Side Note

The most heartwarming ‘Queer Eye’ story has an incredible new payoff

Did this first season of the Netflix Queer Eye reboot make you cry? Well, time to get that box of tissues back out, because last night brought us the show’s ultimate redemption story. Tom Jackson, whose refrain of “You can’t fix ugly” was thankfully disproven in the first episode, is now engaged to his ex-wife Abby, the woman that the Fab 5 helped him impress with his newly-shaped beard and remodeled apartment.

For anyone who hasn’t yet binged watched the show, Tom was the Fab 5’s first charge of the season. A loveable, self-described “redneck” with lacking self-confidence and an even more lacking skincare routine, Tom captured viewers’ hearts with his aw shucks sense of humor and his excitement at making five new super gay friends. He had one of the best reactions to a home makeover of the season, shouting “Damn!” several times in his Georgia accent. Plus, his show had one of the best endings, culminating in his asking his ex-wife out on a date.

His episode, with its wholesome focus on accessing one’s feelings and having pride in one’s self was a perfect introduction to an overall heartwarming season. The news of his and Abby’s engagement now makes the show that much better. Once we get news that the Trump-supporting cop has renounced his Trump-supporting ways, we’ll finally have proof that the Fab 5 really does make dreams come true.