Lewis Wallace isn’t being objective

Episode 91 of 'Tomorrow'


Lewis Wallace isn’t being objective

Episode 91 of 'Tomorrow'

Lewis Wallace isn’t being objective

Episode 91 of 'Tomorrow'

In this episode of Tomorrow with Joshua Topolsky: Lewis Wallace, an independent journalist and former writer for Marketplace, gets brutally honest about journalistic objectivity. Is there a view from nowhere? Of course not. "Nowhere" isn't a place, silly.

So what does this mean for storytelling? What does this mean for reporting? What does this mean for society? These two have some of the answers but, naturally, they have their own opinions and visions of the future.

Take in Episode 91 with the full knowledge that it, and everything else you listen to, will not contain objective truth. But it, unlike most things, will be chock full of sharp ideas and meaningful revelations.

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