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Gaby Del Valle

Gaby Del Valle
Power Jun 08

This map shows the surprising number of fake abortion clinics in NYC

So-called "crisis pregnancy centers" aren't just in red states.

Power Jun 08

Drinkfinity’s $20 “vessel” is Pepsi’s attempt to stay relevant

Introducing a new, healthier not-soda that also provides an upper body workout.

Power Jun 06

Crossfit can't get one week into Pride month without a huge PR disaster

The company's Chief Knowlege Officer was fired after calling Pride a "sin."

Power Jun 04

These vintage NSA posters are weird as hell

The National Security Agency does many things. During the Red Scare, graphic design was one of them.

By Gaby Del Valle

Power May 24

A list of Elon Musk’s terrible business ideas

Musk recently said he wants to invent a ranking system for journalists. It’s not his first bad idea.

Power May 22

The future of the GOP is these racist Georgia Republicans

This primary season, it’s a race to the bottom for everyone.

Power May 22

This game perfectly captures the agony of riding the NYC subway

Stand clear of the closing doors, please.

Power May 19

ConPRmetidos is rebuilding Puerto Rico for Puerto Ricans

Almost one year after Hurricane Maria, a nonprofit called ConPRmetidos is trying to rebuild the island sustainably.

Power May 17

The government is quietly scrubbing information about Obamacare from the internet

A page about the Affordable Care Act’s relation to Medicare was taken down five months ago, according to a new report.

Power May 15

This chart shows just how badly Uber drivers are paid

A new study by the Economic Policy Institute found that Uber drivers in many cities make less than minimum wage.

Power May 14

White House reporters are making bank

D.C. insiders can make up to a quarter-mil for going on tv.

Power May 11

The open office trend is a magnet for creeps

A new study suggests that open floor plans may make women uncomfortable.

Power May 11

The ethics of snail mucin

Snail slime skincare is having a moment. But where does the mucin come from, and what happens to the snails?

Power May 09

Trump hates orange soda

Trump Turnberry, the president’s golf resort in Scotland, recently banned the country’s most popular soda for being too orange.

Power May 08

Please ignore the internet nuts spreading conspiracies about Schneiderman’s resignation

Anyone who tells you the ex-New York Attorney General was set up should be committed.

Power May 07

These women of color want to make the weed industry less white and male

Supernova Women and Asian Americans for Cannabis Education are using education to diversify the marijuana business.

Power May 04

The unemployment rate is down. Here’s why that’s bad news.

Once again, the President tweets nonsense.

Power May 03

Don’t ask sex workers to solve the problem of violently angry men

Suggesting incels should just pay for sex dehumanizes an already marginalized community.

Power May 02

Help bail black moms out of jail for Mother’s Day

VOCAL-NY wants to raise $30,000 to release incarcerated women from Rikers.

Power Apr 30

Airbnb is partnering with landlords to convert apartment buildings into hotels

The company is testing out this strategy in Florida.

Power Apr 27

There’s a black market for succulents now

The plants have become so popular in China and Korea that an illicit plant trade has stepped in to meet the demand.

Power Apr 26

Why are cash registers disappearing from luxury stores?

At high-end retailers, transactions happen behind closed doors and out of the customer’s sight.

Power Apr 24

We’ve reached peak delivery

Please just go to the store.

Power Apr 23

Calling low-income areas “opportunity zones” doesn’t help anyone

Except the developers receiving huge tax breaks.

Power Apr 20

You should never trust a man, new study suggests

Apparently, men are often more willing than woman to hurt others for their own personal gain. Duh.

Power Apr 20

OpSec for activists

This group shows activists of color how to protect themselves from digital threats.

Power Apr 19

So now you need a quarter million dollars if you want to retire — just for healthcare

Most people don’t have enough saved up to pay their medical bills during their golden years. Or, you know, right now.

Power Apr 17

There’s no such thing as a brandless brand

Brandless, a supposedly brand-free digital retailer, is just as reliant on branding as any other business.

Power Apr 16

This startup wants to disrupt your work/life balance

PagerDuty promises to immediately alert employees of a work crisis. Welcome to the always-on-call economy.

