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Jeremy Gordon

Jeremy Gordon
Culture Mar 30

Watch now: These people’s lives are ruined

Two new documentaries, ‘Tiger King’ and ‘Dark Side of the Ring: Benoit,’ probe events both unbelievably stupid and unspeakably cruel.

Culture Mar 26

So what are you playing right now?

Gaming is a uniquely versatile entertainment built for staying indoors — if you can spare a moment to think about anything but current events.

Culture Mar 18

Release that shit

As we remain at home due to coronavirus, we’re all in desperate need of distraction — a new movie or video game would help.

Culture Mar 17

Farewell, tour

Book events are an essential opportunity for authors to promote new work, but hundreds have been canceled due to coronavirus.

Culture Mar 12

Now is not the time for talk of your protest vote

Voting for someone you don’t want is like getting your flu shot — you do it for everyone else.

Culture Mar 10

Nice try, bro

The Bernie Bro stereotype has driven political conversations for nearly four years, without anyone really deciding if it matters.

Culture Feb 13

I love mediocre sports teams

Sometimes, sports aren’t transcendent or even transcendently awful — they’re just... there.

Culture Feb 10

Thanks for laughing, and remember your place

This year’s Oscars repeatedly referred to their lack of diversity — a joke that swiftly lost its humor.

Culture Feb 07

Sometimes it makes sense why celebrities avoid the media

The internet is built to highlight the dumb stuff famous people say, as Billie Eilish learned this week.

Culture Feb 03

I’m Upset: Give me back my Sundays

The Oscars, the Grammys, and the Super Bowl all happen this year on consecutive Sundays. It’s too much.

Culture Jan 31

Finally, a movie for guys

Sam Mendes’s war epic ‘1917’ is more than the same old Oscar bait, but something sleekly modern and entirely empty.

Culture Jan 27

Two things can be true, but one is always mentioned first

Kobe Bryant was an incredible basketball player; he also admitted to sexual assault.

Culture Jan 23

Dear God, do I really game that much?

The numbers don’t lie — well, maybe a little, I hope.

Culture Jan 13

Antonio Banderas should win an Oscar for ‘Pain and Glory’

If only it wasn’t for that stupid Joker.

Power Jan 07

How to be wrong

When the stakes are high, we must embrace the possibility we just aren’t right.

Culture Dec 16

This thing you loved as a kid? It’s for adults now

A planned revival of ‘Legends of the Hidden Temple’ — a children’s show — is explicitly not for children, because that’s not how culture works anymore.

Culture Dec 09

‘Ghostbusters’ is the future of the culture wars

A new reboot brings the franchise back to its ’80s origins after another reboot failed.

Culture Dec 04

Please, no more serious James Bonds

He’s a sexed-up secret agent with a gun in his pen; we don’t need to learn about his childhood trauma.

Culture Nov 22

Cybertruck rules

Billionaires should not exist. But a billionaire gave us this, at least.

Culture Nov 19

Love Baby Yoda, I cannot

Disney has taken its pursuit of cuteness too far.

Culture Nov 15

“Toad sings Chandelier” is the most memorable song of the year

An interview with Melancholiaah, the musician who created this unforgettable meme.

Power Nov 12

If you’re over the age of 23, you’re not allowed to care what college kids are doing

The Very Serious Journalists Who Do Journalism are mad about The Daily Northwestern’s coverage of a Jeff Sessions protest because they have nothing better to do with their time.

Culture Nov 04

Damon Lindelof can’t stop treating his ‘Watchmen’ interviews like therapy sessions

I am tired of this Earth. These showrunners.

Culture Oct 29

What’s happening at Deadspin is a travesty

Fuck Jim Spanfeller and Paul Maidment.

Culture Oct 25

I’m Upset: Deadspin’s terrible, horrible, very bad, no good video ads

The new owners say they don’t want to change much. Well, here’s one change that sucks.

Culture Oct 23

Let people talk shit in peace

Pedants complain that rudeness ignores logic. That’s the point.

Culture Oct 21

This one detail about ‘Watchmen’ is driving me nuts

The show imagines what 2019 would be like, in the ‘Watchmen’ world... with one crucial mistake.

Culture Oct 15

Kevin Durant is on a hot streak

Long vilified on and off the court, this summer Durant has embraced his innate surliness on Twitter.

Culture Oct 10

Joke’s on me for seeing this awful movie

‘Joker’ is a spectacularly meaningless film that justifies none of the endless discourse.

