Side Note

Enjoy these classic works of art reinterpreted as toast

Twitter is largely an echo chamber of gamers and white supremacists and white supremacist gamers, howling with the ceaselessness of a puppy chasing its tail. It wasn’t always like this. People used to have fun on the internet, according to the old tales.

For a few minutes today, you can return to a state of innocence. This week, a charming hashtag has sprung out of Germany: #KunstGeschichteAlsBrotbelag, which according to my expertise (Google Translate) comes out as “Art History as a sandwich.” The premise is pretty simple: classic works of art reinterpreted as pieces of toast. That’s it! And the people doing it are really very good.

Check this out:

This is cute. This is creative. This is going to be a BuzzFeed listicle in about twenty minutes. But it doesn’t matter, because you’re scrolling through it now, smiling just a little bit. Now, back to the white supremacists.