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Jeff Ihaza

Jeff Ihaza
Culture Oct 18

Active Listening: An ode to October’s Very Own

Whatever your opinions on the Canadian rapper Drake, he’s a master of autumnal vibes.

Culture Oct 11

Active Listening: Songs for politics

Wash away the taste of that Eminem freestyle with these actually good political tracks.

Culture Oct 11

This is what the world will look like after the pivot to video

Richard Kelly’s incoherent 2007 film ‘Southland Tales’ feels like watching many new media companies’ video channels.

Culture Oct 04

Active Listening: Songs for sad times

Things are bad. Listen to these songs.

Culture Sep 29

The real star of ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’

The series might be about Larry David, but it’s J.B. Smoove’s character Leon Black who steals the show.

Culture Sep 28

Active Listening: Songs for flexing

Tracks for when you’re feeling yourself.

Culture Sep 26

Neo Yokio’s rich universe

The Netflix anime has built an intricate, wild world. Hopefully, it’s just getting started.

Culture Sep 20

Active Listening: Music to move your body to

Songs to remind you that you exist.

Culture Sep 20

Jake Paul and the awful power of social metrics

The assumption that likes, retweets, or views indicate value reinforces old power structures in the industry.

Culture Sep 14

Shamir’s ‘90’s Kids’ is the ultimate internet artifact

And it’s a tune!

Culture Sep 13

Active Listening: Songs for when you connect

Things feel more isolated than ever, but music can bring us together.

Culture Sep 12

South Park is not subversive

The raunchy animated series enters its 21st season, and it’s unclear why.

Culture Sep 06

Active Listening: A pair of songs for the end of days

Two things to watch and hear.

Culture Aug 31

The story of SongMeanings, the best lyrics site on the internet

The scrappy site has always been about discovering what music means to you.

Culture Aug 31

A conversation with Brooklyn's most controversial restaurant owner

Summerhill, a “boozy sandwich shop” in Crown Heights, has ignited protests about gentrification.

Power Aug 29

Houston’s biblical flood

Climate change is real, and my hometown is on the front lines.

Culture Aug 28

Season of lust

A photo essay and playlist inspired by the things we crave.

Culture Aug 23

How Jay-Z eats the press

Artists are controlling the music media through their power over streaming services.

Culture Aug 21

The Knockdown Center is making space for everyone

The former door factory in Queens is a blueprint for arts spaces of the future.

Power Aug 18

A compendium of racism in the Republican Party

From Nixon's Southern Strategy to gerrymandering, the GOP has long relied on dogwhistle politics to speak to its base. Swipe or scroll to explore.

Power Aug 18

Racism is part of the Republican identity

With some Republicans denouncing racism, it's important to remember the party was built on it.

Culture Aug 11

The Instagram watchdog that calls out fashion counterfeits

Accounts like @yeezybusta are playing a key role in the online resale market.

Culture Aug 10

Arcade Fire gamed the album charts because charts don’t matter

What’s the point of getting a number one album if it’s not actually number one?

Culture Aug 08

People are actually buying copies of Arcade Fire’s new album

A rare album to chart because of sales, not streams.

Power Aug 08

Stop pretending to be poor to make a point

There's nothing revelatory about journalists and public figures cosplaying as poor people.

Power Aug 04

Donald Trump’s Instagram is pretty pathetic

The president is prolific on Twitter, but his Instagram presence is truly sad.

Culture Aug 02

Kanye West is suing his insurer over canceled tour dates

West claims to be owed $10 million after cutting his tour short for medical reasons.

Power Aug 01

The State Department has gone quiet

The department is having fewer press briefings than ever.

Culture Jul 31

Celebs are going viral for mundane acts of kindness

As stars have become more visible on social media, so have their charitable efforts.

Culture Jul 28

The nipple still isn’t free

The movement to loosen Instagram’s nudity policy highlights the difficulty of enacting social media change when the target is the platform.

Power Jul 27

Anthony Scaramucci says Reince Priebus “cock-blocked” him for six months

The new White House communications director had some choice words for his new co-workers.

Power Jul 26

When the victim of a police shooting is white

Justine Damond's death shows how white victims are treated differently from black ones.

Culture Jul 24

People are applying to trademark the n-word

A Supreme Court ruling last month made it legal to trademark offensive words. Some people are already taking advantage.

