Side Note

Read this amazing Twitter history of Missy Elliott

I don’t often turn to Twitter for history lessons, but this week I’ve gotten some in-depth schooling in music history. According to her December interview with Okayplayer, music industry veteran Naima Cochrane began hosting a weekly Twitter thread session that she calls the #MusicSermon in July 2017. The threads delve into black music and culture history and have included subjects like “The Unsung Female Voices of 80's R&B”, “TV Theme Songs That Slapped”, ‘90s dance music videos, and the history of New Jack Swing.

All are invaluable fonts of information, but this week’s is especially fun because it is all about everyone’s unproblematic fav Missy Elliott. Whatever you think you know about her, you do not know as much as @Naima, and this thread proves it, covering every detail of Missy’s artistry from the breadth and depth of her songwriting and producing to the childhood experiences that influenced later choices in her career. It’s a must-read. If you don’t believe me, listen to Missy “Misdemeanor” herself. “Thank you for this thread,” she tweeted yesterday, her birthday, “I am humbled by your history lesson.”

Missy Elliott, one of the greatest songwriters, producers, and artists of all time, was humbled by this Twitter thread about her own life and career. If that’s not enough to get you to believe in the saving power of these music sermons, I don’t know what is.