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Joshua Topolsky

Joshua Topolsky
Culture May 22

Taking back Sunday

With the finale of ‘Game of Thrones,’ our long night of TV viewing has finally ended.

Culture May 11

‘Culturesport’ puts 90s rave culture, sci-fi, and anime into a psychedelic blender. The result is cool as hell.

The Kickstarter project is creating a new TV show unlike anything else you’ve seen.

Culture Apr 25

I made this image in 2008. How did it end up on Ariana Grande’s Instagram?

How did a Photoshop for a gadget blog become a promo for “thank u, next?” Well let me tell you.

Culture Jan 29

‘Aladdin: Street Rat Edition’ is upsetting and confusing on every level

Forget about that big budget remake with Will Smith. This is the ‘Aladdin’ you've been waiting for.

Culture Dec 28

The best and most interesting things on the internet this year

The Outline’s picks for the digital things that saved us from ourselves this year, in no particular order and just because.

Culture Dec 27

Good riddance to terrible trolls

In August, Alex Jones — one of the internet’s worst actors — finally lost his platform.

The Future Oct 26

Apple: the second-best tech company in the world

Apple doesn’t lead the way anymore. But does the company even care?

The Future Oct 25

The virtual reality dream is dying

We were promised better worlds, and all we got was this lousy headset.

Culture Oct 09

The 20 greatest horror movie songs and soundtracks of all time

Or at least in my opinion.

The Future Sep 18

Obsessed with ‘Cyberpunk 2077’? Here are 22 fantastic cyberpunk things to play, watch, read, and hear

Find a way to pass the excruciating amount of time until the game’s release.

By Joshua Topolsky

The Future Sep 13

Conspiracy theory: an alien, ‘Annihilation’ event is unfolding at Sunspot Solar Observatory in New Mexico

We don’t know much, but what we do know points to the end of humanity.

The Future Aug 02

The Sphinx: a Soviet-era, retrofuture smart home dream

Where my real industrial design heads at?

The Future Jun 27

Why the hell did they make another BlackBerry?

You don’t need a real keyboard on your phone in 2018. Do you?

A review by high-powered businessperson Joshua Topolsky

Culture Jun 10

Xtian Miller’s kinetic typography posters are pure design pornography

By exploring the visual impact that words can have, the Detroit-based artist makes something wholly new.

Culture May 21

Puma made Sonic the Hedgehog shoes and they’re totally insane

Don’t tell Doctor Eggman about this

Culture Apr 14

Do you want to see Jony Ive with his head up his own ass?

Send your thank-you notes to Richard Turley and Volkskrant Magazine.

The Future Mar 14

YouTube will use Wikipedia to provide “facts” on conspiracy videos

CEO Susan Wojcicki says "we are not a news organization"

Culture Mar 06

These ‘Ready Player One’ posters are actually really cool

Knockoffs of ‘Back to the Future’ and ‘Beetlejuice’ are great. The movie probably isn’t.

The Future Feb 21

We are in an information crisis

Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter are not going to fix it. We are.

The Future Feb 07

This Tweet could be my life

The internet has a weird way of making you feel at home

The Future Jan 31

Should The Outline be totally based on Blockchain technology?

We just want to ride this trend train

The Future Jan 30

Let’s socialize wireless networks in America. Just keep Trump out of it.

The president would turn his first good idea into a xenophobic nightmare.

The Future Jan 21

Facebook VP: We won’t use experts to fix fake news because we’re worried about criticism

In a completely unsurprising turn of events, the social network’s Elliot Schrage says the company is more worried about how it looks than what it actually does.

Power Jan 19

Silicon Valley would be wise to follow China’s lead (annotated for clarity)

Michael Moritz — a venture capitalist — wrote a love letter to human rights violations in the name of profit. We’ve interpreted what he’s really saying.

The Future Jan 15

Facebook killing news is the best thing that ever happened to news

The end of the beginning. Finally!

Culture Jan 03

Your next obsession: retro Japanese video game art

Commercial art from Japan’s video game boom is ridiculously cool and endlessly inspiring — and it might just be the next big thing in design.

Power Dec 18

Trump gave us an ugly blueprint for an ugly year

He didn’t rise to the occasion. He didn’t become more presidential. He slid right into the swamp, and stayed there.

Culture Dec 18

‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’ is/is not great

The greatest debate of our time.

Culture Dec 13

The first trailer for ‘Annihilation’ looks incredible

The preview of Alex Garland’s next sci-fi opus is filled with terrible delights.

The Future Dec 03

The death of the internet

If we lose this, we lose everything.

The Future Dec 03

Tomorrow Podcast: Call us live in VR

A special virtual reality episode ‘Tomorrow’

Culture Nov 28

Why is the theme song for ‘RoboCop’ on the Gameboy so beautiful?

