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Culture Jan 01

The Outline store is making your merch dreams come true

T-shirts. Long sleeve shirts. Containers. Deals.

Culture Dec 14

Miniatures are extremely my shit

Leah Finnegan on living a tiny life with tiny things.

Culture Dec 07

‘A Muppet Family Christmas’ is extremely my shit

John Lagomarsino on his lifelong love for the lesser-known Muppet holiday special.

Culture Nov 30

Spotify Playlists are extremely my shit

Performer and writer Grace Spelman on her obsession with ultra-specific playlists.

Culture Nov 16

Forensic Files is extremely my shit

Erik Hinton on his fascination with the long-running, true crime TV show.

Culture Nov 13

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Culture Nov 10

Acceptance speeches are extremely my shit

Aaron Edwards on the thrill of emotional displays of gratitude.

Culture Nov 03

Céline Dion is extremely my shit

Liz Plank on the Québécois singer’s offbeat charm.

Culture Oct 27

John Carpenter is extremely my shit

Joshua Topolsky on the how the horror film pioneer shaped his worldview.

Culture Oct 24

The 18-year-old rapper bold enough to just be MIKE

MIKE and the sLUms crew are changing the model for internet-bred rappers.

Culture Oct 20

“Stand and Deliver” is extremely my shit

John Paul Brammer on the 1988 film’s strong ties to Chicano culture.

Culture Oct 13

Zoo Tycoon is extremely my shit

Gaby Del Valle on how the single-player PC game helps her escape.

Culture Oct 05

The movie “Hackers” is extremely my shit

Jeff Ihaza on his enduring love for the 90s cyberpunk classic.