Power Apr 13

Soon we’ll be eating lobster dinners all the time

Rising water temperatures have led to a boom in lobster — but this luxury comes at a cost.

Power Apr 13

Yes, it’s possible to be overweight and malnourished

One-third of college students are food insecure, according to a new study. Critics say this can’t be true because of America’s obesity rates.

Power Apr 12

More people are dying of heroin overdoses now that prescription opioids are safer

Two new studies suggest efforts to prevent the abuse of painkillers are simply driving more heroin dependency.

Power Apr 10

The FCC wants pirate radio stations off the air

Immigrant communities rely on these unlicensed broadcasts to stay connected to their roots. Now they could lose the signal.

Power Apr 10

Children in the world’s largest refugee camp are severely malnourished

A new study found that nearly half the Rohingya children living in one Bangladesh settlement are suffering from malnutrition and anemia.

Power Apr 06

The sex workers fighting back against online censorship

Proponents of the Stop Enabling Sex Traffickers Act say it’ll help vulnerable women and girls. Sex workers say it’ll further marginalize them.

Power Apr 02

Most Americans think traditional news outlets publish fake news

And 65 percent of them seem to think all news is fake news.

Power Mar 29

The problem with “badass” women candidates

It’s not actually helpful to fawn over any and every woman who runs on an anti-Trump platform.

Power Mar 27

Cambridge Analytica CEO loves two things: expensive chandeliers and ruining the world

For bored, rich Cambridge Analytica executives, destabilizing developing countries was a hobby, whistleblower Christopher Wylie said.

Power Mar 26

Soon you won’t be able to pee in NYC without paying $5 and hearing a sales pitch

Luluapp, a new pay-to-pee app, wants you to pay to access bathrooms in NYC.

Power Mar 24

These Chicago teens are fighting the underlying causes of gun violence

For Good Kids Mad City, school shootings tell only part of the story.

Power Mar 24

“Education, not assassination”

March for Our Lives attendees speak about their experiences with gun violence.

Power Mar 22

Are duels making a comeback?

Joe Biden recently said he would’ve beat up the president as a teenager if he had the chance. Instead, maybe they should duel.

Power Mar 21

This university doesn’t want any more History or English majors

The University of Wisconsin at Stevens Point wants to replace liberal arts curricula with those that lead to “clear career pathways.”

Power Mar 20

Maybe the NRA should stop trying to have fundraisers in Brooklyn

The gun group is struggling to find a home for an event in the borough.

Power Mar 19

This software encourages call center workers to do more emotional labor

“Emotional intelligence software” is being used to monitor call center employees’ pleasantness.

Power Mar 16

Rich people can’t stop buying luxury apartments and not using them

NYC’s rate of vacant apartments has reached an all-time high.

Power Mar 15

Tech bros told they’re no longer allowed to colonize French Polynesia

The Seasteading Institute wants to build a libertarian island paradise. Now they have to find a new place to do so.

Power Mar 14

This morbid start-up is bringing us one step closer to a Black Mirror reality

Nectome will embalm your brain and upload it to the cloud... eventually

Power Mar 13

Do you want to watch D.C. insiders eat dinner?

Jamie Weinstein and Michelle Fields are trying to bring their VIP-studded dinner parties to the small screen.

Power Mar 12

Pivoting to video didn’t work — so why not pivot to Pinterest?

Instead of fixing a broken industry, the media is trying to find the next Facebook.

Power Mar 09

Is your movie too white and too male?

The ‘Kent Test’ wants to address the limited representation of women of color in film, television, and other media.

Power Mar 09

West Virginia teachers on winning the battle and fighting the war

We talked to three teachers about the longest strike in the state’s history — and what comes next.

Power Mar 09

ICE is detaining teenagers when they turn 18

A lawsuit filed this week claims the agency is violating federal law by detaining teenagers with adults.

Culture Mar 06

There’s nothing romantic about ‘The Bachelor’

‘Bachelor Nation,’ a new book, reveals the fundamental shallowness at the show’s core.