Your move, creep.

The Future Nov 21

This game looks absolutely amazing

‘Narita Boy’ just got its first gameplay trailer. And I need to play it right now.

Culture Nov 19

Tomorrow Podcast: There are still things to be thankful for

Let’s talk about them on the phone.

The Future Nov 12

This alphabet rendered as classic gadgets is extremely awesome

All style, no substance, no problem. Swipe or scroll to see more.

Culture Nov 06

Tomorrow Podcast: Remember the Palm Pre?

We’ve been using the sadly forgotten smartphone, and we’re taking your calls about it.

Culture Oct 26

Active Listening: What you didn’t notice the first time

Songs (and videos) that make you think twice.

Culture Oct 23

Tomorrow Podcast: Your calls about skincare and our slow deaths

On a live episode of ‘Tomorrow’

The Future Oct 17

A Pixel 2 XL review from someone who would never lie to you

Google made a new phone. Should you buy it?

The Future Oct 12

Google is really good at design

The nerds have finally figured it out.

The Future Sep 29

Apple is really bad at design

Let me just rip this band-aid off...

The Future Aug 02

Google is using AI to delete violent content from YouTube

And it’s working even better than humans, according to the company.

Culture Jul 31

The only review of ‘Detroit’ you need to read

Kathryn Bigelow swings and misses, in more ways than one.

The Future Jul 29

Chase Bank will start making videos with NowThis News, because why not

Hey, who better than a bank to give millennials banking advice?

Power Jul 27

Anthony Scaramucci’s greatest hits

What happens when a Trump White House communications director goes way, way on the record? Swipe or scroll to find out.

Power Jul 27

Jeff Bezos is moments away from becoming the richest person alive

It turns out opening a bookstore is pretty good business after all.

Power Jul 27

Is Donald Trump about to make his first good policy move?

The President says he wants to raise taxes on the rich, and Steve Bannon is helping him do it.

Power Jul 26

California is just moving ahead with the Paris agreement

Jerry Brown and Arnold Schwarzenegger burn Trump while extending cap-and-trade deal.

Culture Jul 25

Apple Music takes aim at red states with its new ad

Brantley Gilbert wants to remind you that Apple also loves America.

Culture Jul 22

The ‘Westworld’ season 2 trailer is here

But seriously, where is Samurai World?

Culture Jul 19

Did Michael Jackson have an alter ego named Houston Hawkins?

And did Houston Hawkins repeatedly call Boy George on the phone to chat?

Culture Jul 16

George A. Romero has died, and you should watch ‘Night of the Living Dead’ right now

The man who kicked off the zombie revolution had a lot more to say.

Power Jul 13

Trump has quietly appointed 71 people to dismantle government regulations

Surprise: nearly a third of the appointees are conflicted in some way.

Culture Jun 04

Automatic art, David Fincher’s tricks, words of joy, and the clacking of keyboards

All the stories you need, in one convenient place.

Culture Jun 04

Stories you need in your life: June 4, 2017

See these now or run the risk of not knowing what’s good. Scroll or swipe for the adventure of a lifetime.

Culture May 28

‘Far Cry 5,’ face swapping, Turkish violence, and Google Maps vs. Apple

Some of the best stories of the week for your supple brain.

Culture May 28

Stories you need in your life: May 28, 2017

Things to see, read, and hear. Just swipe or scroll.

Power May 24

Justice Dept: Jeff Sessions failed to disclose meetings with Russian officials

The Attorney General met with Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak, then didn’t tell anyone about it.

Culture May 21

A tale of two teens, the E.P.A. crisis, a decade of grossness, and Silicon Valley’s redemption

Let’s try something a little different.

Culture May 14

Comey’s game, WannaCrypt busters, kids’ papers, and President Rock

What the world needs now is a wrestler-in-chief.

Culture May 07

Streaming music failures, real life cults, Tumblr art, and systems that need smashing

Featuring the GOP, cassette tapes, ‘The Thing,’ and Alex Jones.

Culture Apr 30

Worth Reading: Trump’s dump, the tyranny of Tinder, Fyre in flames, and design that matters

Stories for your life. Stories for your afterlife.

Culture Apr 27

Life after death

Your media business will still probably not be saved. But you could make something brand new.

Culture Apr 23

Worth Reading: Elon Musk’s “wizard hat,” Prince’s secrets, and tips on writing

Shock and awe. Shock to the system. Electroshock.

Culture Apr 16

Worth Reading: Media meltdowns, women pirates, and questionable sci-fi remakes

On this blessed Easter day, let’s read some stories.

