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From the first episode of

From the first episode of "The Real World."

Oh god, a Real World revival is coming to MTV

MTV Studios, MTV’s new production arm, has announced that it will bring back the well-worn ‘90s reality series The Real World as part of its first batch of productions. You may be thinking: Bring back? Did The Real World go anywhere? The answer to that is well, sort of.

In 2013, the franchise, which was actually pretty acclaimed in its early seasons, rebranded as Real World, putting a twist on its “seven strangers picked to live in a house” format. For the past four seasons (Seasons 29 through 32, the last of which concluded in 2017) cast members have contended with added twists like the arrival of exes or physical challenges that have supposedly merited the subtle name change. According to a press release, the new series “returns to its roots.” Put this in the betting books: There will be a giant Trump supporter in the house, and the fight he/she starts with their roommates, will be horrible yet compelling television.

The Real World is just one classic MTV show that MTV Studios is bringing back. Also included in its initial slate are a live-action remake of Aeon Flux as well as new episodes of the makeover show MADE and a modern “reinvention” of the animated series Daria called Daria & Jodie that will focus on the deadpan titular character and Jodie Landon, one of the original show’s few African-American characters but also one of its most beloved. The Queer Eye reboot has taught me to not write off reboots and revivals so quickly, and I must admit I’m interested to see what new reads Daria and Jodie have in store. But The Real World looks painfully outdated in 2018, as manufactured controversy amongst strangers is now a formula replicated everywhere on television. It did its work, and then some. Let the series rest.