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Culture Dec 28

Our favorite stories of 2018

Read ‘em again!

Culture Aug 25

Turns out snails are Instagrammy as hell

Aleia Murawski’s use of snails and miniatures will rearrange your brain.

Culture Aug 19

Early cyanotype prints feel like visions of an unrealized future

I’m blue, da-ba-di-da-ba-di. (Sorry.)

Culture Aug 12

Medicine used to be so goth

It’s kind of incredible that we used to depict diseases as literal demons.

The Future Jul 22

The aesthetics of tropical fish prove that nature is the best graphic designer

And these fish prove it.

Culture Jul 08

Remembering the fantastic visions of Steve Ditko

The legendary comics artist has died at the age of 90.

Culture Jul 04

Here are our favorite summer songs

The Outline’s staff on the songs of the season.

Culture Jun 26

Out West Podcast, Season 2 Episode 10: The real world

“This isn’t a dream, Dolores. This is a fucking nightmare.”

The Future Jun 24

Massage your brain with some space gifs

Insert obligatory “Dude…. what if we’re just, like, ants” here.

Culture Jun 19

Out West Podcast, Season 2 Episode 9: The Teddinator

“I want the truth.” “Fuck you.”

Culture Jun 17

These beautiful sculptures were too strange to last

The Mudflats Sculptures were an early victim of Bay Area development

Culture Jun 12

Out West Podcast, Season 2 Episode 8: Take my heart when you go

“We only update them when they die”: Big Mood 2018.

Culture Jun 05

Out West Podcast, Season 2 Episode 7: Ghost Nation, Woke Nation

“You and the hosts are something different. An original work. More just, more noble.”

Culture May 30

Out West Podcast, Season 2 Episode 6: Hat evidence

“I’m not going to let you stay here now and go out in some bullshit blaze of glory.”

Culture May 22

Out West Podcast, Season 2 Episode 5: what’s the WiFi password?

“You try writing 300 stories in three weeks.”

Culture May 15

Out West Podcast, Season 2 Episode 4: It’s lupus!

And other maladies, explained.

Culture May 07

Out West Podcast, Season 2 Episode 3: Two different tigers

Timelines: have you heard of them?

Culture May 01

Out West Podcast Season 2, Episode 2: Pee Tape World

The second episode of Westworld's second season puts hosts at odds but maybe explains the true purpose of the park.

Culture Apr 25

Out West Podcast, Season 2 Episode 1: We are in a dream

The first episode of Westworld’s second season may answer a couple of questions, but it asks far more.

Culture Apr 20

Out West Podcast ,Season 2 Episode 0: Everyone is a host

Westworld is back this week. Get ready to get weird.

Culture Apr 06

Out West season 2: Coming soon

The podcast that investigates and unpacks Westworld’s biggest secrets is back. And it wants blood.

Culture Feb 14

Here are our favorite love songs

The Outline’s staff on the songs that touch their hearts.

Culture Dec 29

The Outline’s Favorite Outline stories from 2017

What were yours?