Culture Apr 09

Worth Reading: The bad media, phone culture, and childhood memories

Never let the truth get in the way of a good story.

Power Mar 17

Immigrants and crime: the facts

A new study reveals the simple truth.

Culture Mar 16

You can buy a Twin Peaks skateboard now

But this isn’t the first time David Lynch has dabbled in the culture.

Power Feb 25

Trump ignored an intelligence report that said we don’t need a travel ban

It shouldn’t come as a surprise, but if the President doesn’t like the information, he doesn’t consider it information.

Culture Feb 25

Bad news: Reebok is laughing at you

A warning to all hypebeasts.

Power Feb 24

Darrell Issa calls for a special prosecutor over Trump’s Russian connections

The Republican Congressman says Jeff Sessions needs to move out of the way.

The Future Feb 23

The one true video game aesthetic

In projects like ‘Narita Boy,’ the past is always present.

Power Feb 19

The volcanic myth behind North Korea’s assassination drama

The killing of Kim Jong-un's older brother Kim Jong-nam goes deeper and gets stranger than you think.

Power Feb 15

Fuck the Deep State

There is only one story: Trump is the risk.

Culture Feb 08

Beyoncé is being sued for $20M over a sample on “Formation”

YouTube performer Messy Mya’s estate says the singer hasn’t responded to requests.

The Future Feb 07

Twitter introduces three major new anti-harassment tools

And yet, still no global Donald Trump filter.

The Future Jan 31

ISIS has built a drone program out of GoPros and hobbyist UAVs

The Islamic State finds its own uses for things.

Power Jan 29

How we fight

Scenes from The Resistance

Power Jan 24

Two journalists were arrested for “rioting” following Trump’s inauguration

Reporters for Vocativ and RT America could face 10 years in prison for simply covering the news.

Power Jan 22

Report: Legal and ethics scholars filed a major lawsuit against Trump on Monday

The suit alleges the president’s foreign business dealings are in violation of the Constitution.

Power Jan 16

For months, Hillary Clinton had her very own Trump

For months, Philippe Reines worked around the clock to become America's most hated man

Culture Jan 02

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s new ‘Celebrity Apprentice’ catchphrase has been revealed

Guess what it is?

The Future Dec 29

The best things on the internet

In no particular order and just because

Culture Dec 22

A compendium of splendid gifts

If you're into that sort of thing

Culture Dec 11

A gift guide for picky nerds

Are you buying for someone like me? Let me help.

Culture Dec 11

Gifts for a picky nerd

For that special person who really likes expensive and/or obscure stuff. I mean me. Whatever. No judgments here.

Power Dec 09

Rudy Giuliani won't be in Trump's cabinet

Literally no one wants to be anywhere near Rudy.

Culture Dec 06

Out West #8: Violent Ends

We made it.

The Future Dec 04

Welcome to The Outline

A weird new adventure.

Culture Dec 04

The Long Goodbye

Wide awake and dreaming in Altman's LA

Culture Dec 01

‘Star Wars: Rogue One’ needed some serious fixing

Director Tony Gilroy may have reshot as much as 40 percent of the film.

Power Dec 01

Kellyanne Conway to teen: Please stop talking about sexual assault

Trump's mouthpiece dismisses a 17-year-old's question about the president-elect's history.

Power Nov 30

Obama: Weed should be treated like cigarettes

It's the end of the world as we know it. Let's get high.

Culture Nov 29

Out West #7: The Ribbon Cutting Theory

Who is dead, and who will die?

Culture Nov 25

This abandoned mall had the perfect response to Black Friday

Maybe you don't need that new TV?

Culture Nov 25

English nouns' popularity moves in 14-year cycles, study says

The popularity of words and phrases has a strangely consistent ebb and flow.

Power Nov 22

The time Bernie Sanders met Killer Mike

He’s not an actual killer.

Culture Nov 22

Microsoft apologizes for accidental racism in Xbox email

Zombies make this noise, but it probably doesn't belong anywhere else.

Culture Nov 22

Out West #6: The Complete Timeline

It's all coming together.

Power Nov 21

Michael Shannon to Trump supporters: time to die

An understandable rage.

Power Nov 17

Obama is cautiously optimistic

He spoke in a wide-ranging interview with The New Yorker.

Culture Nov 15

Out West #5: The Real Brain Theory

Everyone is a host.

Culture Nov 08

Out West #4: Ford is a Host

People are hosts and hosts are people.

Culture Nov 01

Out West #3: The Maze

The one with the orgy scene

Culture Oct 25

Out West #2: The No Arnold Theory

We know who the Man in Black is.

Culture Oct 21

Out West #1: The Multiple Theresas Theory

There's a new podcast in town.