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James T. Green

James T. Green
Culture Aug 14

Morning is the best time to grocery shop

A meditation on roaming the aisles in the early hours.

Culture Jun 25

The best way a rap producer can say “that’s me”

Branding a song in 3 seconds is a subtle art.

By James T. Green

Culture May 09

This racist gum doesn’t even taste good

A conversation about candy marketing, and why Asian-American stereotypes have more staying power than an everlasting gobstopper.

Culture May 08

Listen to the #MuteRKelly co-founder

We talk to the co-founder behind the #MuteRKelly campaign, Kenyette Barnes, and how to deal with problematic artists.

Culture May 02

World Dispatch: Why “hi” is the worst thing you can message someone

If you say that and nothing else, I’m probably getting fired.

The Future May 01

World Dispatch: The Impossible Burger is a fine bad burger

It will easily replace meat as an ingredient, but not meat itself.

The Future Apr 30

World Dispatch: Your immune system is in charge of how quickly you age

Is there a fountain of youth?

Culture Apr 26

World Dispatch: The rise of the ambient video game

‘The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild’ takes cues from a long history of ambient music, in Japan and the United States.

Power Apr 25

World Dispatch: Alabama deserves better

The journey of a train full of poop.

The Future Apr 24

World Dispatch: Neopets was run by scientologists

There goes your childhood.

Power Apr 23

World Dispatch: The app-i-fication of friendship

Will dinner with strangers cure our loneliness?

Culture Apr 19

World Dispatch: Hell is empty and all the devils are creating Westworld fan theories

Paris Martineau talks to the people behind the avatars on r/westworld.

Culture Apr 18

World Dispatch: How ’90s kids expressed themselves online

Before Instagram, there was this chat server where you could be whatever you wanted. Today on the Outline World Dispatch, we log in.

Power Apr 17

World Dispatch: Why we love conspiracy theories

From lizard people to crisis actors, we dig into the science behind it on the Outline World Dispatch.

Culture Apr 16

World Dispatch: More than stunts

The NFL is in the news, and it’s not for something awful. We explain why on the Outline World Dispatch.

Power Apr 05

World Dispatch: Your job is killing you

Economic precarity, technology, and unrealistic expectations are making us sick. We talk to the author who researched this on The Outline World Dispatch.

The Future Apr 04

World Dispatch: Thirty minutes in a glass box

A startup claims to be the future of work. We find out if it is today on The Outline World Dispatch.

Culture Apr 03

World Dispatch: Aunt Jackie, save us

Roseanne is a polarizing figure, but her reboot is getting top ratings. We breakdown what’s changed, today on The Outline World Dispatch.

The Future Apr 02

World Dispatch: Why you should care about Cambridge Analytica

It’s a name you’ve been hearing everywhere. Today on the Outline World Dispatch, we explain it to you, in human language.

Power Mar 12

World Dispatch: Meet the teachers who fought in West Virginia

The strike is over but war is not. We talk to two teachers who were on the front lines, today on The Outline World Dispatch.

Culture Feb 07

World Dispatch: You’re wrong about Florida

On this episode: The best way to cheat at HQ Trivia, and a tribute to The Sunshine State.

The Future Feb 06

World Dispatch: What a classroom learns from Black Mirror

On today’s episode, Black Mirror as a teachable moment, an unfortunate trip to the restroom, and a whistling language in Greece.

Power Feb 05

World Dispatch: We’re exhausted with America (and pretty tired of voice assistants, too)

On today’s episode, an activist turned ICE target and a chatty Amazon Alexa.

Culture Feb 01

The Super Bowl is coming

Today on The Outline World Dispatch, we tackle America’s biggest night for sports.

Culture Jan 31

Hidden icons

Today on The Outline World Dispatch, a star performer and a disrespectful industry.

Power Jan 30

We can’t quit plastic bags

Today on The Outline World Dispatch, how New York voted against the environment.

The Future Jan 29

Lambo, guaranteed

Today on The Outline World Dispatch, we go inside the world of cryptocurrency pump and dump groups.

The Future Jan 25

Can you keep a secret?

Today on The Outline World Dispatch, the cat is out of the bag.

Culture Jan 24

What a disaster

Today on The Outline World Dispatch.

The Future Jan 23

Looking for love and money online

Today on The Outline World Dispatch.

Culture Jan 22

We’re feeling salty

Today on The Outline World Dispatch.