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What even is this

What even is this

I, too, think Snapchat is over, personally

When we look back, what will we think of as the nail in Snapchat’s coffin? The company has lost just over 5 billion dollars in value since the beginning of February, and 11 billion since its IPO about a year ago. Will it be the domestic-abuse-themed ad inviting people to slap Rihanna that Rihanna rightfully called out? Will it be Kylie Jenner’s boredom? Will it be Chrissy Teigen’s inability to understand the new interface? (Girl same? I logged on and couldn’t find any celebrity’s snaps so I bailed four or five times until I bothered to look it up? Honestly?) (As a side note within a Side Note, remember the Bob Marley filter?)

I personally would have loved for the nail to be Snap Specs, but if I’m being honest, that was just the moment the company jumped the shark, not its true time of death. Maybe Snapchat's worst move was isolating all my friends to one side of the app, because that part of the app is, has been, completely empty. Many celebs have moved to Instagram Stories, which is fine, but Stories lack the same sort of pointlessness, the delightful anarchy, the I’m-bored-so-let-me-cause-ten-seconds-of-chaos that snaps had. Snapchat was where Kim Kardashian dropped the series of video clips that single-handedly ended Taylor Swift’s career; now her Instagram Stories are just ads for her perfume. I will miss Snapchat, but none of us can save it from itself.

Truly an accomplishment in this day and age to burn out rather than fade away.