Power Mar 05

David Hogg is mad as hell

After surviving a school shooting, Hogg and his classmates have become some of the leading — if unlikely — voices on gun reform.

Culture Feb 27

This woman’s closet turned me into a revolutionary

A new video series about “extravagant closets” is ready to incite a class war.

Power Feb 22

The backwards logic of putting guns in schools

Students don't want “good guys” with guns to protect them from school shooters.

Power Feb 22

My self-storage hell

Self-storage facilities profit off of people who are too lazy to cancel their units — like me.

Power Feb 16

Some essential reading on gun violence in America

The worst part is knowing how relevant it remains.

Culture Feb 09

Why can’t you listen to Dashboard Confessional’s best album?

‘The Swiss Army Romance’ cannot be legally heard without going to a store.

Power Feb 09

Forced to marry her rapist at 11, Sherry Johnson wants to end child marriage

Johnson is a leading voice in the battle against child marriage in Florida.

Power Feb 05

What the hell is going on at Newsweek?

Editors and reporters are being fired, and current staffers speculate Newsweek’s ties to a mysterious cult are to blame.

Culture Feb 02

The Bachelor’s Bekah M. might be too cool for love

She also might be... a missing person?

Power Feb 02

How Ravi Ragbir went from activist to ICE target

Ragbir was arrested by ICE on January 11. His supporters say the arrest is part of a larger pattern of authorities targeting activists.

Culture Jan 31

What if Florida, the state everyone loves to hate, is actually good?

A discussion between our resident Floridians.

Culture Jan 29

It’s actually not that hard to talk about Aziz Ansari

‘Saturday Night Live’ tried, and failed.

Culture Jan 26

Unsolicited art advice for the Trump White House

He wanted a van Gogh, and got a golden toilet.

Power Jan 24

Every single person who knew about Larry Nassar should lose their job

The former USA Gymnastics coach was sentenced to 175 years in prison. But his enablers are evading punishment.

Power Jan 24

Does Stephen Miller have any friends? An investigation

How many of us? How many jealous?

Culture Jan 23

Is tennis player Tennys Sandgren America’s first alt-right athlete?

According to him, no. According to his Twitter feed...

Power Jan 18

The Women’s March is no longer about Trump

It’s not even really about women; it’s about winning.

Power Jan 17

ICE’s sexual assault problem by the numbers

At ICE facilities across the country, immigrants often face the same abuse they fled in their home countries.

Power Jan 17

Asylum seekers are being sexually assaulted in U.S. detention

Instead of protecting their detainees, immigration authorities are taking advantage of them.

Culture Jan 16

Hollywood should have banished Woody Allen decades ago

If the tide is finally turning, it’s only because there’s no benefit to remaining by his side.

Power Jan 12

Are you white and rich enough to move to Wisconsin?

A new ad campaign aimed at sad Chicago millennials wants a very specific working class.

Power Jan 11

Silenced by the church

A fresh spotlight is on American churches as recent allegations of sexual assault illustrate religion’s role in silencing victims.

Power Jan 09

Joe Arpaio is running for Senate, because we live in hell now

“America’s toughest sheriff” wants to be America’s newest Senator.

Culture Jan 09

The Spanglish on ‘Riverdale’ is driving me insane

Mija, please.

Power Jan 05

Legal weed’s hazy future

Jeff Sessions has a very different view on marijuana than the average voter.

Power Jan 03

Hoda Kotb doesn’t need $25 million a year

And neither does Matt Lauer.

Culture Dec 20

Where the money goes

Americans are shopping more than they have in years.

Culture Dec 20

Purchasing power

The data on holiday spending.

Power Dec 15

Ann Coulter knows it’s cuffing season

Baby, it’s cold outside.

Culture Dec 13

What has Kanye West been up to?

Just checking in... by compiling crucial data.

Culture Dec 13

Kanye West’s year by the numbers

It’s been exactly one year since Kanye West met with Donald Trump at Trump Tower. Here’s what he’s been up to since then.

