Side Note
Illustration of colliding neutron stars

Illustration of colliding neutron stars

Friendly reminder, there’s a bunch of extremely cool NASA stuff on the Internet Archive

Also, sorry in advance for sending you into an internet black hole.

NASA is the rare government agency that I find unambiguously cool. Like, they’re the people who send stuff to space! That’s so neat! They’re also great about putting their resources and media in the public domain, and have quietly maintained a partnership with the Internet Archive for years, where there’s a wealth of fascinating, underexplored media to sift through. For example, here’s three hours of random audio from the SkyLab space station that they uploaded for reasons I don’t quite understand. I’ve been playing it in the background while working, though, and it makes me feel like I’m blogging in space.

Also, please watch some video footage of a satellite orbiting the earth from space that, as of Sunday, has 17 views.

And here’s a video of a guy doing work on a computer in space.

There’s also a massive amount of photos, from this awkwardly posed shot of the Apollo 16 astronauts wearing their space suits on earth to astronauts hanging out in zero gravity and doing space walks, as well as Hubble Telescope images of shooting comets and Jupiter’s moon Io casting a tiny shadow on the gas giant, and absolutely jaw-dropping renderings of space stuff, whose abstractions can resemble fine art. Have fun spending the rest of your Sunday getting sucked into the internet black hole that I just sent you to.