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John Lagomarsino

John Lagomarsino
Culture Oct 01

Let ‘The Outline World Dispatch’ save you from your commute

Your ears are too empty.

Culture Sep 11

Hear ‘The Outline World Dispatch’ on Spotify

Not your everyday every-day podcast

The Future Aug 24

Why are there so many knobs in GarageBand?

Audio software is ugly and confusing. It doesn’t have to be this way.

Culture Jun 22

Tom Perrotta on ‘The Leftovers,’ religion, and that dick scanner

Episode #95 of ‘Tomorrow with Joshua Topolsky’

The Future Jun 12

Apple controls the podcast industry

With new user data, that stranglehold will tighten.

The Future Mar 23

This neural network has learned how to choreograph for DDR

“Dance Dance Convolution” makes step charts automatically.

Power Feb 08

Donald Trump can’t stand McKay Coppins

A chat with the Atlantic writer about where we are, why, and what comes next

Power Feb 01

Brianna Wu says the Gamergate playbook poisoned the election

Now she's taking matters into her own hands and running for Congress.

Culture Jan 18

Classical musicians are human, too

And they have the best blooper reels to show for it.

The Future Jan 11

The Music Genome Project isn’t done

Pandora is still betting that humans know music better than machines. How’s that working out?

Culture Dec 21

It’s all in your head

Auditory illusions make you hear things that aren’t really there.

Culture Dec 14

The audience is listening

Movie sound goes beyond the movies

Culture Dec 07

Hear people die

Meet the community that wants to hear death as it happens.

Culture Dec 06

Out West #8: Violent Ends

We made it.

Culture Nov 29

Out West #7: The Ribbon Cutting Theory

Who is dead, and who will die?

Culture Nov 22

Out West #6: The Complete Timeline

It's all coming together.

Culture Nov 15

Out West #5: The Real Brain Theory

Everyone is a host.

Culture Nov 08

Out West #4: Ford is a Host

People are hosts and hosts are people.

Culture Nov 01

Out West #3: The Maze

The one with the orgy scene

Culture Oct 25

Out West #2: The No Arnold Theory

We know who the Man in Black is.

Culture Oct 21

Out West #1: The Multiple Theresas Theory

There's a new podcast in town.