Culture Sep 18

Shane Gillis, Ms. Swan, and when it’s acceptable to make fun of Asians

Of course the fired ‘SNL’ comedian was a ‘MADtv’ guy.

Culture Sep 16

Please watch Fred Durst’s new movie starring John Travolta

‘The Fanatic’ is one of 2019’s most memorable — and exquisitely terrible — cinematic experiences.

Culture Sep 11

This one weird trick will get the media talking about you

Why are so many of my peers obsessed with Caroline Calloway?

Culture Jul 30

When hell isn’t other people

‘Midsommar’ and ‘The Farewell’ depict the necessary emotional cooperation of a harmonious society.

Culture Jul 19

A Good Place: The upsettingly adorable world of Korean Pomeranian Instagram

There are so many good boys and girls, and they all know each other.

Culture Jul 17

I’m Upset: Dusting is a waste of time

Nothing is a better metaphor for the futility of life than the never-ending accumulation of dust.

Culture Jun 19

Electric scooters force you to decide how much of a dick you are willing to be

Is fracturing the social order a tradeoff for getting somewhere a little faster?

Culture Jun 14

Press “like” to pay your Father’s Day respects

Social media makes navigating the holiday when you no longer have a father very fraught, but it doesn't have to be so bad.

Culture Jun 04

I’m Upset: “Win probability” has a 100 percent chance of sucking

Watching sports is to hope for the impossible; “win probability” turns all of that into math.

Culture May 20

Not ‘The Onion’: People actually think ‘The Onion’ helped Joe Biden become cool

It’s an easy story to believe, but the truth isn’t so neat.

Culture May 13

A supposedly great article I’ll never read the same way again

David Foster Wallace’s journalism is, in many ways, inaccurate. But he’s hardly the only venerated journalist to have made stuff up.

Culture May 06

George R.R. Martin can still fix this shit

After years of being mocked for not finishing his books, the ‘Game of Thrones’ author has the chance to redeem the show’s mildly disappointing final season.

Culture Apr 29

Rated W for “White”

‘Her Smell,’ like many movies, is a movie about white people. Do critics have to point that out?

Culture Apr 10

The joy of comparing things to ‘Game of Thrones’

NBA players, U.S. politicians, ‘Drag Race’ stars — over the years, everything has been fit into the Westeros template.

Culture Apr 08

I got this close to the best wrestler in the world

Watching Kazuchika Okada do what he does best reminded me why I love wrestling.

Culture Apr 02

Inside the deranged mind of a Howard Schultz superfan

Comedian Conner O’Malley’s recurring video series has haunted my timeline and thoughts.

Culture Mar 27

The opposition looks just like us

How to think about art in the age of taking sides.

Power Mar 14

The definitive 2020 election matrix

Are they more like Obama or Trump? Bernie or Hillary? All this, and more.

Culture Feb 25

It’s revolting that Bryan Singer wasn’t mentioned at the Oscars

Hollywood’s inability to address the predator in its midst speaks to the industry’s broad hypocrisy about the injustice it purports to combat.

Culture Feb 19

Bring back ‘The Newsroom’!

We all need something low-stakes to complain about.

Culture Feb 13

Separating the art from the artist isn’t so hard

How do you consume good art from bad men? Easy: in private.

Culture Feb 07

Netflix... chill

Why are the streaming giant’s Twitter accounts so perpetually horny?

Culture Feb 01

What we loved this week: Exploring the death of Gianni Versace, the rich kid adventures in ‘Prep,’ Adam Johnson’s literary fatalism

Here’s the entertainment that got us through the week of January 28, 2018.

Culture Jan 31

Here are the political alignments of every ‘Super Smash Bros.’ character

Samus is a Lean-In feminist. Ryu is a Japanese nationalist. Nobody denies this.

Culture Jan 24

‘Minding the Gap’ should win an Oscar

The award season horse race is irritating, but Bing Liu’s documentary is a righteous film worth championing.

Culture Jan 14

Actually, ‘True Detective’ is good

The show always gives us something to think about, and the new season’s early returns are compelling.

Culture Jan 10

Famous men and their absolutely deranged sexts

Rich, poor, Jezz Bezos — everyone is awkwardly horny, all the same.

Culture Jan 08

Ishmael Reed hates ‘Hamilton’ so much he wrote a play about it

‘The Haunting of Lin-Manuel Miranda’ pushes back at the global phenomenon, to limited effect.

