Side Note

Vine 2 isn’t coming any time soon

Ever since Vine tragically ended over a year ago, its legion of fans have had a giant 6 second, looping holes in their hearts. Hopes were high when in November last year, Vine co-founder Dom Hofmann announced a sequel to the app was on the way. The announcement set off a wave of celebration, albeit with some reservation. (There were numerous calls for the Paul brothers to be barred from the platform.) But in general, there was an air of excitement around the project stemming from the fact that no app since had risen to truly take Vine’s place.

That makes Hofmann’s latest update particularly disappointing. On the V2 community forums today, Hofmann announced that the app is now postponed:

When I announced that I was working on a follow-up to Vine, I also (perhaps foolishly) announced that it would be a personal project and personally funded. I underestimated the amount of enthusiasm and attention the announcement would generate. The interest has been extremely encouraging, but it has also created some roadblocks. Taking into account a larger-than-expected audience, we now know that the estimated costs for the first few months alone would be very high, way beyond what can be personally funded.

There’s more in his post, if you want the gory, depressing details. Our widespread love for Vine has made its next iteration too expensive for one man alone, and thus it is postponed indefinitely. Perhaps a generous heart will step in and put up the funds required. Until then, we still have hours-worth of compilation videos on YouTube.