told me they were going to get serious about prosecuting Gamergate. And they didn't. I personally blame Obama for Hillary losing. ... I believe that if Obama had followed through on Gamergate and the prosecutions there, which we talked about and they said they were working on, I believe that this playbook for the alt-right would not have poisoned the entire election.”

She spoke at length with our Editor-in-Chief Joshua Topolsky about Gamergate, tech literacy in government, and her campaign strategy as she prepares for her Congressional run. You can hear the entire interview above in today's episode of Tomorrow.

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Brianna Wu says the Gamergate playbook poisoned the election