Culture Dec 28

How Zendaya became Meechee

In September, a silly meme summed up the way the internet sounds.

Culture Dec 10

My life with ‘Super Smash Bros.’

For nearly two decades, Nintendo’s fighting game franchise has remained largely the same, allowing it to fit into our lives as necessary.

Culture Dec 04

The fascinating face in ‘My Brilliant Friend’

An appreciation of Michele Solara, resident neighborhood bastard.

Culture Nov 29

From Grimes to Elon, with love

The strange experience of listening to Grimes’ new song “We Appreciate Power.”

Culture Nov 21

A great part of going home for Thanksgiving is the old video games

Plug in your dated console, and dive into your gaming past.

Culture Nov 19

The White House Correspondents’ Dinner will now be intentionally unfunny

Good riddance to a bad tradition.

Culture Nov 12

Realistic Pokémon are an affront to God

The ‘Detective Pikachu’ trailer ventures deep into the uncanny valley.

Culture Nov 08

Vine is back

Byte, a new app from Vine founder Dom Hoffman, launches in the spring.

Culture Nov 08

‘Fearless’ was the last time Taylor Swift could pretend she was normal

Still one of her best albums, it exists as a portrait of the girl next door with eyes on stardom.

Culture Nov 05

‘House of Cards’ didn’t revolutionize TV because it was good

The final, Kevin Spacey-less season ends on a whimper, another unremarkable streaming-only show in a marketplace it created.

Culture Oct 31

What the new ‘Halloween’ gets right about guns

The conservative news cycle got up in arms about Jamie Lee Curtis’ perceived hypocrisy, but there’s nothing to make a fuss about.

Culture Oct 29

Just let the cursed ‘Heathers’ reboot die

Episodes of the show were delayed after a public shooting — again.

Culture Oct 17

I’m working for the man, Citibank card in my hand

A new museum about the Velvet Underground places the underground band in a starkly capitalist context.

Culture Oct 15

Maybe it’s time for “Maybe It’s Time” to become a 2020 campaign song

Jackson Maine’s haunting ‘A Star Is Born’ elegy for a bygone era should push us into the future.

Culture Oct 11

Never befriend Mark Wahlberg

Did he ruin aggrieved Minnesota Timberwolves star Jimmy Butler?

Culture Oct 09

There can be 100 ways to thank someone but Lady Gaga only needs one


Culture Oct 08

Taylor Swift, welcome to the Resistance

After months of criticism, Taylor has finally endorsed a politician. What was all the controversy for?

Culture Oct 02

We have to talk about how ‘The Fugitive’ explains the internet

Have something you just need me to know? I don’t care.

Culture Sep 26

Conspiracy theory: Lil Xan’s “overdose” on Flamin’ Hot Cheetos is an elaborate viral marketing campaign

Are brands back at it again?

Culture Sep 24

Breaking: Zendaya is Meechee

Thank God for former Vine stars.

Culture Sep 17

It’s okay to quit

Buffalo Bills cornerback Vontae Davis retired at halftime, instead of destroying himself for an awful team. Good for him.

Culture Sep 15

What we loved this week

Here’s the entertainment that got us through the week of September 10, 2018.

Culture Sep 13

Fun is good and the ‘Sabrina the Teenage Witch’ revival looks very fun

The ‘Riverdale’ producers strike again.

Culture Sep 12

The new ‘Spider-Man’ game turns the hero into web-slinging Nancy Reagan

Spidey takes a limited approach to an issue the comics have handled with care: drug abuse.

Culture Sep 10

Kanye West is too horny for his own good

“I Love It,” his latest single, hits the bottom of a barrel he’s been scraping for a long time.

Culture Sep 06

Academy Awards formally recognize popular things are bad

Following blowback, a planned “most popular film” category has been cancelled.

Culture Aug 31

The new ‘NBA 2K’ isn’t realistic enough

Playing the game next to Jayson Tatum gives us an idea for a better game.

Culture Aug 28

Louis C.K. doesn’t deserve a second chance as a comedian

His surprise return to the stage this weekend comes without any meaningful restitution.

Culture Aug 23

Can we get some crazy broke Asians, too?

The success of ‘Crazy Rich Asians,’ ‘To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before,’ and Mitski’s ‘Be the Cowboy’ breaks open a conversation about Asian-American cultural representation.

