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Paul Blest

Paul Blest
Power Feb 20

A stench in the nostrils of God

The rancid smell of hog facilities in North Carolina has led to a dirty and protracted legal battle.

Power Dec 17

Just recognize it

Hearst is pushing back against its employees’ union drive, but it would be advantageous for them to support it.

Power Nov 12

“Dicey times in Bolivia”

American pundits continue to have difficulty assessing what democracy looks like in other countries.

Power Oct 31

A Democratic president is going to need to bully other Democrats

Lots of them, but especially Joe Manchin.

Power Oct 22

How Trump fucked the courts for a generation

Possibly the only promise the president has kept is a radical rightward shift in the federal judiciary.

Power Jun 22

“The souls of poor folk are auditing America”

With a march planned for June 23, the Poor People’s Campaign wants to build a working-class coalition that stretches across racial lines.

Power Mar 29

Death in Wilmington

If you live there, it’s almost impossible not to know someone who’s been shot.

Power Feb 12

Delaware’s opioid crisis

“It is perhaps the defining feature of someone my age and from my state to have a friend, sibling, or cousin who has died from opioid addiction.”

Power Dec 19

You can be hopeful about 2018

It’s not all doom and gloom, despite everything.

Power Dec 13

Why Roy Moore’s loss should give you hope

Moore’s loss to Democrat Doug Jones in Alabama does not portend good things for the Republican party.

Power Dec 06

We’re getting into French Revolution territory

What the passage of the Republican tax-reform bill might mean for you.

Power Nov 16

Inspiring: How Julian Assange overcame the odds and ended up sucking more than anyone ever thought he could

Assange and Wikileaks have become a case study in self-parody.

Power Nov 09

Bye bye Biden

The Democratic party needs new blood.

Power Nov 06

Trump’s opioid stupidity

The president’s hollow words on the opioid crisis echo the “just say no” campaign of the 1980s.

Power Oct 27

Liberal lawmakers are buying into the “war on cops”

Massachusetts Democrats passed reactionary, pro-police legislation this week, which bodes badly for the party.

Power Oct 25

Donald Trump’s narrow definition of “the troops”

Trump’s latest Gold Star family feud shows how little he cares when the troops don’t look like him.

Power Oct 23

Hypocrisy is dead

Calling Trump a hypocrite isn’t going to have any material effect on generating real opposition to him.

Power Oct 13

Cy Vance represents everything wrong with the justice system

The Manhattan District Attorney’s office favors the rich and punishes the poor.

Power Oct 11

Charity isn’t enough

The solution to disaster relief should be easy: fund public services.

Power Oct 02

The time to politicize a tragedy is now

Conservatives manipulate the idea of whether tragedies should be “politicized” to their advantage.

Power Sep 26

It’s not about patriotism

The NFL anthem protests have been co-opted by the #resistance.

Power Sep 18

The irrational disdain for Chelsea Manning

The selflessness of her “crime” continues to confound and enrage those in power.

Power Sep 15

Medicare for all!

Centrists say that universal healthcare is unrealistic. That's what they said about civil rights, abortion rights, and gay marriage, too.

Power Sep 06

The progressive potential of Kamala Harris

The California senator is moving ever-so-slightly leftward, which is a good thing for all Democrats.

Power Aug 31

Much ado about antifa

The antifa movement and the alt-right are not morally indistinguishable. Far from it.

Power Aug 23

Trump’s new swamp is full of warhawks

The president has descended into neoconservatism.

Power Aug 16

When it’s good to break the law

Go ahead, topple a Confederate statue.

Power Aug 14

The DNC keeps snubbing the left

Repeatedly, establishment Democrats have infantilized and derided the progressive wing of the party.

Power Aug 14

Why Republicans want to protect drivers who run over protesters

Legislators in at least six states have introduced bills intended to quell civil rights movements.

Power Aug 14

Six states have introduced bills to shield drivers who hit protestors

None of them have passed. Swipe or scroll for more.

Power Aug 02

John Kelly is a nightmare in a uniform

Despite the respect he has from both parties, Trump's new chief of staff has a terrifying record.

Power Jul 26

2020 won’t matter if Republicans destroy the country

Who cares who gets to be president of an ash-heap of a nation?

Power Jul 18

Why are neoliberals such big babies?

Pundits like Jonathan Chait resent the term, but only because it's being used to attack them.

Power Jun 28

Two brothers two deaths

Jaqwan Terry and Maurice Harden were both killed by the same police department, three years apart, leaving one family devastated — and in search of an elusive justice.

Power Jun 07

The American left has found a new hero

The only problem is that he’s 3,000 miles away.