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Ryan Cunningham

Ryan Cunningham
Power Jul 03

Mitch McConnell is the slipperiest man in politics

At times, the GOP senator has taken pro-union, pro-civil rights, and pro-choice positions, now he’s takes whichever serves him best.

Power Jun 21

A list of Republican congressmen who should be very worried about a trade war

Proposed tariffs from Europe, Canada, Mexico, China, and India are going to hurt.

Power May 31

The strange, brief history of Trump’s trademark thumbs up

It seems like he’s been flashing the gesture forever. But he hasn’t.

Power May 23

Naturally occuring metaphor appears on White House lawn

A sinkhole is the perfect analogy for a floundering presidency.

Power May 15

Bears are after all of our best snacks, and they’re winning

Climate change is causing bears to wake up early and search for alternative food sources.

Power May 08

The CDC is ruining muffins for all of us and I’m hungry

First romaine lettuce, now baked desserts. Is nothing safe?

Power May 01

The Trump administration’s unofficial artist is weird as hell

Jon McNaughton’s latest “masterpiece” is a total fish hunt!!!

Power Apr 25

Trump and Macron are the world’s worst best friends

A state visit that included ice cream, kisses, and more ice cream showed there are a few things the odd couple agree on.

Power Apr 17

Mueller is now ruining Trump’s second-favorite TV show

Messing with Donald’s stories might be the meanest thing yet.

Power Apr 11

This must end with Tucker Carlson fighting a panda

The Fox News host's unhinged rant on over-sexed pandas says more about his show than the endangered animal species.

Power Apr 05

Meet the 13 Republican misfits running against Mitt Romney for the Utah Senate

One of them is a Lincoln impersonator.