Side Note

A 10-minute loop of Stephanie Germanotta getting her life

Here is a 10-minute loop of Lady Gaga belting the best part of the A Star Is Born song

Today, the blessed marketing team for the movie A Star is Born put out a full music video for “Shallow,” the first song from the movie to be released independently. The movie’s incredible trailer, released earlier this year, featured multiple songs, and the video for “Shallow” is the song with separate Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga parts.

During this trying day, coming at the heel of trying weeks, which come at the heel of a trying lifetime, I submit the best part of this song is when Lady Gaga goes


This is the part where the song transforms from a timid duet to a Lady Gaga power ballad, turning Bradley Cooper from an equal male counterpart to a shrinking vestigial wedge of flesh. (Truly, a metaphor for the entire movie and what I wish were a metaphor for the times we live in.) In honor of how good the song is, we present 10 minutes of Lady Gaga’s voice doing the thing described above.

The second best part of the song is when she goes “I’m off the deep end, watch as I dive in, I’ll never meet the ground.” Who can relate?

A Star Is Born and its soundtrack are out on October 5.

Special thanks to Bob Marshall and Josh Topolsky for producing the video.