Side Note

Finally, the actor from “Stan” knows what “stanning” means

Twitter is often bad; nobody needs to tell you this. However, it occasionally does produce moments of kismet that could’ve never happened before its invention — such as last night, when Devon Sawa logged online to praise Christina Aguilera, and came away with a greater understanding of what may be his biggest cultural contribution. Back in 2000, Sawa played the titular character in Eminem’s “Stan” video, whose obsession with the rapper coined a ubiquitous piece of slang: “to stan” for an artist means to have obnoxious devotion for them, to the point of being blind to all their flaws. Hop into the discourse around any pop star — Taylor, Adele, Katy, Beyonce, whoever you can imagine — and you’ll see “stan” whipped around like a 101 mph fastball.

But amazingly, Sawa had never learned what “stan” meant… until he posted an adulatory message about Aguilara. Behold the instructive interaction:

One confusing thing is that last year, Sawa used “stan” in the appropriate slang sense, when declaring his love of Eminem. Of course, it’s possible that his understanding was then limited to the Eminem video; now, he has the full picture. And while he may not be flattered by the legacy, the important thing is that he knows. Thank you for educating him, @mattfuller182.