Side Note

Here’s Waluigi singing the ‘Westworld’ theme

Westworld, as covered on our Out West podcast, is a very silly show. There are robots having sex and shooting guns and questioning the nature of reality across multiple timelines that do not necessarily line up in a way that the viewer at home can understand without logging online to read a billion blog posts or Reddit threads about it. A more discerning viewer might have checked out by now, especially after that highly confusing season two finale, but the heart wants what it wants: a prestige show about murder and partial nudity that makes you go huh?

Anyways, in the spirit of taking the piss out of a goofy show, here’s the Westworld credits and theme song as performed by Waluigi. No context required. Created by Dumbest of All Worlds, and pointed out to us by Digg, it is as low stakes and dumb as it gets. I don’t really understand why people find Waluigi so funny, but it all clicked by the time he starts repeating his name in triple time. Westworld still doesn’t make sense.