We’re feeling salty

Today on The Outline World Dispatch.

It’s Monday, and people are probably still putting Tide pods on their pizzas. Luckily, this pod can’t kill you. In today’s episode, we’re feeling a little salty.

First up, Paris Martineau talks with Adrianne Jeffries about why it is probably better if Amazon doesn’t put its new headquarters to your town. They discuss the company’s track record when it comes to the mistreatment of employees, and really get into why so many cities are still desparate to attract its business.

Next, Jeremy Gordon explains just how much he hates the word “sure.” He despises it. “For sure” is fine, as is the Midwestern “oh sure,” but on its own “sure” is perhaps the most passive-aggressive affirmative phrase imaginable. If you’ve already read Jeremy’s piece, you’ll love the audio version. It will make you better understand just how terrible the word is, and we are sure you’ll never stop noticing how people use it.

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