Culture Jul 21

‘Game of Thrones’ creators defend their upcoming slavery series

The show re-imagines a world in which the South won the Civil War.

Culture Jul 20

More bad news for Spotify

The streaming giant was hit with two new lawsuits this week.

Culture Jul 19

“Despacito” just broke Justin Bieber’s streaming record

Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee’s reggaeton hit has been streamed 4.6 billion times.

Culture Jul 14

SoundCloud was great, until it wasn’t

The streaming service is reportedly in its final days. Perhaps it’s for the best.

Culture Jul 12

Spotify has been accused of a weird scam involving “fake artists”

Multiple reports suggest the streaming platform uses a complex scheme to avoid paying royalties.

Culture Jul 11

People are smoking way more cigarettes in movies

A new report from the CDC points to a rise in depictions of tobacco use in film.

Culture Jul 11

Another fashion label abandons gender

The first collection from Givenchy’s new creative director Clare Waight Keller will feature both men's and women's looks.

Culture Jul 11

Fighting for the right to dance

A 1926 law originally aimed at jazz clubs continues to haunt New York City nightlife.

Culture Jul 07

Kanye and Jay-Z need to be friends again

Hip-hop’s best duo has hit a rough patch. Here’s to hoping they work it out.

Culture Jul 07

QVC and Home Shopping Network’s big plan for the future

The shopping networks are merging in a $2.1 billion deal.

Culture Jul 06

SoundCloud’s future is grim

The streaming company announced layoffs as it continues to struggle financially.

Culture Jul 05

Jay-Z’s blueprint for mental health

The rapper’s 13th studio album, ‘4:44’, is his most sincere.

Culture Jun 30

A white man dreams of sushi

David Bouhadana, the owner of the hip New York restaurant Sushi By Bou, has been accused of faking a Japanese accent.

Culture Jun 29

Kendall and Kylie Jenner should be ashamed

With their new line of vintage T-shirts, the Jenner sisters are the latest people to cash in on Tupac’s legacy.

Culture Jun 28

Minions have made some people very, very rich

‘Despicable Me 3’ will have the widest domestic release in history this weekend.

Culture Jun 27

Give Azealia Banks a chance

Her music is good, and her antics aren’t worse than those of some of her male peers.

Power Jun 26

Minnesota city reaches settlement with Philando Castile’s family

The agreement avoids a federal wrongful-death trial.

Culture Jun 23

Everyone is stage diving

Raucous live shows are taking over rap, making fans expect more extreme performances.

Culture Jun 22

CoverGirl is very mad at Young Thug

The makeup brand didn’t appreciate the rapper’s play on its marketing language.

Culture Jun 21

Major labels want to make money off Latin music

“Despacito” flew to the top of the charts and confirmed that there is an audience for Spanish-language releases.

Culture Jun 20

Billboard’s new chart rules mean labels can’t game the system

The equalizing effect will change the power of weekly playlists featuring various artists.

Power Jun 16

Amazon will acquire Whole Foods for $13.7 billion

The company's quest for domination continues.

Culture Jun 15

NBC pulled an episode of ‘The Carmichael Show’ about a shooting

The show’s creator disagrees with the move.

Culture Jun 15

Do not co-sign XXXTentacion

SoundCloud has brought rap fans together in remarkable ways, but it’s also incubated some of the worst tendencies of mob mentality.

Power Jun 14

Upgrades to appease rich neighbors may have made the London fire worse

Rainscreen cladding, which was added last year, appears to have carried flames up the building.

Culture Jun 14

Dolce & Gabbana just made a horrible decision about Melania Trump

The Italian brand’s latest attempt at generating buzz was an ill-advised dud.

Culture Jun 13

Something not terrible came out of Katy Perry’s live stream

The pop star broadcast 72 hours of content, including conversations about racism, gender, and cultural appropriation.

Culture Jun 13

Don’t buy these $200 Vans ripoffs

Why is Ian Connor still allowed?

Culture Jun 09

Frank Ocean may actually show up for a live show

The singer is set to perform tonight in Denmark. He’s even got new merch.

Culture Jun 08

We don’t need Childish Gambino anymore

It took a long time for the world to understand Donald Glover, and that was the point all along.

Culture Jun 05

Two people were arrested in connection with last year’s Ghost Ship fire

The building's landlord could be facing jail time.

The Future Jun 02

Everything is Snapchat

The five-year-old app managed to change the face of social media.

