Side Note

Let’s all bask in Mr. Rogers mania

Fifteen years after his death and on the 50th anniversary of the premiere of the show that made him famous, everyone’s favorite neighbor Fred Rogers is back in the spotlight. He’s getting his own postage stamp, his own biopic starring America’s darling Tom Hanks (this was alluded to in a Drunk History episode starring his son Colin Hanks), and his own PBS documentary, which has premiered to rave reviews. Not only that, but many urban legends are resurfacing and a Mr. Rogers print I was going to buy on Etsy just sold out.

Fred Rogers

Fred Rogers

Mr. Rogers mania is here, and maybe there is something more to it than just nostalgia and the need to celebrate every pop culture anniversary. Remembering the good-natured life of Mr. Rogers is one of the few things in the media we have to cling to. The man encouraged us all to love ourselves and one another, taught us how to tie our shoes, and perhaps best of all, he was never exposed in any scandal or tainted by the cesspool that is social media.

Let’s appreciate the purity of this Mr. Rogers resurgence for as long as we can. It’s only a matter of time before we get another update on that pee tape.