Culture Dec 13

Clothing companies are trashing unsold merchandise instead of donating it

Retail’s cruelest policy

Culture Dec 06

About that lipstick all your Facebook friends are selling...

Multi-level marketing companies like LipSense blur the lines between sales and pyramid schemes.

Culture Nov 30

The enduring power of aunties

A collection of stories about the complex relationships we have with our aunts.

Culture Nov 29

When David Karp was daddy

Tumblr says goodbye to the only father figure it’s ever known.

Power Nov 28

Jessica Manafort’s Wikipedia page raises more questions than it answers

Paul Manafort has two daughters, one of whom has her own Wikipedia entry. It is not very good.

Power Nov 13

We need to talk about mass murderers

Campaigns to deflect attention away from killers and towards their victims are ultimately misguided.

Power Nov 07

How to kill a union

Shuttering Gothamist and DNAinfo was the only legal way Joe Ricketts could get away with union-busting.

Power Oct 31

Rationalizing sexual harassment doesn’t make it any less bad

Thank you for your suggestion on how to stop sexual harassment, but let’s try something else.

Power Oct 25

No, Black Lives Matter is not a Russian psyop

Please chill out.

Power Oct 20

Asylum behind bars

Asylum seekers come to the U.S. fleeing violence and persecution. Instead, they’re detained for years on end.

Power Oct 16

Guns and the left

Some leftists are rejecting the Democratic Party’s stance on firearm regulation.

Power Oct 10

How should the alt-right be covered?

Milo Yiannopoulos’s game has been obvious from the beginning, and the so-called liberal media keeps getting played.

Power Oct 03

Women’s work is still work

A recent essay on emotional labor missed this point.

Power Sep 29

What your essay on Ivanka Trump says about you

The feminist desire to examine and reexamine Ivanka Trump reveals more about us than it does about her.

Power Sep 27

Who’s afraid of being called racist?

Jonathan Chait accidentally revealed the deepest anxiety of some white Americans: being accused of racism.

Power Sep 22

Conservatives love playing the victim

The website Quillette is trying to convince people conservatism is subversive.

Power Sep 20

The U.S. citizens who are detained by ICE

America’s immigration system is broken, and enforcing officers are still detaining citizens with little transparency.

Power Sep 20

Illegally detained

ICE has no legal grounds to detain or deport U.S. citizens, but that doesn’t mean it never happens. Swipe or scroll to explore people’s stories.

Power Sep 15

Trump may get something better than a wall

Democrats aren’t willing to give Trump the wall in exchange for DACA, but they will give him high-tech border security.

Power Sep 12

The campus rape debate doesn’t have ‘many sides’

When it comes to rape on college campuses, are the lines really so blurred?

Power Sep 11

Evacuate for hurricane, lose your job

Millions of people were ordered to evacuate ahead of Hurricane Irma. Some didn't because their bosses told them not to.

Power Sep 07

Obama, DACA, and the myth of the “good” immigrant

Obama’s defense of DACA is an implicit condemnation of the millions of immigrants who don’t qualify for the program.

Power Aug 30

What does the New York Times Opinion section have against Chelsea Manning?

A recent hit piece lacked merit.

Power Aug 30

There will be more Joe Arpaios

Voter suppression may have helped keep the sheriff in power, and could bolster others like him.

Power Aug 25

The RNC sent out a survey asking if Trump should disband federal unions

The longstanding Republican goal could be accomplished with an executive order.

Power Aug 23

You can now buy $400 pants with a subprime loan

Affirm is trying to convince millennials that taking out loans for things you don't need is cool.

The Future Aug 21

When the money runs out

Fresco News was a growing, promising startup, until it wasn’t.

Power Aug 17

Jill Filipovic’s myopic feminism

In her new book, Filipovic asks exciting questions for women, but doesn’t answer them.

Power Aug 15

The legacy of Joe Arpaio

Arpaio is 85. What has he accomplished?

Power Aug 15

Joe Arpaio by the numbers

Trump is considering pardoning “America’s toughest sheriff.” Here’s what the last 23 years of his tenure looked like.

