Side Note

Janelle Monae is done being subtle about her queerness

If you had your doubts about Janelle Monae’s sexuality, her lead singles from her upcoming album Dirty Computer should effectively put those doubts to rest. The thinkpieces flew praising the “bisexual lighting” and both male and female love interests in her video for “Make Me Feel.” But queer fans will effectively lose the rest of their damn minds when they see the video for “Pynk,” released today.

In it, Monae shows off a pair of pink, yonic pants that at one point come to cradle actor Tessa Thompson’s head between them. Lyrically, the song plays with all of the sexual suggestions that accompany the color pink, along with with Monae’s characteristic coyness: “Pink like the inside of your, baby (we're all just pink) / Pink like the walls and the doors, maybe (deep inside, we're all just pink) / Pink like your fingers in my, maybe / Pink is the truth you can't hide.”

In the past, Monae has been purposefully private about her sexuality, avoiding labels and instead saying she is “sexually liberated.” While she has yet to explicitly define her orientation, “Pynk” is further proof that Dirty Computer could be the album that most openly touches on the subject. Personally, I’m all for it. Keep it up, Janelle! You’re about to make labia pants a thing!