Side Note

Marco Rubio still wants you to believe he’s a rap fan

Marco Rubio, remember him? Once, he waged a years-long campaign to be loved and respected, only for people to love and respect Donald Trump a little more. The shame of that would honestly make anyone die — look at Jeb Bush — but Marco is still around and occasionally commenting on current events, in what’s probably a long run bid to once again run for president in 2020 or 2024. (Pathetic, but a boy can dream.)

Anyways, I’m stuck on this thing the Florida senator said this morning, in response to news that Trump is cancelling the planned North Korea summit for petty reasons. “Kim Jun Un, in the words of a wise man ‘Congratulations, you just played yourself,’” he said. Jesus Christ!

Rubio is, of course, referring to popular musician and noted huckster DJ Khaled, who has many, many catchphrases and one about accidentally owning yourself through your own behavior. (Khaled is mostly famous now for being famous and having famous friends, though his contributions to the music he produces remains unclear.) During his aborted presidential run, Rubio was fond of trying to appear like a rap fan, namechecking the Wu-Tang Clan and Tupac and Pitbull in an attempt to appeal to the youngs. He’s back at it again, now trying to pull double duty by referencing his rap know-how and his supposed authority as a reader of world events — bypassing the fact that every rapper would declare their dislike of Marco Rubio if prompted, and nobody outside his family and a few million Floridians think he’s good at his job.

It gets me just a little, man, these craven attempts to wield the culture while conveniently eliding the fact that his political ideology would snuff out all those who enable and enjoy it. But it’s appropriate for Rubio to quote Khaled, in a sense: They’re both frauds.