Power Aug 11

Sycophantic journalists and the monsters they love

Fawning profiles legitimize the Trump cabal but tell us nothing insightful about their subjects.

Power Aug 10

Private prisons love Donald Trump

Immigration arrests can be very lucrative for jailers.

Culture Aug 09

“Empowering” my ass

Empowerment feminism is a movement driven primarily by guilt.

Power Aug 07

Most criminal cases end in plea bargains, not trials

More than 90 percent of state and federal criminal convictions are the result of guilty pleas, often by people who say they didn't commit a crime.

Power Aug 03

Why do liberals love to hate Linda Sarsour?

Criticism of the activist is steeped in Islamophobia.

Power Aug 03

New York City’s housing shortage is a crisis in the making

As affordable apartments disappear, longtime residents are being pushed out of their homes.

Power Aug 02

Trump is pushing a bill to cut legal immigration in half

The bill would most likely harm the economy.

The Future Aug 02

Meatless burger purveyors Impossible Foods just raised a ton of money

Bill Gates ponies up to put us one step closer to a meat-free world.

Culture Aug 02

William Gibson doesn’t think the future will be ‘slick,’ and it won’t be American

In a 2011 interview, Gibson said his debut novel was a pushback against American exceptionalism.

Power Aug 01

Is Trump making MS-13 stronger?

Long Island police are happy Trump is taking on the gang, but some residents are worried Trump’s rhetoric will embolden its members.

Power Aug 01

Trump needs one million people to apply for a job at the DHS right now

Trump wants to hire 15,000 new Homeland Security officers, but a new government report says that seems unlikely.

The Future Jul 31

Reddit wants to look more like Facebook

After raising $200 million in venture funding, Reddit is trying out a new design.

Power Jul 28

Real American terrorists

Far-right protesters claim that Islamberg, New York, is harboring extremists. But they’re the ones bringing real terror.

Power Jul 28

The House just gave Trump $1.6 billion for his border wall

Earlier this month, Trump said Mexico would “absolutely” pay for the wall.

Culture Jul 25

The revolution will not be celebritized

Not every piece of culture has to be considered in relation to Trump.

Power Jul 24

An ICE agent speaks out

An anonymous officer talked to the New Yorker about his problems with Trump.

Power Jul 21

More than half the murders of women are partner-related

Intimate partner violence is a national public health crisis.

Culture Jul 20

Here’s what 26 publicists said when asked about BuzzFeed’s story asking publicists about R. Kelly

A meaningless journalistic exercise.

Power Jul 20

Some Trump voters are starting to change their minds

Trump's support is increasing among his base, but certain voters are having second thoughts.

Culture Jul 19

9/11 truther Charlie Sheen is starring in a movie about 9/11

The first trailer for Sheen’s new movie is now out in Japan, and it looks terrible.

Power Jul 19

Detroit is using federal funding to demolish homes

Michigan was given $761 million to save homes from foreclosure. It’s used half the money to demolish them instead.

Culture Jul 13

Goop scolds Canadian doctor for stating facts

Gwyneth Paltrow's lifestyle website is going on the pseudoscientific defensive.

Power Jul 13

No one knows what a feminist is anymore

Feminism has become the radical notion that we need to talk about Ivanka Trump's clothing.

Power Jul 10

The Senate wants to gut coverage for disabled kids

Only those who meet a narrow requirement will be fully covered by Medicaid under the proposed bill.

Power Jul 07

ICE officers told to target all “removable aliens”

A newly revealed ICE directive instructed officers to take action against all deportable immigrants, including undocumented immigrants without criminal records.

Power Jul 06

Immigration cases are at an all-time high

More than 500,000 immigrants in the U.S. are waiting for their case to be heard.

Power Jun 29

Trump’s travel ban will go into effect tonight

The latest version of the ban excludes anyone who can’t prove a “bona fide relationship” to a U.S. citizen or entity.

Power Jun 28

111 people have ended their lives under California’s right-to-die law

More than half the patients were suffering from malignant cancers.

Power Jun 27

Flint residents are being billed thousands of dollars for unsafe water

One woman's bill is more than $6,000.