Culture Aug 15

Who watches the men? #11: Nothing ever ends

The final installment of a Trump-era comic inspired by ‘Watchmen.’

The Future Aug 14

Let’s all go back to Tumblr

A reconsideration of the last great blogging platform.

Culture Aug 06

The only Steven Seagal primer you need

A 2014 interview laid out everything there is to know about the action star, who’s back in the news.

Culture Aug 03

‘Christopher Robin’ is made to mess you up

If Winnie the Pooh was a formative part of your childhood, buckle up.

The Future Jul 27

What I want is a single buffalo wing

We can choose anything in the modern food delivery economy — except this.

Culture Jul 26

We’re having a lot of fun with this photo of John Wall

Is he getting loose? Perhaps.

Culture Jul 25

Who watches the men? #10: End of an empire

Part 10 of a Trump-era comic inspired by ‘Watchmen.’

Culture Jul 20

Enjoy these classic works of art reinterpreted as toast

#KunstGeschichteAlsBrotbelag is a good, German internet thing.

Culture Jul 19

Chance the false media savior

An artist notoriously hostile to negative press buying a media outlet raises questions about what he really wants.

Culture Jul 11

Who watches the men? #9: Election Day approaches

Part nine of a Trump-era comic inspired by ‘Watchmen.’

Culture Jul 09

The ‘House of Cards’ redemption tour is weird and unnecessary

Following Kevin Spacey’s firing, nobody can really explain why this show needs to come back.

Culture Jul 02

Why does Drake, an adult, sound like a teen?

His new album, ‘Scorpion,’ doubles down on those petty feelings.

Culture Jun 29

CM Punk was the best in the world

The former wrestling star is now a failed MMA fighter, despite years of striving.

Culture Jun 27

Woof woof! Who’s a heckin’ problematic doggo?

On the inevitable downfall of dumb internet things.

Culture Jun 27

Who watches the men? #8: An unbelievable turn of events

Part eight of a Trump-era comic inspired by ‘Watchmen.’

Culture Jun 25

Here’s Waluigi singing the ‘Westworld’ theme

It makes as much sense as the show.

Culture Jun 19

The music industry is built to boost artists like XXXtentacion

There’s nothing preventing someone just as charismatic and problematic from being elevated to stardom in the future.

Culture Jun 13

Who watches the men? #7: All systems go

Part seven of a Trump-era comic inspired by ‘Watchmen.’

Culture May 30

The startling viciousness of Pusha-T’s Drake diss track

“The Story of Adidon” is a level of precise anger not usually displayed in pop culture feuds.

Culture May 24

Ten years ago, everyone on your Twitter timeline was way dumber

A fun meme comes with a darker side.

Culture May 24

Marco Rubio still wants you to believe he’s a rap fan

And that he never played himself.

Culture May 23

‘God Friended Me’ is a real show coming to actual television

Can you mute the Lord?

Culture May 23

Who watches the men? #6: Up in the woods, down on my mind

Part six of a Trump-era comic inspired by ‘Watchmen.’

Culture May 23

A billionaire and an indie superstar walk into a bar

Why is the relationship between Grimes and Elon Musk so fascinating?

Culture May 22

Luigi is a Republican. Bowser is a fascist. Nobody denies this.

A charming video lays out the political alignment of every ‘Mario Kart’ character.

Culture May 21

The only good men’s fashion is a luchador wearing a suit

A masked wrestler is never more respectable than when he wears his best business casual.

Culture May 17

R.I.P. Young King Dave

“Doink” will be a lasting addition to the weed-smoking lexicon

Culture May 17

It’s time for the Backstreet Boys to change their name

There’s only one possible answer.

Culture May 15

Michael Jordan is very worried about his legacy

Why else is he participating in a 10-hour documentary about himself?

Culture May 09

You’re not a fan of the Avengers. You’re their publicist.

The industry runs on your enthusiasm, and knows you can’t look away.

Culture May 09

Who watches the men? #5: Meet Fearless Girl

Part five of a Trump-era comic inspired by ‘Watchmen.’

Culture May 03

Toward an expanded canon of dad rock

Dad rock usually means music for straight, white, American dads, even though there are so many other kinds. Let’s change that.

Culture Apr 25

Revisit the best music of the last 11 years

Courtesy of outgoing Pitchfork executive editor Mark Richardson.

