Side Note

Do you want to watch D.C. insiders eat dinner?

Earlier this month, Splinter dug up some photos taken at a series of ~ exclusive ~ Washington, D.C. dinners hosted by Jamie Weinstein, who hosts a podcast for National Review Online, and his wife Michelle Fields, who previously worked at Breitbart. These dinners, which are normally 100 percent off the record, are attended by D.C.-based journalists and and revolving cast of Very Important People, including Debbie Wasserman Schultz, John Podesta, and Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke. Weinstein calls these dinners the Churchill Tommy Gun Society, because he makes people pose with a stupid picture of Winston Churchill holding a gun.

All of this would be your standard D.C. society bullshit had the Washingtonian not reported that Fields and Weinstein are shopping around an “interview-style” TV show based on these dinners. Sources told the magazine that a production company has already filmed two of the dinners. “I really have a desire to do conversations,” Weinstein said.

It’s nice that people in D.C. have such an outsized sense of self-importance that they think people are interested in watching them eat even if, a dinner in D.C. is never really just a chance to enjoy a nice meal with your friends.

“In Washington, you can’t just be someone who has a party anymore if you’re trying to get ahead socially,” Washington Post reporter Sally Quinn told the Washingtonian. “You have to have a gig. You need to have an agenda.”