The Future Jun 02

Apps that look like Snapchat

Everything has a story feature now.

Culture Jun 02

Absurdist dating memes are the best thing online

Rare respite from the social media news cycle.

Power May 31

Here’s what happened when Iran introduced a basic income

The results surprised skeptics.

Power May 31

The idea of ‘looking presidential’ is useless

Trump doesn’t really look like a president, but then again that assumes there is a way a president should look.

Culture May 26

What it’s like to run a skate shop in Lagos

Wafflesncream, a lifestyle and streetwear brand from Africa’s most populous city, is on a mission to inspire and represent.

Culture May 24

The National Endowment for the Humanities prepares for the end

Trump's merciless budget calls for the elimination of the 51-year-old organization.

Culture May 18

Why Instagram Stories are better than Snapchat

By perfecting Snapchat's platform, Facebook has created a monster.

Culture May 15

What ‘Master of None’ is missing

The show’s second season takes a gentrified New York for granted.

Power May 12

The best resistance money can buy

Protests are nice, but if liberals want to make an impact, they need to cough up some cash.

Culture May 11

Everyone is wearing Ikea bags because fashion is weird

Just go with it.

Culture May 10

The man who made ‘Rob & Big’ worth watching

Christopher Boykin, the reality TV star known as “Big Black,” died this week.

Culture May 05

Fyre Festival won't be the last music festival disaster

More festivals means messier festivals.

The Future May 03

Facebook will make more people watch violent videos so you don't have to

Mark Zuckerberg says that adding more moderators will curb illicit content on Facebook. Is he right?

Culture May 02

The rise of the very short song

The radio used to determine how artists made music. Streaming is changing everything.

Culture Apr 28

Ja Rule’s Fyre Festival was a real disaster

Canceled performances, shoddy tents, and lettuce sandwiches.

Culture Apr 26

Album releases don't need branded apps

The Gorillaz's latest app is yet another music industry tech experiment that's frustrating for fans.

Culture Apr 21

Shamir’s radical independence

After being dropped from his label, the 22-year-old singer-songwriter turned anguish into a liberating new album.

The Future Apr 19

Facebook Live will always have a dark side

Even with strict regulations, little can be done to prevent broadcasts of violent crimes.

The Future Apr 18

Amazon is taking over everything

The e-commerce site is on a path towards world domination.

The Future Apr 18

How Amazon will rule the world

The e-commerce giant is on a mission

Culture Apr 14

Everyone is suddenly obsessed with roses

From fashion to politics, the flower has re-emerged as an inescapable visual symbol.

Culture Apr 11

It’s hard to laugh at Louis C.K.

The comedian’s signature dark humor has its limits.

Culture Apr 09

Crying on the dance floor

A photo essay inspired by Kingdom's ‘Tears in the Club.’

Culture Apr 07

Maté soda: a clubgoer’s secret weapon

Carbonated yerba maté fuels many late nights in Berlin and beyond. One American brand hopes to get in on the fun.

Culture Apr 06

There is no such thing as a “Muslim baby”

Demographers use precise language for a reason.

The Future Mar 30

The CEO of Taco Bell and KFC says, yes, robots are coming for your job

By the 2020s, we’ll all be slurping on bot-prepped ’za and AI burritos.

Culture Mar 30

YouTube’s blissful dance music

“Lo-fi house,” a fuzzy, highly danceable subgenre of house, owes its rise to machine learning.

Culture Mar 28

The moral clarity of ‘Animals’

HBO’s dark animated series poses questions as old as time.

Culture Mar 24

Espresso shortbread for the conspiratorial mind

A good snack for finding The Truth.

Power Mar 24

Rick Perry is mad about a student election

The United States energy secretary has a lot on his mind.

Power Mar 22

The Trump administration is going to make the student loan crisis worse

The White House is creating perfect conditions for an economic disaster.

Culture Mar 21

American Mirror: a crash course in trash TV

The country’s soul is exposed in our daytime talk shows. No wonder they’re so hard to watch.

Culture Mar 17

Counterpoint: Rebooting The Matrix is good

Everyone needs to get over themselves.

Culture Mar 17

Trade layers of lies for layers of pumpkin cheesecake

The government cannot spy on you through this dessert... yet.

Power Mar 16

Trump’s budget is going to be very painful for African-Americans

As usual, the billionaire’s actions take aim at minorities.

