The Outline

Rawiya Kameir

Rawiya Kameir
Culture Jul 24

Everyone is having anxiety dreams

A close read of four recent nightmares and a dream-themed playlist.

Culture Jun 16

Where luck comes from

A photo essay and playlist inspired by good and bad fortunes.

Culture Jun 09

An American flag grows in Cuba

The star-spangled banner is inescapable in a place where you’d least expect it: Havana.

Culture Jun 05

Hollywood made a white version and a black version of the same movie

In theaters soon.

Culture May 30

How African med students created a new genre of Cuban music

First came the students and their favorite afropop sounds, then came bakosó.

Culture May 23

To be a teen on a tiny island

Procida, Italy, spans 1.6 square miles. For some of its young dreamers, that may not be big enough.

Culture May 19

What’s in a job?

A look at the daily routines of nine workers and a labor-themed playlist.

Culture Apr 28

Skip this Marley

Skip Marley is Bob Marley’s grandson, not his revolutionary spirit reincarnated.

Culture Apr 21

Why we’re afraid

A conversation about eco-anxiety and a climate change-themed playlist.

Culture Mar 30

Lawn to earth

The lawn was once a unique marker of American life and class mobility. In Los Angeles and beyond, the drought has changed what that looks like.

Culture Mar 22

More Life, more problems

Drake’s latest project exposes the limits of critical conversation on social media.

Culture Mar 21

What’s Gucci?

The luxury brand is using lowbrow memes to sell high fashion. It should stop.

Culture Mar 17

Chance the Rapper got paid half a million dollars for his Apple Music exclusive

A rare, personal glimpse into the economics of streaming exclusives.

Culture Mar 15

Hip-hop is dead, again

Recent historical interest in hip-hop could mean a new beginning for today’s artists.

Culture Mar 13

Fashion Nova built a fashion empire on Instagram

In 2014, the online retailer had zero employees. Today, it has 600.

Culture Mar 11

The campaign for daylight saving time

Ready for an extra hour of daylight? Thank the United Cigar Stores Company.

Culture Mar 10

Diversity sells

Nike’s Pro Hijab sends an important cultural message, but it’s also a sound business decision.

Culture Mar 08

Gordon Ramsay will roast you

The celebrity chef has been a reality TV mainstay for years, but he feels especially relevant today.