Culture Apr 25

Who watches the men? #4: Bernie’s journal

Part four of a Trump-era comic inspired by ‘Watchmen.’

Culture Apr 18

Why did the military love R. Lee Ermey so much?

Upon his death, his turn as a gruff drill sergeant in ‘Full Metal Jacket’ was celebrated uncritically by the state.

Culture Apr 13

An ode to the greatest way to say “get a load of this guy”

Before he was a mega-rich actor, Dwayne Johnson was just an insanely entertaining pro wrestler.

The Future Apr 11

MySpace Tom beat Facebook in the long run

Wouldn’t you rather be a rich nobody than whatever Mark Zuckerberg is?

Culture Apr 11

Who watches the men? #3: New elections

Part three of a Trump-era comic inspired by ‘Watchmen.’

Culture Apr 11

HBO’s ‘Andre the Giant’ documentary has one giant distraction

A new movie offers an empathetic look into one of wrestling’s iconic figures; it also rehabs Hulk Hogan’s tarnished image.

Culture Apr 09

Farewell to The Thermals, a pop-punk band ahead of their time

They're calling it quits after a distinguished career.

Culture Apr 06

Conor McGregor forgot pro wrestling is staged

When keeping it real goes very, very wrong.

Culture Apr 02

Ready Player One was supposed to be much worse

It’s a fun, corny movie that will make you think about the limits of pop culture discourse.

The Future Mar 29

I’m the man in the Jabbrrbox

A new startup wants to be the future of private space. Are they onto something?

Culture Mar 27

Finally, the actor from “Stan” knows what “stanning” means

Devon Sawa learned a very important thing, thanks to Twitter.

Culture Mar 19

R.I.P. to Keyboard Cat, an internet legend

The cat made us laugh, and he made us think.

Culture Mar 06

The live-action Winnie the Pooh movie is very real, and has a trailer

‘Christopher Robin’ and a wrinkled bear are coming to a theater near you.

Culture Mar 05

Let Guillermo Del Toro finally make ‘At the Mountains of Madness’

After winning big at the Oscars, Del Toro should get to revive his most ambitious project.

Culture Mar 01

Breaking Monopoly

What if the classic board game had better rules for simulating capitalism?

Culture Feb 16

Drake is a socialist now

More musicians should give away their money.

Culture Feb 14

The ageless joy of Kingdom Hearts

The beloved video game series exemplifies all the best things about being a kid.

Culture Feb 13

The Wire still matters

A new oral history reminds why it deserves its reputation as some of the best television ever made.

Culture Feb 08

Venom stinks, but somehow he has a movie

One of Spider-Man’s biggest villains is also one of Marvel’s least interesting characters.

Culture Feb 01

The walk to the bathroom is the worst part of my workday

Pooping on company time should not be an awkward ordeal.

Culture Jan 26

The XFL is coming back because America rewards liars

WWE founder Vince McMahon is reviving his most notorious failure.

Culture Jan 18

Against “sure”

The most passive-aggressive affirmative phrase is a thumbs up to your face, and a jerkoff motion behind your back.

Culture Jan 16

How to find a forgotten Vine

The Vine archive is disappearing from the internet, so we’d better move fast.

Culture Jan 11

I’m sick of the ‘Stranger Things’ kids selling me stuff

What’s less cute than unearned nostalgia? Unrepentant shilling.

Culture Jan 05

The perfect pop song that finds special resonance in ‘I, Tonya’

Laura Branigan’s “Gloria” highlights an imperfect movie.

Culture Jan 03

The Super Bowl of Japanese pro wrestling is worth losing sleep to watch

Buff dudes! Hard-hitting action! The best wrestlers in the world lay it all out on January 4.

Culture Dec 29

50 cultural things that ruled in 2017

Everything from A to ‘Zelda.’

Culture Dec 24

The time I met God on Christmas Eve

In which our prayers are answered.

Culture Dec 22

That joke isn’t funny anymore

In May, Kathy Griffin showed us the trouble with confusing our sense of humor for political power.

Culture Dec 13

The right way to watch ‘Star Wars’: totally clueless

In an era oversaturated with advance information, it’s more fun to turn away.

Culture Nov 27

The latest ‘Watchmen’ revival is shameless enough to work

DC's latest money grab is artistically craven, and financially brilliant.

Culture Nov 20

‘Justice League’ is a great sleeping aid and not much more

They’ll never stop making comic book movies, but maybe they’ll stop making this one.