Power Mar 14

Why should we believe the police?

There is no reason to trust the official record when it comes to police misconduct.

Culture Mar 14

The playlist is the new album

Thanks to new listening habits, artists are assuming the roles of creator and curator.

Culture Mar 10

A new crop of documentaries sheds light on systemic racism

The problem can be explained, but can it be fixed?

Culture Mar 10

Butter mochi for the soul

The reality of Trump’s America is setting in. Make some cake to ease the pain.

Power Mar 08

What is all of this for?

The Republican Party fought to regain control of government. Now it’s becoming clear that they have no real vision.

Power Mar 06

Obamacare costs a third less than what Congress expected

So much for costs being “out of control.”

Culture Mar 03

Sour tart for sour times

Everything is rotten. But lemons are in season.

Culture Mar 02

Kevin on earth

Musician and filmmaker Kevin Abstract was a teenage outsider — now he’s making art that’s essential for all of us.

Culture Mar 02

Instagram is great for selfies, catching shoplifters

Small businesses are finding very new ways to combat theft.

Culture Mar 01

No, we’re not living in a simulation

Strange things keep happening because strange things are bound to happen.

Power Feb 27

Trump hints at a fight over recreational marijuana

The president might be starting a battle he can’t win.

Culture Feb 24

Does Trump like baklava?

Maybe he should try it.

Culture Feb 23

Gold Standard: The Gap

An ode to the greatest American clothier ever.

Culture Feb 21

The teenager who brought us “on fleek” needs our help

Kayla Newman wants to start a cosmetics line.

Culture Feb 21

Could HBO be the new Netflix?

With limited-run series and a catalog of classics, HBO might slowly become a formidable player in the streaming business.

The Future Feb 20

AI and automation are about to implode blue collar jobs

And Trump doesn’t even have the beginnings of a plan.

Culture Feb 17

Why do we like watching people in pain?

#hurtbae took relationship trauma viral. And we can't look away.

Culture Feb 10

Pound cake in the age of Trump

My president is crazy, but my pound cake is sweet.

Culture Feb 10

Workwear: clothing of the future and the past

It will always be stylish to be functional

Power Feb 07

Everything is going wrong in the Trump White House

Trump’s brazen style doesn't appear to be helping him lead the country.

Culture Feb 03

Stress baking in Trump’s America

The world is burning. So let’s make some treats.

Culture Feb 02

Hackers are hijacking radio broadcasts with YG’s ‘Fuck Donald Trump’

The Max Headroom-style attacks are leaving station managers furious.

Power Feb 02

Police in Chicago’s public schools aren’t trained to work with young people

And there’s little oversight for when things go wrong.

Culture Feb 01

A T-shirt is not a protest

Solidarity has to be more than a brand in order to be effective.

Power Jan 30

Steve Bannon wants to scrub the record

The new head of the National Security Council maintains no notes of any of the topics discussed in meetings.

Power Jan 30

Federal courts just slammed the brakes on Republican gerrymandering

The end might be coming for the right’s favorite strategy.

Power Jan 26

Donald Trump is going to cost New York a fortune

Protecting Trump Tower is not cheap.

Power Jan 25

How resilient are the arts?

With Trump, the National Endowment for the Arts might finally meet its end.

Jan 24

Where will all of the videos go?

They won’t be going 90 anymore.

Culture Jan 19

Pittsburgh Mills Mall sold for $100

Seems fair.

Culture Jan 19

Teenage feelings never die

The Instagram page Internet Powerlifting Federation is a meditation on emotion.

Culture Jan 12

The website FamilyTreeNow is very creepy

Oh boy.

Power Jan 12

Why doesn’t Trump just take a lie-detector test?

Think of the ratings!

Power Jan 07

“Reverse racism” and other lies white people tell themselves

Bo Bice’s tantrum is what’s wrong with dialogues about race in America

Culture Jan 05

The BBC’s ‘Real Housewives of ISIS’ skit didn’t go over too well


Culture Jan 04

The future of television looks a lot like the past

Streaming services were supposed to usher in a new era of TV, so why is there still so much filler?

Culture Dec 31

This song was the perfect soundtrack to 2016

If the year was a bad movie, “Final Credits” is the closing theme.

Culture Dec 29

Run-DMC is suing Wal-Mart and Amazon over fake merch

Will other groups follow suit?

Power Dec 29

Germany struggles to acknowledge genocide in Namibia

Scholars believe that the Germany's actions in Namibia were a precursor to the Holocaust.

Culture Dec 27

Are colleges actually creating safe spaces for racists?

The right chides liberals for wanting protection, but they are the ones who demand it most.

Power Dec 25

The NYPD raided the wrong family's house, then posted it on Snapchat

If this is the stuff we see, imagine the stuff we don’t

Culture Dec 22

Black Lives Matter hired a marketing firm

As part of the launch of an app to support black owned businesses.

Culture Dec 22

The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame needs to change its name

As the museum adds more non-rock artists, it may be time to rebrand.

Power Dec 21

People are losing Social Security benefits because of old student loans

The federal government has the power to dip into your paycheck.

Culture Dec 21

College dorms are becoming luxury playpens

Thanks to a wave of private development, the college experience has taken on a familiar high-brow aesthetic.

The Future Dec 20

The tech industry is profiting off indigenous lands

The “White Gold” rush is benefitting the billionaires in Silicon Valley, while harming native communities.

Culture Dec 19

Gifts for a bookish partier

A smattering of gifts for a complicated person.

Culture Dec 19

Gifts for a bookish partier

A smattering of items for a complicated person.

Power Dec 19

“Faithless electors” hold out hope for a Trump defeat

The last ditch effort to beat Trump.

Power Dec 19

Apple is appealing the European Commission's tax ruling

Tim Cook is not pleased.

Culture Dec 15

The global radio station the world needs

Radio Garden brings the world's broadcasts to a single destination.

Culture Dec 15

There are more religious billboards on highways than ever before

Thank the lord

Power Dec 15

Military spending is still out of control

It could probably use some financial planning advice.

Power Dec 14

Trump’s America is Texas

Bad news for the environment

Power Dec 13

Uber employees reportedly spied on exes and celebrities

Not good.

Power Dec 12

Almost as many Kennedys have been elected to the Senate as black people


Power Dec 12

Hillary Clinton's popular vote lead is expanding

2.8 million and counting.

The Future Dec 12

Michigan passes comprehensive self-driving car legislation

The robots are coming.

Power Dec 09

Russia is building a $30 million “acrobatic rock n' roll” complex


The Future Dec 08

Houston's booming development is making floods worse

Economic development comes with its downsides.

The Future Dec 08

Someone really should ask Trump about automated jobs

How has no one directed this question at him yet?

Power Dec 08

Russian applications for US asylum are on the rise

Some believe it's due to anti-LGBT policies in the country.

Power Dec 06

Trump's advisers want to privatize native land

“We should take tribal land away from public treatment.”

Power Dec 06

Angela Merkel backs full-veil ban in Germany

“We show our faces,” Merkel said in an 80-minute speech.

Power Dec 05

The US Army Corps of Engineers delayed the Dakota Access Pipeline

A win for the protesters

Power Dec 04

One juror refused to convict the officer who shot Walter Scott

Walter Scott was shot and killed by a police officer in North Charleston, South Carolina.

Culture Dec 01

What happened to all of the drugs the media panicked about?

A look back at the trending drugs of yesteryear.

Power Dec 01

Anderson Cooper doesn't think Stephen Bannon is a white supremacist

But he is.

Power Dec 01

Martin Shkreli's AIDS drug was recreated for $1.50

Of course, it can't be sold in the US.

Culture Nov 30

Kanye West is a human being

Social media is a cultural marketplace that no celebrity has any real handle on.

Power Nov 18

Donald Trump had quite the week

Is this the new normal?

Culture Nov 18

Kanye would’ve voted for Trump

He told a crowd in California that there are no solutions to racism.

Culture Nov 17

Music torrent site has shut down

French cybercrime authorities reportedly raided the invite-only site.

Power Nov 17

Working for Donald Trump is a nightmare

This is fine.

Culture Nov 17

A neo-Nazi website wants people to buy New Balance sneakers

“The official shoes of white people.”

Power Nov 17

Democrats are wasting their time undermining Keith Ellison

Why are they bringing up his old college papers to discredit him?

Power Nov 16

Donald Trump’s Muslim registry isn’t anything new

We’ve been here before.

Culture Nov 16

A few questions about Nike’s new self-lacing sneaker

What happens if they run out of power?

The Future Nov 15

Twitter introduces new tools to curb online harassment

But don’t get too excited.